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How to summon the Wither

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How to summon the Wither: After exploring the world of Minecraft and having come across many adventures, you thought it was time to face more demanding challenges. Have you heard of Wither, a very powerful creature that requires the player’s skill and alertness to be defeated, and you searched the Internet for information on how to find it.

Things are this way, am I right? Then you will be happy to know that you have come to the right place at the right time. In today’s guide, in fact, I will illustrate you how to summon the Wither in Minecraft, indicating the resources to be collected to perform this operation and providing you with some useful tips that will help you face the clash with this creature. Finally, I will explain step by step how to carry out the procedure to summon it.

If you can’t wait to consult the suggestions I have written for you in this guide of mine, what you need to do and dedicate only a few minutes of your free time. Come on, sit comfortably, pay close attention to all the advice you will find in the next chapters and try to put them into practice. Are you ready? All right, let’s get started! All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary operations

Before I talk to you about how to summon the Wither on Minecraft, I want to show you the resources you will need to carry out this operation. In addition, I will provide you with some tips to prepare you for confrontation with this creature.

Collect the necessary materials

To summon a Wither, you must necessarily go to the Nether. You don’t know what it is? I’ll explain it right away: it’s a dimension parallel to the world of Minecraft, characterized by a desert and dark biome, illuminated only by rivers and cascades of magma. It is also an inhospitable territory, populated by aggressive creatures that attack the player on sight.

Made this brief introduction, if you want to reach the Nether, you will have to build a portal that connects the two dimensions. You can do this by following the advice I have given you in my guide on how to make the Nether portal.

After reaching this place, begin the exploration, paying attention to the countless dangers that are found at every corner, and identify the sand blocks of souls: These are a vital resource for summoning a Wither. There is no precise place to find the blocks, because they are generated naturally and randomly in small quantities or in large agglomerations.

You can recognize them because they have a gray texture, compared to the predominant color of the Nether biome. After identifying i sand blocks of souls, use the hands nude or one shovel to collect this resource.

minecraft sand of souls

Also, you need to recover i skulls by Wither skeletons, which you can find as a rare reward by defeating these creatures. You can find Wither skeletons around Fortresses of the Nether.

minecraft skeletons wither

After you get i sand blocks of souls and i skulls of skeletons Wither, you can switch to summoning a Wither. But first, I recommend you read the next chapter, in which I will explain how to best prepare for the clash you will face with this creature.

Prepare the equipment

minecraft diamond armor

The Wither it is a very powerful creature and requires good preparation to be able to defeat it. The difficulty can be compared to that required to defeat the Dragon of the End, which I told you about in this my guide.

First of all, I suggest you create some swords in diamonds, on which you will have to apply the enchantment Anathema, useful because it allows to increase the damage of the weapon towards undead creatures, such as Wither.

Also, since this creature performs explosive attacks, use a ranged approach with a bow it might be an appropriate choice. I advise you to enchant the latter with the spell Power and with Infinity, in order to increase its damage and shoot unlimited arrows.

As for defense, however, it is useful to dress the avatar with aarmor in diamonds, which you will have to enchant with Protection, which increases the absorption of the damages received, and Explosion protection, useful for defending against Wither’s explosive attacks.

If you want to know more about how to create spells to use on your equipment, I recommend reading this my guide dedicated to the topic.

Finally, I recommend that you bring some golden apples, which will allow you to restore many health points in case you receive damage, as well as increase your stamina. I told you about this food in my guide on how to eat on minecraft.

Since the clash will be difficult, any other help will increase the chances of success in the company. Therefore, bring any object that can help you during the fight, such as for example pearls of Ender, useful for teleport and avoid critical situations.

How to summon the Wither on Minecraft

minecraft wither

Now that you have all the resources necessary to summon the Wither and have brought all the equipment you can to face the battle, it’s time to get to the heart of this guide.

First, position 1 sand block of souls on the ground and then add a horizontal row of others three blocks on the latter, so as to form one T. At this point, equip i skulls of Wither skeletons and place three on the line of sand blocks of souls.

miencraft wither evocation

As soon as you have placed the last skull, the newly created puppet will come alive, becoming a Wither. After its evocation, it will be invulnerable and, after a few moments, will cause an explosion around itself. I advise you, therefore, to immediately move away and wait for it to come out of this phase, to start attacking it.

Once defeated, you will get the nether star, which allows you to create the Lighthouse, an object that gives boosts to the avatar within a certain range of action from its position.