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How to summon Herobrine on Minecraft

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How to summon Herobrine on Minecraft: You are getting more and more passionate about Minecraft and, talking to your friends, you learned about Herobrine : a mysterious creature that, apparently, shows up only in certain circumstances to disturb the players. Intrigued by this story, you researched the web and found conflicting information about the existence of this creature, therefore you would like some explanations about it.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, cold, but Herobrine doesn’t exist in Minecraft! However, this does not mean that you have to give up on your plans and give up immediately. Thanks to the use of specific mods, it is in fact possible to summon Herobrine on Minecraft and meet him during the game, but only of his own free will.

I guess this discovery has reassured you a little that there will never be a risk of running into this haunted creature randomly. But at the same time, you die from curiosity to evoke it, am I right? Then continue reading this guide, so as to learn all the information you need to know this “urban legend” and to fight it during your adventures, installing the mod that I will recommend. All you have to do is take a few minutes of free time, read the tips that I will give you in the next chapters and put them into practice. All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Who is Herobrine

Herobrine on Minecraft

Yes they tell many stories about Herobrine , but only one is the real one: it doesn’t exist in Minecraft . It is an urban legend that was born many years ago during a streaming about this video game, in which a strange figure with white eyes and human features had appeared, staring at the player.

It looks like a horror story, but it is the result of a joke made by a streamer, who did not imagine that it would have spread to the point of being remembered to this day. This story has also come to the attention of the developers, who have ridden the wave of its popularity to create even more mystery about its actual existence: in the notes on the updates, references have been inserted, as a joke, regarding the removal of this creature from the game.

The Minecraft community has been very involved in this story and many stories have been born about Herobrine, such as the one that identifies him as a ghost that persecutes players, with the intent to rob and kill them.

Yes it also says that Herobrine ambushes players, creating dungeons to attract them. In fact, it is said that by walking through the long and narrow tunnels of the underground dungeons, there is the risk of encountering the mysterious creature, which chases the player’s avatar, to attack him.

Fortunately, to date, there is no interest from developers in implementing Herobrine officially within Minecraft and, almost certainly, it will never happen, considering that this video game has a very young audience. In the meantime, however, it is possible to evoke it within the game using special mods that recreate Herobrine with its typical physical and behavioral characteristics. To find out more, read on.

How to summon Herobrine

If your intent is to summon Herobrine , you should know that you will need to use mods to do this. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain how to install the components necessary to achieve your goal.

Install Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge

The first step to install for a mod in Minecraft is to enable the Minecraft Forge add-on : this tool is indispensable for managing the mods and without it it is not possible to install the latter in the game

First of all, go to this website and use the sidebar on the left to choose the version of Minecraft Forge to download. I warn you that for everything to work at its best, the Minecraft client version, the Minecraft Forge version and the mod version must be the same.

Once this is done, press the Installer button to download the Minecraft Forge .jar file . When the download is complete, double-click on the file obtained, in order to start it with Java : the latter component is already present on your PC, because it is automatically installed during the Minecraft installation. If you have any doubts, you can still download Java by following the advice I have given you in my guide .

If the .jar file does not open with Java , right-click on it and select Open with> Java Platform SE binary from the context menu . In the screen that is shown to you, then press the OK button to start the installation of Minecraft Forge .

Download the mod

Download the Herobrine mod on Minecraft

Now that you have successfully installed Minecraft Forge , you need to proceed with the download of the mod that enables Herobrine in Minecraft. Among the many mods available and compatible with the most recent versions of the game, I recommend the one called Herobrine and Steve .

Herobrine and Steve allows you to summon Herobrine and the famous Steve , the main character of Minecraft on which the player avatar aspect is based. If you are interested in its download, reach this link , which refers to the Minecraft section on .

After reaching the Web page, press the Download button , top right, to download the .jar file of the mod. After that, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the path C: Users [User] AppDataRoaming.minecraft . Now, place the file you just downloaded in the mods folder : if you don’t find this folder, you can create it manually, following the advice I gave you in this guide .

Well, we’re almost there: what you need to do now is to start the Minecraft launcher and press the ▲ icon, located next to the Play button . In the panel you see, then select the Forge profile and click on the Play button , to start Minecraft with support for the mods.

In the main screen of Minecraft , then create a new game session, pressing on the items Single player> Create a new world . Then select Creative mode and press the Other world options button . In this new section, activate the tricks, making sure that the word Yes appears , next to the item Commands : This will serve you to switch from Creative mode to Survival mode . Finally, press the Done button and then the one called Create a new world .

Summon Herobrine

Summon Herobrine on Minecraft

In the Creative mode of Minecraft, you can summon Herobrine using the special object introduced by the Herobrine and Steve mod that you have just installed. To begin, therefore, open the inventory, pressing the E key on the keyboard, and select the Search tab (the one with the icon of a compass ).

Now, use the text box next to the word Search , to type the words herobrine egg : in this way, you will be shown an object with an egg icon with red spots . To proceed, all you have to do is move the object in the quick bar and you’re done.

At this point, select the quick slot where you have the egg and click with the right mouse button on any point on the ground, in order to instantly summon Herobrine . I warn you that in Creative mode the creature won’t attack you. To switch to Survival mode , press the T key on the keyboard and type the text / gamemode survival string , followed by pressing the Enter key . Have a good fight!