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How to square an image

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How to square an image: Do you want to publish on the Internet some photos you have taken in public, but before doing so you need to protect the privacy of some people portrayed in the shots by obscuring their faces? Nothing simpler if you use Paint .Net.

Paint .Net is a free photo editing program that includes numerous effects to modify images, including the one to “pixelate” (ie check) the faces of people who do not want to be recognized. Using it is very easy, so a little chat and let’s see immediately how to check an image with this terrific software.

If you want to learn how to check an imagethe first step you need to take is to connect to the Paint .Net website and click on the item first Paint.NET v3.5.10 (located on the right) and then up Download now and again Paint.NET v3.5.10 to download the program to your PC. When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the archive you just downloaded ( and start the program Paint.NET.3.5.10.Install.exe contained in it to start the Paint .Net installation process.

In the window that opens, first click on Yup and then on Forward. Then accept the conditions of use of the software, putting the check mark next to the item I acceptand complete the installation process of Paint .Net by clicking on first Forward and then on end. The program will start automatically.

For check an image with Paint .Net and obscure the faces of some people portrayed in it, you must first import the photo into the program by selecting the item You open from the menu File. With the image loaded, select the tool Rectangular selection from the software toolbar (the one located on the left) and draw a square with the mouse around the face of the person to be obscured.

So go to the menu Effects> Distortion and select the option Pixellatura. In the window that opens, use the adjustment bar Cell size to set the type of “grid” to be applied to the selected portion of the image and click on the button OK to save the changes. Repeat the operation for all the faces you want to obscure and that’s it!

When you have completed your work on the photo and are satisfied with the result, you can save the squared image by selecting the item Save with name from the menu File by Paint .Net. Really easier done than said.