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How to suggest a Facebook group

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How to suggest a Facebook group: You have created a Facebook group but you don’t know how to promote it among your friends? Know that you are not alone. Ever since Facebook removed the feature Suggest, which allowed users to report pages and groups to their friends, many no longer know how to advertise their content on the social network. But don’t panic, there is a remedy for this too!

Follow these directions on how to suggest a group on Facebook and you will be able to report the group you have created (or any other group that you consider interesting) to your online friends despite the limitations imposed by the social network. It’s not quite the same as the old feature for suggesting content, but for the time being, you can settle for it.

If you want to find out how to suggest a group on Facebook to invite your friends to visit and / or subscribe to it, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the group you want to promote, right-click on its title (under the cover image) and select the voice Copy link address/Copy link from the menu that appears.

Now go to the main Facebook page, paste the address you just copied in the box for thestatus update and wait for the group link to appear below. Then type a message to promote the group (you can also delete the address, the link will still remain as an attachment to the message) and publish the post to advertise the group.

If you do not want suggest a group on Facebook but a page the situation is slightly better, you can in fact count on a couple of ad hoc functions that allow you to share a link to the page or invite friends to subscribe directly to it with a simple click. Let’s find out immediately in detail.

For page administrators, there is the menu Expand your audience which offers the functions Invite email contacts, Invite your friends And Share the page. The first allows you to send invitations for registration via email, the second to invite Facebook friends as you do when you invite all friends to an event on Facebook and the third to share a link to the page in the diary (a bit ‘as seen with the groups before).

If you are not the administrator of the page you want to promote, you have only one function available, that of sharing the link on the diary, which you can use by clicking on the button with the icon of thegear (top right) and selecting the item Share from the menu that opens.