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How to start a chat with a girl I don’t know

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How to start a chat with a girl I don’t know: Since you started using social networks, dating apps and messaging apps, the number of your virtual acquaintances has increased exponentially. Of all, in particular, a girl’s profile has caught your attention and you would like to chat with her privately. Unfortunately, however, thanks to a bit of shyness and inexperience regarding the use of technology, you do not know how to do it.

How do you say? That’s the way it is and you ask yourself how to start a chat with a girl i don’t know? In that case, don’t worry: you’ll be happy to know that I can help you shed some light on the subject, telling you how to do it through the use of the main instant messaging apps, but also through the chat apps or the main social networks.

That said, if you’re eager to find out more now, sit back comfortably and just take a few minutes of free time. Read carefully what I am about to indicate to you, in order to succeed in the intent you have proposed. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a lot of fun!

How to start chatting with a girl you don’t know

If you wonder how to start a chat with a girl i don’t knowyou will be happy to know that I can help you with this, but first I need to provide you with some useful information about it.

In fact, you must know that the procedures relating to the possibility of chatting with another person depend on the app or social network through which you want to interact. I am especially referring to messaging apps, such as Whatsappin which, in order to chat, you need to add each other’s phone number to your contact list.

To chat via social networks, however, the possibilities depend, more often than not, on the rules of the same, as well as on the recipient’s privacy settings. For example, on Facebook or Instagramthere are no restrictions, if you want to chat with people who are on your friends list or are among your followers.

Having said that, in the next chapters of this tutorial I will provide you with all the information relating to the goal you have proposed, telling you about the main instant messaging apps, chat apps and the most famous social networks.



Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. It is free and allows you to chat with other registered people, through numerous features, such as text messages and voice messages. However, in order to chat on Whatsapp you must have reciprocally added the telephone number to your contacts’ address book.

After doing this, launch the Whatsapp that you have downloaded on your device and press on the item Chat (the cartoon icon placed at the bottom). Then, tap onpencil icon located at the bottom right (on Android) or top right (up iOS), in order to access the contact list.

Then locate the contact you are interested in and tap his first name, to open the dedicated chat. At this point, refer to the text field at the bottom to write the text of the message and, to send it, press on thearrow icon.

If you would like to know more about using Whatsappread my in-depth tutorial.



To chat with users of Facebookthe most famous social network in the world, it is necessary to make use of its integrated chat system: Messenger, which is accessible from smartphones and tablets, through the Messenger app available for Android, iPhone and iPad, and from Web. Besides that, in order to chat with another person, you need to add them as friends of Facebook.

That said, if you’ve already done these preliminary steps, launch the Messenger on your device, or open the chat of Facebookthrough his lightning bolt iconlocated in the top bar, from Web.

At this point, press onpencil icon (from smartphones and tablets) or on the wording New message (from PC), to view the friends list.

Then select the first name of the girl you want to contact, to open the dedicated chat, and refer to the text field at the bottom to type the text of your message. To send it, then, click onarrow icon (from smartphones and tablets) or on the button Enter keyboard (from PC).

In case of doubts or problems or for more information on using Facebook Messenger, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject.



On Instagramthe famous photographic social network owned by Facebook, there are, in general, no particular restrictions regarding the possibility of sending direct messages to users. The only limitations are those concerning private profiles: in these cases, in order to chat with the users in question, it is necessary to send them a request to follow them (which they will then have to accept).

That said, if you have identified the profile of the person you want to chat with on Instagram through the app you downloaded on your device, all you have to do is press the button Message.

Now, refer to the text field at the bottom to type the message text and, finally, press the button Send, to send it. From a PC it is not possible to act, as the web version of Instagram does not yet support chat.

If you have any doubts or problems, or if you need more information on using Instagramread my tutorial dedicated to the service.



In order to start a conversation with a user of Tinder the question is a bit more complex, as, as I explained to you in my tutorial dedicated to the service, the famous dating app allows you to chat only with people who have achieved mutual compatibility by interacting with each other through the app tools.

In this regard, I remind you that there are some limitations for the use of reciprocal interaction tools. In fact, for unlimited use of Tinder a subscription is required whose prices start at € 9.99 per month (Tinder Plus) or from € 32.99 per month (Tinder Gold).

That said, if you still want to succeed in the intent you have proposed, you must have downloaded the Tinder app on your smartphone or tablet, and registered for the service. After that, wait for the compatibility with a user you have “liked” to be notified.

If so, tap the section Messages, to identify all the users with whom the “match” was triggered. Therefore, identify the person of your interest and press on his first nameto open the dedicated chat, through which you can send text and multimedia messages.

If you prefer to proceed from a PC, you can connect to the Web version of Tinder and access the section Compatibilityto send messages to girls who have returned your like.

If you have any doubts or problems, or for more information, read my guide on how Tinder works.

Tips on starting a chat conversation with a girl you don’t know

Tips on starting a chat conversation with a girl you don't know

In addition to the information I have given you so far, you would like gods practical advice on how to start a chat conversation with a girl you don’t know right? If so, don’t worry – below you can read some food for thought and other general tips.

  • Be polite and kind: kindness and education are the pillars on which every form of communication must be based, even that which passes through social networks. Always keep this in mind when you start chatting with people you know and even more so if you want to make a good impression on an unknown person.
  • Respect the privacy of others: you wrote a girl in chat, but she is late in answering you? There could be a million reasons why her answer is slow in coming; so be patient, leave her spaces for her and, above all, do not take explanations.
  • Be original: there is nothing more obvious than people who start a conversation with the usual clichés. That said, if you want to start a conversation in the right way, try to get noticed: analyze the profile of the girl you are interested in chatting with, to try to understand what she likes, in order to start the conversation starting from a topic for her stimulating.