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How to Sync Nintendo Switch Controllers

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How to Sync Nintendo Switch Controllers: You bought some new Joy-Con for yours Nintendo Switch and you can’t wait to combine them with the famous console to play it with your friends or relatives, but something is wrong: you see LEDs flashing and it seems that they do not want to connect, so you are looking for a simple guide that will show you the solution faster to be able to synchronize your new ones controller to the console.

Well, let me tell you that you have come to the guide that is right for you, because in the chapters below I will explain in a few simple words all the methods to be able to synchronize the original controllers (such as the Joy-Con or the Pro Controller) and the controllers. compatible with Nintendo Switch.

How about, then, to immediately take action? If you want to find out with me how to sync Nintendo Switch controllers, make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes of your free time to devote yourself to reading and putting into practice the instructions below. You will see that, in the end, you will be able to manage the Nintendo Switch controllers at best and in full autonomy.


You need to know that there are two ways to sync original Nintendo switch controllers: the first is the physical connection of the same to the console; the second takes place instead by means of wireless search. Both methods are generally effective but the former contributes to a more direct and immediate connection. Anyway, I’ll give you all the details shortly.

Before starting, however, I wanted to tell you that you can also achieve the same result with a compatible Nintendo switch controller. Of course! There are not only i Joy-Con and the Pro Controller Nintendo official; in order to play with Nintendo Switch, there are many compatible products that do their job very well and can be synchronized just like the original ones (perhaps with some sacrifice on build quality or some advanced function, but with good savings in economic terms).

To give you a practical example, I propose below some controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch that you can easily find online at really interesting prices. These controllers can be synchronized and used with the famous console, however they will not be able to enjoy the Nintendo firmware updates, in cases where they are released for official controllers.


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How to Sync Nintendo Switch Controllers

switch sync controller

Here you are at the point of the guide: if you have a new pair of Joy-Con or you need to resynchronize your old controllers, in this chapter I will provide you with all the detailed information to know how to sync Nintendo Switch controllers.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to take the two Joy-Con and insert them into the special side slides of the Nintendo Switch. When the console is turned on, it will automatically detect the connected controllers and synchronize them in order to be able to use them even if removed from the appropriate slides, in total freedom and movement.

Then turn on your console, proceed with one Joy-Con at a time and insert it into the appropriate side slide, keeping the buttons facing you; it might seem trivial but Nintendo Switch allows you to insert Joy-Con also in reverse with the only drawback that inserted in this way will not work.

After taking the Joy-Con to the bottom of the sled, you will hear the “Click” due to the interlocking, which indicates that you have reached the end of the stroke. Your Joy-Con is now synchronized with Nintendo Switch and you can remove it when you want to play it even at a distance, I suggest you do not go further than the 8 meters so as not to lose the wireless connection between Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch. At this point, you can repeat the process with the second Joy-Con.

If you want to sync a new pair of Joy-Con via wirelessso without physically connecting them to the console, do the following: turn on the Switchthen tap the button Controllerlocated at the bottom of the screen Home. Now tap on the item Change handle / order: This screen isn’t just for changing controller handles – it’s also for adding new wireless controllers.

Sync joy-con

Now take a Joy-Con in your hand and hold the button down sync for about 3 secondsuntil you see the 4 LEDs flash in consecutive order, one after the other. The sync button is round and small, located on the inside of the Joy-Con, more precisely between the buttons SL And SR. Now that the LEDs are blinking, it’s a matter of seconds before the Switch detects the presence of your Joy-Con.

When the 4 LEDs stop flashing and only one remains lit steadily, it means that the Joy-Con is correctly synchronized with the console and you can use it to navigate the system menu and play. Now you can repeat the procedure with the second Joy-Con and that’s it.

If you have any problems with the sync, I suggest you go back to the screen Home of Nintendo Switch, using your finger to tap the navigation buttons and access the following menu: System Settings> Controllers and Sensors> Disconnect Controllersthen press and hold the button X of your controller until it finishes removing the stored controllers. Once this is done, you can finally repeat the synchronization procedure from the beginning.

If you still can’t fix this, consider the possibility that your controllers are broken. Contact Nintendo to try to solve the problem.

How to Sync Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

sync pro controller to nintendo switch

If you want to know how to sync Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, you will find all the detailed information in this chapter. The synchronization procedure of the Pro Controller is no different from that of the Joy-Con except for the fact that this controller is missing a track and a sled.

The best way to pair the Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch is to connect one end of the cable USB-C supplied with Nintendo Switch at the top of the controller and the other end USB-A into one of the two USB inputs on the console’s charging base. In this way, the controller will be immediately recognized and synchronized and you can play with it right away even by removing the USB cable.

If you have lost yours USB-C> USB-A cableI suggest you some below, easily available online at a really attractive price.


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The second method, however effective, is especially useful if you want to synchronize the Pro Controller with Switch Lite (which unfortunately is not compatible with the Switch base and therefore cannot be connected to the controller with the USB cable). So do this: start the Nintendo Switch (or Switch Lite) and tap the button Controllerlocated at the bottom of the screen Home.

In the main controller menu, tap the item Change handle / order located at the top right, then pick up the Pro Controller and hold the button down sync for about 3 secondsuntil you see the 4 LEDs flash in consecutive order, one after the other.

The sync button is round and small, located on the top of the Pro Controller, while the 4 LEDs are located on the bottom. When the 4 LEDs stop flashing and only one remains lit, then the Pro Controller is properly synchronized with the console.

How to Sync Compatible Nintendo Switch Controllers

compatible switch controller

If you have managed to find a third-party controller compatible with Switch, it is usually accompanied by an instruction sheet that suggests how to connect it to the console via wireless, but they are not always in Italian or are not always clearly understandable, so let’s see close how to sync compatible Nintendo Switch controllers.

If your controller is a console specific model Nintendo Switch And Switch Litethen you will need to follow the wireless sync procedure as described in the previous chaptertaking care to locate the button sync on your new controller.

If your controller is a universal model compatible with other consoles than Nintendo’s, you need to be careful and locate a switch. change mode connection. This switch will allow you to make the controller compatible with the Bluetooth of Nintendo Switch or with other consoles that use a different frequency, such as the Bluetooth of the PC.

So first make sure you have activated the switch to Nintendo Switch compatible mode and then proceed with the wireless sync as described in the previous chapter.

How to Sync Nintendo Switch Controllers with PC

Switch pro controller

If you are a fan of PC and Nintendo Switch, at least once it will surely have occurred to you to try to use the Nintendo Switch controllers to play on the PC, well I confirm that it can be done without any difficulty and in this chapter you I will explain briefly how to sync Nintendo Switch controllers with PC.

If you have a Windows PC equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, all you have to do is access the menu Start> Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices: from the page that opens you can pair the controller by pressing the button + Add Bluetooth or other device.

In this way the PC will activate the search for new wireless devices, so pick up a Joy-Con or the Pro Controller and hold down the keys sync for at least 3 seconds. You will see the controller name in the Windows 10 search window: click on it to start the synchronization and, in a few seconds, the game will be done. In the case of Macthe same procedure can be completed from the menu System Preferences> Bluetooth. More info here.

It should be noted that you can only use one controller at a time: a Pro Controller or a Joy-Con. A small limitation of synchronization with the PC is, in fact, the fact that you cannot pair two Joy-Con at the same time and use them individually as on the Nintendo Switch.

To learn more, I invite you to read my tutorials on how to connect Joy-Con to PC and how to connect Pro Controller Switch to PC.