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How to sponsor on Facebook

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After starting a new business, you have decided to broaden your horizons and propose the services of your company also on the Web. Following the suggestion of a friend who is an expert in the field, you have created a website, but after months of hard work you still don’t see results and the only ones to use your services are relatives and acquaintances. Did I guess? Well, then don’t resign yourself and follow the advice I’m about to give you.

If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can tell you how to promote your business on Facebook . In fact, by creating a page on the famous social network and taking advantage of paid advertisements, you can increase visits to your website, get new customers, sponsor your products and make your company known to a larger audience. Is this exactly the solution you were looking for? So let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s get to work immediately.

Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and let me show you how to sponsor your business on Facebook . Read the next paragraphs carefully, put into practice the solutions I am about to recommend and I am sure that, in a short time, you will begin to see the first results and give greater visibility to your business. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

How to create a page on Facebook

Before you can create a sponsorship, you need to create a Facebook page related to your business. Creating a page has no cost but requires an account on the famous social network: if you don’t have one yet, you can read my guide on how to sign up for Facebook.

To create a Facebook page, then, connected to the social network and log in to your account, then tap on the arrow icon facing down in the top right and press the item Create a page . Now, choose the type of page you want to create by choosing one of the available options, enter the page name, the required data, the category and press the Start button .

On the next screen, press the Upload a profile picture and Upload cover image option to set the page graphics, otherwise press the Skip button and you’re done. You can learn more about how to create a Facebook page by reading my detailed guide.

How to add a payment method on Facebook

After creating your Facebook page and before you can take action by creating your first advertisement, you need to set up a valid payment method by choosing between Credit Card , PayPal , Current Account and Facebook Coupon .

To set the payment method for the ads, connect to Facebook and log in to your account, then click on the arrow pointing down in the top right and select the item Create ads to access the Ads management section .

Now, press the gear wheel icon located at the top right to access the Settings , then press the Payment Settings item  in the left sidebar and press the Add payment method option . In the new window opened, make sure that  the Italy option is selected next to the item  Show payment methods for us , then put the check mark next to the payment method you prefer between  Credit or debit card , PayPal , current account and Facebook coupon .

If you have chosen to pay using your credit or debit card, enter the details in the Card number , Expiration  and  Security code fields and click on the Continue button to confirm, while if you have chosen one of the other available options, press the Continue button and follow the procedure shown on the screen to connect your PayPal account, your current account (by entering data such as IBAN , BIC , account holder , etc.) to Facebook or add the coupon code in your possession.

How to create a sponsorship on Facebook

On Facebook you can sponsor all kinds of content, such as posts, photos, videos and links, but you can also promote your business or event. The procedure takes a few minutes of time and allows you to create targeted sponsorships by selecting the audience to involve. How to do? I’ll explain it to you right away.

How to sponsor posts and photos on Facebook

To create a content sponsorship (posts, photos, videos and links) on Facebook, access your page by pressing the down arrow icon in the top right and selecting the name of the page visible in the list that appears, under the heading Your pages .

Now, locate the Write something field under the cover image of the page and choose what you want to sponsor. If your intention is to publish a text message , a photo , a video or a link , tap on Write something and insert your content, then press the button Highlight the post to start creating the sponsorship.

In the new window that opens, click on the Edit option for the People item you choose by targeting to choose the audience to target the sponsorship. Then set the Gender by choosing from the options All , Men , Women , the age range and the country of residence by setting one or more places . Additionally, you can set detailed targeting by entering some requirements, such as Demographics , Interests , Behaviorsand decide whether to exclude people who do not meet these requirements. Once you have completed the customization of the advertisement, click on the Save button .

Let’s take a practical example: if you have to sponsor the promotion of a men’s clothing line for boys aged 18 to 30, your advert must be set up for men  aged 18-30 who live in Tuscany and who are among their interests have Shopping and fashion .

If you intend to target your ad to multiple audiences, click the Create a new audience button and repeat as described above. This way you can create more than one audience to target, for example women of a certain age group and men of a different age.

