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How to split an MP3 file

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How to split an MP3 file: Do you need to split a recording of an MP3 lecture or lecture into two parts but don’t want to get involved in professional audio editing applications, which are too complex for what you need? Do you want to quickly create a ringtone for your mobile by cutting the chorus of your favorite song but you don’t know how to do it? Then you’ve come to the right place and at the right time.

With today’s guide, we will see in fact how to divide an MP3 file through some free tools that share an incredible ease of use. Some are completely online, so they work from any operating system without installing absolutely anything on the PC, while others are very practical software for Windows and Mac. Choose one or the other solution according to what are your preferences. I can assure you that the result will be flawless in both cases.

Then? What are you doing still standing there? Take about ten minutes of free time all to yourself, position yourself comfortably in front of your trusty computer and start concentrating on reading this article. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that, in case of need, you will be ready to dispense advice to all your friends eager to receive a similar tip. What do you say, we bet?

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Split an MP3 file online

As anticipated at the beginning, some tools are available on the net that allow you to divide an MP3 file directly from the browser window, without having to download and above all install anything on your computer. To find out more, keep reading, you will find all the details you need right below.

Audio Cut

If you are interested in understanding how to split an MP3 file online without installing programs, you can turn to the web service Audio Cut. As the name itself implies, it is an online service that flawlessly fulfills the purpose in question. It’s free and you don’t need to register for an account in order to be employed. The only thing to take into account is the fact that in order to work the service requires the presence of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer (if you need more details about it you can read my guide on how to download Flash Player) or in any case both the use of a browser that supports it (eg. Chrome).

You ask me how to use it? Very easy! To begin with, connect to the main page of Audio Cut and click on the button Open file to select the recording or music track to divide. If the MP3 you want to edit is not on your computer, you can upload it from Google Drive, Dropbox or, if available directly online, you can indicate its url, all by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Once the song is uploaded, move the two blue indicators placed under the graph to select the start and end points of the first part of the MP3 to be divided and click on the button first Cut it and then on Download to download it to your PC.

When the download is complete, select the tab Cut it from the menu located at the top to return to the graph of your MP3 and use the two blue indicators to delimit the second portion of the piece to be divided. To do this, all you have to do is click on the first indicator and, continuing to hold down, drag it to the point in the song from which you intend to start the audio file once edited. Then, click on the second indicator, the one on the right, and continuing to hold down, drag it to the point where you want the MP3 to stop playing. Then press on the button Play to preview the final result.

To finish, click the button first Cut it at the bottom right and then on the link Download to download also the second part of the recording or the edited song. It was easy, wasn’t it?

You can also apply a gradient effect to the beginning and end of each trimmed portion of MP3, bringing up ON the switches located next to the items Fade to open And Fade out. Also, if you use Google Chrome you can add a handy link to Audio Cut on the browser home page by connecting to the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the button ADD located at the top right.

Wincreator Cutter

How to cut music online

As an alternative to the aforementioned web service, I recommend you give it a try Wincreator Cutter. This is another online tool for editing audio files. It is very simple to use and aside from MP3 it also supports uploading of various other audio formats. Note that unlike Audio Cut it does not require Flash Player to work.

To use it, connected to the main page of Wincreator Cutter, press the button Choose File / Browse … and select the file on your PC on which you intend to go and intervene. If you prefer, you can also take advantage of drag and drop by dragging in the box that says Drop Audio file Here to Get Started the MP3 file to edit.

Then wait for the upload of the chosen file to be started and completed, then use the two blue indicators placed on the left and on the right to define the part to be cut. In the meantime, the playback of the song will start, which you can possibly pause, stop or deactivate using the appropriate buttons located at the top.

When you are satisfied with the final result, press the button I’m done, create! and then click Download under the heading Your mp3 is ready to download: which is at the bottom and the file will be immediately saved on your computer.

