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How to switch EA accounts on FIFA

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How to switch EA accounts on FIFA: The world of online video games is becoming more and more popular, and many games are asking to create account across various platforms to allow players to save and sync their progress across multiple devices. In this context, it is no exception FIFAwhich requires the creation of an account to access now iconic modes, such as FIFA Ultimate Team (abbreviated to FUT).

The creation of so many profiles, however, can lead to some “misunderstandings”. On the other hand, which frequent gamer has never connected an account wrong? Two clicks are enough to “accept”, but then to go back things are more complex: that’s why I am not surprised that you are now here and are looking for information on how to switch EA accounts on FIFA.

You don’t have to worry: in this tutorial I will look at all the possibilities of the case and I will explain to you just how to achieve this goal on all the most popular gaming platforms, from consoles to PC to mobile devices. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Electronic Arts Logo

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to switch EA accounts on FIFAI think it might interest you to know more about the matter.

Well, you should know that making a change to the Electronic Arts account associated with the gaming platform in use can lead to various “problems”. Indeed, disconnecting the account of a particular platform from the EA one, they lose various data: games, progress, DLCs, expansions, add-ons, subscriptions and in-game purchases.

This is due to the fact that the EA profile is linked to the platform account from which you play and, therefore, disconnecting is always a risk. It should also be noted that an Electronic Arts account can be linked to a single account per platform during its activity.

In short, I advise you to carry out this operation only if you have nothing important related to Electronic Arts video games on the platform in use. Put simply, one case where this guide can come in handy is when you made a mistake in creating an empty account for FIFA and want to use another one, starting from scratch with progress and all.

Risks of FIFA account disconnection

For example, you may have created an EA account on PC in the past, but you just logged into FIFA for consoles for the first time and accidentally created a new empty Electronic Arts account. In this case, you may want to unlink the latter and associate the console profile with the EA profile you use on PC, so that you have your game data on consoles as well.

In any case, although it is potentially possible to “recover” the data by linking the platform account to the original EA profile again (pay close attention to the fact that you will not be able to unlink your account for 6 months once this is done), I advise against you It is strongly recommended that you try to unlink any profile if you have important data related to FIFA or other Electronic Arts games.

Well, I warned you: follow this tutorial only if you are convinced to proceed despite the “risks”. Obviously, I take no responsibility for any possible problems with your account, caused by any “mistakes” you may make.

How to switch EA accounts on FIFA

Having explained the general situation to you, I would say that it is time to take action. Below you can find all the details on how to change the EA account on FIFA, related to the various gaming platforms.

How to switch EA accounts on FIFA: PS4

PS4 Internet Browser

If you want to switch EA accounts on FIFA from console, I am going to explain how to proceed. To give you a concrete example I will use PlayStation 4, but in reality it’s all very similar for Xbox and Switch too. In short, if you are wondering, for example, how to switch EA accounts on FIFA for Xbox One, Switch or also PS5in this chapter you will find all the information you need.

Obviously, before proceeding you must take all risks into consideration of the case. If you have not already done so, I therefore invite you to read the preliminary chapterin which I have illustrated all data you may lose doing this.

Since you have to proceed from an Internet site, you will probably find it more convenient to proceed from a PC; alternatively you can use the console’s built-in browser: you can find the icon Internet browser directly on the main console screen (for more information, read my tutorial on how to go on the Internet with PS4).

At this point, hit the Electronic Arts official portal, log in with your EA profile and move to the tab Connectionspresent at the bottom left.

After that, press the key X of the controller above the option Disconnectwhich refers to your PSN profile, read the warning carefully that appears on the screen, so as to fully understand the risks (you will also be told until you can disconnect the account again), check the box I understand and want to continue and confirm everything by pressing the key Disconnect.

Switch EA accounts PlayStation 4 accounts

Perfect, now the EA account you linked by mistake it is no longer associated to the profile relating to your “trusted” platform. You can then proceed to connect the PSN account (or another platform) al correct EA profile.

You probably already know how to do this, as you’ve almost certainly done the operation in the past. In any case, that’s enough for you start FIFA and enter i data relating to right EA account as soon as the game asks you to enter the login credentials. If you have any doubts about it, you can refer to the official guidelines.

How to switch EA accounts on FIFA: PC

FIFA Web App

If you want to proceed from PCyou should know that there are various ways to manage your FIFA linked accounts.

In particular, to greatly reduce the risk of losing data that I have outlined in preliminary chapteryou might think of simply change the account linked to the Web App accessible from browser.

This way, you will choose which account to manage directly from FUT Web App, in order to carry out all the necessary operations directly from the PC. To do this, log into the official portal of the FUT Web Apppress the button Log in and performs the login with your Electronic Arts account.

Then, tap on thesettings iconpresent at the bottom left and click on the button CHANGE, present at the top right. Perfect, now you just have to select theplatform account you want to make active and that’s it.

In case you are convinced you want to unlink the EA Accountwith all the risks in mind, you can proceed exactly as I have outlined in chapter dedicated to console. In fact, everything is the same, given that you pass by browser.

Switching EA FIFA Accounts from PC

You can therefore start from EA’s official websitecarry out the login to your account and press the button Disconnectpresent next to the account of the platform that you want to change. So read carefully the message proposed by Electronic Arts, which explains precisely what will happen by carrying out this operation.

If you are convinced to proceed, for example because you simply accidentally created an empty EA account, just tick the box I understand and want to continue and then click the button Disconnect. Perfect, now you just have to connect the account of your “trusted” platform to another EA profile.

How to switch EA accounts on FIFA: mobile

FIFA Ultimate Team Companion App

How do you say? You want to proceed directly from mobile devices? No problem, I’ll explain immediately what you can do. If you are wondering, for example how to switch EA accounts on FIFA 21 on the move, this is the chapter for you.

In this case, in reality everything is essentially identical to what I have illustrated in the chapter dedicated to the PC. In fact, if you simply want to change the profile relating toCompanion application downloadable for free, for example, from Google Play Store or from alternative stores for Android or fromApp Store for iPhone and iPadthe procedure is identical to that relating to the Web App for browser.

So just go to the settings and tap the button CHANGEthen choosing theplatform account to be made active. For the rest, if you want instead completely disconnect the profileobviously always keeping in mind the risks illustrated in preliminary chapteryou just have to connect to the dedicated portal and perform the classic procedure.

In particular, just tap on the button Disconnectrelating to platform involved, read the information related to risks provided by the website, check the box I understand and want to continue and confirm that you want to carry out the operation by pressing the key Disconnect. It will be enough for you then link the right EA account to FIFA, al next start of the game.

In short, changing the Electronic Arts account relating to FIFA is actually not that difficult, although obviously the most “critical” issue is the chance of losing progressbut being careful and reading everything properly there shouldn’t be too many problems.

How to switch EA FIFA accounts on mobile devices

In any case, I want to clarify that clearly the series FIFA comes out on an annual basis and therefore Electronic Arts could make some changes related to the account management system.

In any case, if you want to learn more, you might want to take a look at the official guidelines of the Electronic Arts portal. On the latter website you can also find the button CONTACT US, which will eventually help you get help from EA if you run into any problems. By doing so, you will be able to get information directly from the experts of the well-known software house, who obviously know how to manage these situations.