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How to tag all friends on Facebook

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How to tag all friends on Facebook: Tag a friend on Facebook lets this person know when we have posted a message, photo or video about him. Performing this operation is very simple, just a few keystrokes are enough, but there are some cases (quite rare) in which you may need to mention many people within the same post or the same photo … and in these circumstances things get complicated.

So I thought I’d collect my ideas and make an article to answer all those friends who still write to me asking me today how to tag all friends on facebook at the same time. Unfortunately this action is not contemplated in the standard functions of Facebook but with some “tricks”, which I will now illustrate to you, a similar result can be obtained. Here’s everything in detail.

Established that it is not possible to perform an operation how to tag all friends on facebook, we try to clarify the situation of the tags on the most used social network in the world and to find out how to get around – as far as possible – this obstacle that bothers many users.

First of all, even if you almost certainly already know it, I tell you that to tag a person in a Facebook message you need to type the at sign (@), write the initial part of his name and click on the suggestion that appears automatically at the bottom. What you may not know is that in every message you can tag a maximum number of 10 people, beyond this limit it is not possible to mention other users within the same post. The speech is different with regard to the photos, in which the tags are added by clicking on the faces of the people portrayed in them and a maximum number of 50 names.

Now, reiterating for the umpteenth time that it is not possible to tag all your friends at the same time within the same message or the same photo (which also wouldn’t make much sense), I suggest a “trick” to bypass the limit of 10 tags per message. Create a group on Facebook by clicking on the button Create group present in This Page, insert in it all the friends you want to tag in a post and write the message by tagging the group (eg. @group to tag) instead of individual users.

You do not care tag all friends on Facebook but would you like to be able to select all your contacts on the social network while creating an event? This can be done, you need to “tinker” a bit but in the end you can do it. Just use a browser of your choice Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox, follow the instructions in my guide on how to select all Facebook friends and that’s it.