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How to suspend Facebook account

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How to suspend Facebook account: You found yourself spending too much time on Facebook, taking it off to study or work, and then you have decided to unplug for a while by temporarily removing your account on the social network? Is there a person who continues to bother you on Facebook and you want to report them to the site managers to block them? The solution to everything is called account suspension but, as can be easily understood, it is a different suspension in one case or another.

More precisely, to meet people with needs like yours right now, Facebook has included functions to suspend your own or other people’s accounts. Your own can be blocked momentarily to take a “pause for reflection”, while that of the others can be reported to the managers of Facebook who, in the event of serious violations of the regulation, can block it. The procedure to follow is quite simple in both circumstances and does not require special technical knowledge.

So if you are willing to learn more… here’s everything in detail in this guide on how to suspend Facebook account. Take a few minutes of free time all to yourself, make yourself comfortable and immediately start focusing on the information you find below. You will see, in the end you will be able to tell yourself satisfied with what you have learned and, if necessary, you will not hesitate to provide any explanations to all your friends. Let it bet?

Suspend your Facebook account

Let’s see first how to suspend your Facebook account. The procedure, I anticipate it, can be carried out without problems both from a computer (using the browser) and from a mobile phone (therefore using the official app of the social network available for smartphones and tablets).

From computer

If you want to suspend your Facebook account, all you have to do is connect to the home of the social network and access it by filling in the fields Email or phone And Password and then clicking on the button Log in.

Once logged in, you have to click on the button (▾) (top right) and choose the items Settings and privacy> Settings from the menu that appears. On the new page that has opened, click on the wording Your information on Facebook (on the left), click on the entry Deactivation and elimination (on the right), put the check mark on the option Deactivate account and click the button Continue to deactivate the account (bottom right).

Then specify the password of your account in the appropriate text field, click on the button Keep it going, indicate the reason why you want to deactivate the account (eg. This is a temporary measure. I’ll be back. Automatically reactivate my account in [N giorni]), click on the button Deactivate and finally click the button Deactivate now in the box that appeared on the screen.

Now you can finally say you are satisfied, you have managed to complete the whole procedure by which to suspend Facebook account, I congratulate you! From now on, your profile and all related information will no longer be visible to other users. Also, your name will no longer appear in search results. In short, it will be more or less as if you were not registered on the social network.

When you then decide to retrace your steps, you can reactivate the suspended account simply by logging back into your profile. For more details, you can check out my article on how to re-enable Facebook account.

Clearly, in addition to being able to temporarily suspend Facebook accounts, it is also possible to disable it completely definitively. This is a non-reversible and decidedly much more drastic solution than the one we have just seen together. To know all the details of the case, I suggest you read my guide on how to unsubscribe from Facebook, where I told you about it in detail.

From smartphones and tablets

Deactivate Facebook account from mobile

Would you like to suspend Facebook account but currently you do not have the possibility to act as a computer? Well, I don’t see the problem … grab yours smartphone or yours Tablet and do it all from there. Just start the official social network app on your device Android/iOS / iPadOS, log into your account and follow the directions I am about to give you.

First, hit the button (≡) and then presses on the voices Settings and Privacy> Settings> Account Control and Properties> Deactivation and Deletion. After that, select the option Deactivate account, tap the button Continue to deactivate the account and, after selecting the reason why you intend to proceed with the deactivation of the account (eg. This is a temporary measure. I’ll be back) push the button Keep it going. Finally, scroll the displayed screen, press the button again Keep it going, tap the button Deactivate my account, And that’s it.

Clearly, should you have second thoughts, even in this case you can always and in any case reactivate your profile by simply logging in to it, as if nothing had happened.

Suspend the Facebook account of others

Want to find out how to suspend another person’s Facebook account who bothers you or violates social network rules in other ways? In this case, you have a very important weapon at your disposal which is called reporting. By reporting a user to the managers of Facebook, the latter will in fact ascertain the conduct of the person in question and, if necessary, they will suspend the account.

From computer

Report a Facebook account

To report a person’s account to Facebook managers from a computer, you need to connect to their profile page, click on the button (…) on the cover image and choose the item Get help or report profile from the menu that opens.

In the box that opens, select the item related to the reason why you want to report the user to Facebook (eg. Use of someone’s identity, Fake account, Fake name, etc.) Then follow the simple on-screen procedure by selecting the proposed topics or further specifying the reason for the report and confirm your willingness to proceed with the procedure. However, please make good use of the aforementioned function and do not report a person’s profile without having a valid reason to do so!

If, instead of reporting a person, you prefer to block them because it bothers you, all you have to do is click again on the button with the three dots attached to the profile picture and select the item Block from the menu that opens. Then click on the button Confirmation in the box that opens to confirm the execution of the procedure.

In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can also block a specific user by clicking on the button (▾) which is located in the upper right part of the social network home, then clicking on the items Settings and privacy> Settings in the menu that is shown to you and choosing the option Block someone from the alter bar on the left.

Find the wording now Blocking of users and in the corresponding text field type the name of the person registered on Facebook you want to block. Finally, click on the button Block located on the right, select the most relevant suggestion among those shown to you and press the button Block that you find next to the name of the person of your interest.

Keep in mind that by blocking a user on Facebook you will not only be practically invisible to him on the social network but the person in question will also be removed from your friendships. In case of second thoughts, you can still retrace your steps by following the instructions contained in my article on how to unblock someone on Facebook.

From smartphones and tablets

Report Facebook account

If you prefer to act from smartphone and tablet, you can suspend someone else’s Facebook account with the report by going to the profile of the friend you intend to act on, by tapping on the button (…) located under the profile picture (on the right) and choosing the option Get help or report profile from the new screen that is shown to you.

Next, indicate why you intend to report the profile in question (eg. Fake account, Posting inappropriate content, etc.) and complete the whole procedure by following the simple instructions on the screen.

As for the blocking of users, even in this case you must go to the profile of the reference person, press the button (…), to choose Block in the new screen that opened and press again on Block in the on-screen box where you are asked to confirm the execution of the operation.

As an alternative to the method I have just indicated, you can block a given user on Facebook by pressing the button (≡) attached to the main screen of the app, by selecting the items Settings and privacy> Settings> Block someone, and then pressing the button (+) Add to blocked people list. Finally, look for the person to block by providing theirs first name or his email address In the search field at the top, select the correct occurrence and confirm your intentions by pressing the voice Block present in the box that appeared on the screen to confirm the operation.

If you then have to think again, you can cancel the user blocking procedure by putting into practice the instructions you find in my tutorial on the subject.