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How to strip with Photoshop

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How to strip with Photoshop: As we got to see several guides, Photoshop is a very powerful tool, through which it is possible to do practically anything on digital photos. However, this does not mean that it is a “magical” program capable of intelligently reconstructing elements that are not present in the photos. What am I referring to?

Many readers have asked me how to strip with Photoshop the people featured in the photos. As can be easily understood, this is an operation that is impossible to carry out in a “magical” way, considering that the elements present under the clothes are not immortalized in the images (fortunately, I would say!). But perhaps even without special powers a little bit you can do the same, staying within the limits of legality and decency.

If you are ready to start, I would therefore say to ban the chatter and immediately start getting into the heart of this tutorial. Strength and courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” I am about to give you, so as to be able to complete the your “business” without any difficulty.

Preliminary information

Given the topic covered in this article, before illustrating how to strip with Photoshopit seems only right to provide you with some preliminary information regarding some incorrect behaviors that you must absolutely avoid in carrying out the procedure in question.

First of all, I would like to tell you that with this article I will not explain how to use Photoshop to completely undress the subjects portrayed in the photos, perhaps to create explicit / compromising images with which to embarrass other people. This behavior, in addition to potentially constituting a crime punishable by law, would also constitute a serious damage to the sensibility of others and would be reprehensible from an ethical and moral point of view.

As it should be, I will simply explain how to remove portions of clothing that excessively cover the subject or part of it (e.g. long sleeves). For this reason, do not use the information given in this article for less than noble purposes, because I do not take any responsibility for the consequences that could derive from such a wicked action. Understood? Well then I’d say we can actually get started!

How to strip with Photoshop on PC

Photoshop CC

Let’s start this discussion by looking more closely how to strip with Photoshop on PCthus using the desktop version of Photoshop, included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography planwhich starts from 12.19 euros / month but still available as a free trial (more info here).

To succeed, you can use it patch toolwhich is able to replace the parts of the dress to be erased with portions of skin “cloned” from other points in the photo, coupled with other tools, such as smudge and it clone tool.

With the patch tool it is possible to replace the parts of the dress to be erased with parts of skin “cloned” from other parts of the photo. If you can’t locate the tool in question, invoke it from the left sidebar by right-clicking on the bandaid and then selecting the patch from the opened menu.

Before using the tool, make sure the option is activated Origin (above) and select a small portion of the dress you intend to remove (don’t overdo it, because otherwise you won’t get any noticeable results). Drag, therefore, the selection made towards the skin of the subject to use as a “patch” and, when you are satisfied with the result obtained (however “rough” it may seem at the moment), correct the imperfections that have formed on the subject using the other Photoshop tools.

Clone with Photoshop

To refine the work, you can use, for example, the smudge tool: after calling it from the program toolbar and adjusting its dimension and his hardness (via the menus at the top left), “pass it” on the portion of the photo you are working on (holding down the left mouse button), in such a way as to “soften” the color and the nuance obtained after using the patch tool.

He then recalls the clone tool to remove other imperfections present, by clicking on the symbol company stampand after modifying the dimension and the hardness (by pressing the key Alt on the keyboard), click on the portion of skin with which to cover the area of ​​your interest.

Then act with the clone tool on the areas of your interest and, when finished, go to the menu File> Save As (top left), to select the format and location where you want to save the output image.

How to undress with Photoshop online


You haven’t installed Photoshop on your computer and, for this reason, would you like to know if it is possible to act directly from the browser? Yes, it can be exploited Photoshop on the webthe online version of Photoshop available to Creative Cloud subscribers.

However, if you really don’t want to pay to do this, you can take advantage of some valid free alternative offered by third parties, such as Photopea: a free web application that works on all major web browsers without installing additional plugins (it features advertising banners that can be removed by subscribing to the $ 9 / month subscription).

To use it, go to hers main page and, if necessary, translate the service interface into Italian by clicking on the item Blackberries located at the top and selecting the options Language> Italian from the opened menu.

Now, import the photo you want to edit by selecting the item You open from the menu File (top left), and use the tools located in the toolbar on the left to get the job done.

It recalls, therefore, the patch toolby clicking on the bandaid which is on the left and then selecting it from the opened menu. Then choose the option Source at the top left and select a small portion of the dress that you intend to remove (do not overdo it, to avoid getting unpleasant results). Then drag the selection made towards the skin of the subject to use as a “patch”.

Next, call it back smudge tool (the icon of finger that “crawls” on a surfacewhich is on the left) and, after having adjusted it dimension And hardness using the menus located at the top left, hold down the left mouse button while “passing” the cursor on the portion of the photo of your interest.

Also it clone tool it can be particularly useful in this circumstance, especially if you want to remove some “burrs” that come out after using the tools mentioned above. To use it, call it from the program toolbar by clicking on the icon company stampand after modifying it dimension And hardness through the menus at the top left, “color” the area you intend to clone after selecting the portion of the photo with which to clone the area of ​​your interest (you can do this by pressing the key Alt on the keyboard and clicking on the portion of the skin to be used for this purpose).

You just have to repeat the steps I just described to you until you get an acceptable result. When you are ready to do it, then, save the work done by going to the menu File> Export As and selecting the format and location to export the output image.

How to undress with Photoshop on smartphones and tablets

Undressing with Photoshop

I conclude this guide by explaining to you how to undress with Photoshop on smartphones and tablets. To succeed, I advise you to use Adobe Photoshop Express, one of Photoshop’s mobile transpositions. The app is free, easy to use and is available for both Android that for iOS / iPadOS. It must be said, however, that, being somewhat limited compared to the desktop version of Photoshop, you can use it in all those cases where removing small portions of clothes is not counterproductive for the final rendering of the image (otherwise you risk making a ” pastrocchio “of dubious taste).

After installing and launching Adobe Photoshop Express on your device, click on the button Forward 10 times in a row, press the button Adobe ID and log in with your Adobe account. Alternatively, you can also log in via your account Google or Facebook.

Once logged in, press the button OKgrant Photoshop Express the permissions it needs to work and then tap onpreview of the photo you want to edit. Then, tap on the symbol of bandaid (below), tap on the tab Advanced and, after having adjusted the size of the brush using the appropriate adjustment bar, move up OFF the switch located in correspondence with the item Merger.

Now, tap on an area of ​​the photo and move one of the two shot in the point from which to take the “skin” with which to remove a part of the dress from the subject, so as to show the latter in the other shot, present on the person’s dress. Repeat this until you get the desired result. When finished, press the button Forward (top right) and choose the save / share option that suits you best.