Once you have created your audience, you need to set the amount to spend on your promotion. Scroll down and locate the Budget and duration item , then press the down arrow icon under the Overall budget option and select the maximum amount you intend to spend for the listing. In the drop-down menu shown, you can view the amount in euros and its estimated range in terms of coverage: then choose the amount you want or press the Choose the desired budget option to enter a new amount (minimum 1 euro , maximum 1,000 .000 euros ).

Now, set the duration by choosing one of the available options between 1 day , 7 days and 14 days or enter the end date of the advertisement you want in the field under the heading  Publish this advertisement until the following date . Then make sure that the payment method displayed is correct and press the Set budget button to proceed with the promotion of your post.

In the same way you can also sponsor content already published on the page: then identify the post, photo or video of your interest and click on the item Highlight the post , set Audience , Budget and Duration and press the button Highlight .

More experienced users can also create and manage their ads from the Ads Management and Power Editor sections , where it is possible to follow the progress of sponsorships, view their data and manage invoices.

How to sponsor a page on Facebook

On Facebook you can sponsor your company by creating targeted ads to promote your Facebook page, your business site or an application. The procedure is almost the same as described above for posts.

Then access your Facebook page and locate the Write something box , then click on the item Advertise your company and choose one of the available items.

  • Configure a continuous promotion : with a single promotion, it is possible to have up to a maximum of 6 advertisements, useful for having more clicks on your website, increasing the awareness of your business and having contacts with new customers. After entering the URL address of your website, it allows you to create advertisements with a different image, title, text, action button and URL address for each advertisement.
  • Make more people visit the website : it allows you to advertise your website in order to increase contacts, with the possibility of publishing the advertisement also on the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page.
  • Promote your page : allows you to create an ad aimed at increasing the likes of a Facebook page. The creation is the same as described above for posts.
  • Promote your app : ideal for anyone who wants to promote the application of their business. It allows you to insert the direct download of the app via Google Play and the App Store, insert images and demonstration videos and add an “action button” to allow the user who clicks it to download and install the app or learn more.

Alternatively, to create an advertisement, you can scroll down your page and press the Promote button in the sidebar on the left, then select one of the available items depending on the promotion you want to create.

How to sponsor an event on Facebook

If you are used to organizing events and are looking for a solution to have more visibility, you should know that on Facebook you can create and sponsor events of any kind. Then access your page and click on the option Create an event , then enter the event data in the Event Name , Place , Frequency , Description and Tickets fields .

After customizing the event, before pressing the Publish button , click on the item Highlight the event to create a sponsored event. Now, press the Edit option next to the People item that you choose by targeting to set the audience to which your event should be addressed. Then set Gender ( Everyone , Men , Woman ), Age , Places and set a detailed Targeting, then press the Save button to save the changes made.

Continue with the customization of the advertisement by indicating the overall Budget and the Duration of the sponsorship , then verify that the proposed payment method is correct and click on the Set budget button to sponsor your event.

If the event of your interest is already published and you want to sponsor it, connect to your Facebook page and select the Events item in the left sidebar. In the list of upcoming events, find the event you want to sponsor and click the Highlight event button . Alternatively, enter the event and press the Highlight event button at the top.

How to create a sponsorship from smartphones and tablets

Through the free Ads application , available for Android and iOS , you can also create and manage your ads via smartphone and tablet.

After downloading the app from the store of your device, start it and press the Continue button to log in with the same account used for the Facebook app, then select your Facebook page visible at the top and tap on the item Create an ad to start sponsoring your page, site or content.

You should know that you can create ads from mobile devices even without downloading the Ads application. As? Simply using the traditional Facebook application available for Android and iOS . After starting the app, press the ≡ button and tap on your Facebook page, then press the Promote item and choose one of the options available among Make more people visit the website , Promote your page , Highlight your post , Set up a continuous promotion and Get more customer leads .

Alternatively, you can sponsor an already published content by pressing the button Highlight the post and set Audience , Budget and Duration as described above for computer.