If you are interested in this, I also point out that you can add other MP3 files to edit and download all together on your computer. To do this, click on the button Add another Cutter present at the bottom and choose the other files on which you intend to go to act. By clicking the button instead Create multicut files you can generate a single audio file consisting of all the edited MP3s.

Other solutions

Screenshot showing how to cut music online

Are the above online solutions not pleasing you? Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet! Rather, take a look at my article on how to cut music online in which I have proceeded to indicate in great detail other Web services of this type. Enjoy the reading!

Split an MP3 file on a computer

Now let’s move on to what computer software is. As I told you, the final result is practically the same that you can obtain using the aforementioned online tools. However, if you prefer to always have a resource of this type at hand or if in any case you prefer more, so to speak, traditional tools, the software that you find below are undoubtedly the best solution for you. .


How to split an MP3 file

If for one reason or another you prefer to split an MP3 file using a standard application, I highly recommend you turn to Mp3DirectCutwhich is specific for Windows operating systems, is very light and is also very easy to use.

To download the software on your computer, connected to the Mp3DirectCut website, click on the link under the heading Download mp3DirectCut and then presses on the link Download mp3DirectCut Windows in the new web page that opens. If the link to is not working, press another link in the list to download the program from there.

When the download is complete, right-click on the file you just obtained (eg. mp3DCxxx.exe) and choose Run as administrator from the context menu that appears. In the window that opens on the desktop, click on Yup and then on Next twice in a row.

Now start Mp3DirectCut through its icon that has been added to the desktop then click on OKselect the item Italian from the drop-down menu Plese select alanguage: and then press on Use and restart to translate the software into Italian and restart it.

Then click on the icon of school bag present in the upper left part of the toolbar of the Mp3DirectCut window to open the MP3 file you want to modify and then press the button OK to view the graph. If you prefer, instead of manually selecting the audio file to be edited, you can also drag it directly into the program window.

Now, click on the button Play (the penultimate at the bottom right) to start playing the MP3, define the starting point of the part of the song you want to cut by clicking the button Set start (the third at the bottom left) then mark the final point by pressing the button Set end (you can always find it at the bottom left, next to the button clicked previously).

Finally, save your cut song by selecting the item Save selection … from the menu File. Then select the folder in which to save the cut MP3, type the name you want to assign to the file in the field File name: and press on Save.

MP3 Trimmer

If you are using a Mac instead, you can split an MP3 file by using MP3 Trimmer, a resource specifically designed for editing audio files of this type. The application is free and has no functional limitations but displays “timed” banners that invite you to purchase the full version of the program when importing songs or saving MP3s after cutting them. However, this shouldn’t be particularly hindering.

To download MP3 Trimmer on your computer, connected to its website of the program, click on the tab Download and then presses on the voice Click to download. When the download is complete, open the package in .dmg just got it and drag the program icon to the folder Applications macOS / OS X then launch the software.

If a warning appears on the screen indicating that it is impossible to start MP3 Trimmer as it comes from a non-certified developer, right-click on the application icon and choose the item You open from the menu that appears to start it and confirm that you want to start the program. When asked to register your copy of the application, click the button Launch application & Try it out and wait for the main screen of the program to be shown.

Then drag the MP3 file you want to edit into the MP3 Trimmer window, bring the timeline indicator to the beginning of the portion of the song to be kept and press the button Set located under the heading In-point. Then move the timeline marker to the end of the portion of the song you want to keep and click the button Set that you find in correspondence with the item Out-point.

After selecting the location of the song to cut, open the menu File of the software and click Save trim selection. Wait for the promotional banner to disappear and choose the folder in which to save the edited MP3.

Other solutions

Did the software for splitting an MP3 file that I suggested you have not been able to attract your attention in a particular way? Are you looking for more tools of this type? No problem. Check out my article dedicated to MP3 cutting programs and my tutorial on audio editing programs and you will see that you will not regret it. You will find software for Windows, Mac and also for Linux, both free and not. Read both posts now and you will see that you will not regret it.