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How to tag all friends

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How to tag all friends: You just registered at Facebook and your friends do nothing but talk to you about tags, mentions and other words that seem incomprehensible to you? Do not worry. Give me ten minutes of your time and I will help you become familiar with all these terms that now seem alien to you.

I bet as soon as you finish reading this article you will already know how to tag all friends in the messages and photos you post in your online diary. Even your most skeptical friends will change their minds about your skills in the world of social networks, you’ll see!

Before you find out how to tag all friends on Facebook, perhaps it is appropriate to do a quick review on this function. Let’s start from the very beginning: what are tags? Tags are virtual labels that can be “stuck” to messages and photos published on the social network to precisely indicate the recipient of a post or the subject of an image. When a person is tagged by another user on Facebook, the latter receives an automatic notification warning him of the mention. This way, they can decide whether to comment or reply to the post in a timely manner, whether to show the content in which they have been tagged in their diary, and so on.

To tag a friend in a Facebook post, all you have to do is write your status update (in the What are you thinking about?) and insert a snail (symbol @) followed by the name of the person to be mentioned. After typing the initials of the name, a menu appears with suggestions to automatically complete the tag: select the person to mention from there and that’s it. You can enter a maximum of 10 tags for each post (the limit of “labels” increases to 50 for images).

For the photos, the speech is a little different. After posting an image in your diary, you can tag the people portrayed in it by simply clicking on their faces and typing their names into the text fields that appear. Alternatively, you can select the photo to tag from your Facebook profile, click on the button Tag the photo located in the right sidebar and click on the image point where you want to insert the label. For more information on how to tag on Facebook and how to tag a photo on Facebook, refer to the guides I wrote on these topics.

Now let’s get to the point: tag all friends at the same time in a post or a photo published on Facebook is not possible, also because it would not make much sense. But there is a way to override the limits on the number of tags that can be used in status updates and images: use groups.

By creating a Facebook group and entering all the friends you want to tag in a message or photo in it, you can bypass Facebook limits by directly tagging the group. This way, your friends will still be notified that they have been mentioned but you won’t have to type in their names one by one.

I know, it is a bit complex as a solution but it is the only method that currently allows you to create mass tags. Therefore, if you are interested, run now to find out how to create a group on Facebook thanks to my article on the subject and start freely tagging all your social networking friends.