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How to speed up android phone

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Is your trusty Android smartphone not as fast as it was at the time of purchase? Has opening this or that other app become a real ordeal? It happens, unfortunately, but luckily there is a remedy for everything. In fact, by going to put into practice some useful tricks and resorting to the use of special apps you can be able to speed up Android phone in a flash. If this interests you, keep reading and you will see that you will not regret it.

In the following lines I will in fact show you how to take advantage of the extreme flexibility of the Google home operating system by identifying and replacing the most “greedy” apps for resources installed on the device and making the Android interface more responsive and efficient thanks to use of third-party launchers (but not limited to). I will also explain how to remove from your phone all those apps that you found pre-installed on it but which you really don’t need at all.

How do you say? Not being very practical in terms of mobile phones and new technologies, do you think that speeding up Android phone may be too complicated for you? But no, you are wrong … and also very much! In fact, I can assure you that all the information you find below can be put into practice without problems even by the less tight-knit ones in this regard, you just need a few moments of patience as well as, of course, a minimum of attention and concentration. Come on then, roll up your sleeves and start getting busy right away!

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Delete unnecessary apps and files

Let’s start this guide on how to speed up Android phone from what may seem like a trivial advice but, for this reason, it can perhaps be underestimated:  uninstall unnecessary apps . By “superfluous” I mean all those apps that you don’t usually use and which, therefore, if constantly running, could unnecessarily occupy RAM, CPU and disk space and (guess what?) Could therefore inexorably slow down your smartphone .

To find out which are the most resource-hungry applications, download  System Monitor Lite . It is a free app that monitors the system in real time and allows you to easily find out which applications consume more RAM and / or keep the processor busy more.

To use it, press the hamburger icon  located at the top left, select the Top app item   from the bar that appears on the side and then press the  RAM  or CPU item   to sort the applications based on their RAM or processor consumption. If among the most “bulky” apps there are some that you do not need, select them from the list and remove them from your smartphone by first pressing the Uninstall button   and then  OK . However, please do not try to remove system applications (those that have the face of the green robot as an icon ) or you could seriously compromise the stability of Android.

Another application that could help you identify the applications that consume the most resources is  Watchdog , which, unlike System Monitor Lite, needs to constantly monitor the system to do its job.

After checking the status of Android for a few hours, the application is perfectly capable of detecting anomalous behavior on the part of applications (so if there is an abnormal consumption of RAM or CPU) and allows you to view a list of apps that consume more CPU. If you want advice, install Watchdog, use the app for a couple of days to see if something is wrong and then delete it from your smartphone to free up additional system resources.

Another trick that you could put into practice to try to speed up Android phone is to  delete unnecessary files  on your device. Let’s be clear, this is not an operation that automatically speeds up the operation of the system but it is still recommended to avoid problems installing new apps and using those already present on the device.

To succeed in the enterprise quickly and easily, you can appeal to one of the many apps to free up space available on the Play Store. If you want some advice, try  SD Maid  which is paid but is one of the best of its kind and is available in a free trial version that allows you to test its effectiveness. For more information on this, read my tutorial on how to free up Android space.

Use a lighter launcher

How to speed up Android

Are you using a smartphone equipped with a “customized” version of Android? In this case, you could replace your device’s launcher , i.e. the program that manages the Android home screen, with a lighter alternative. Below you will find the ones that in my opinion represent the best.

  • Nova Launcher  – It is one of the most popular alternative launchers of the moment. It is extremely smooth even on less powerful terminals and offers various interesting functions.
  • Smart Launcher  – This is a great alternative launcher. It is very light and automatically organizes the apps according to their category.
  • Apus Launcher  – Another fairly light launcher packed with cool features.
  • Action Launcher – Probably it has a few less functions when compared with Nova (at least in its basic version) but it has at least a couple of very original features that make it very interesting.

To change your launcher with one of the apps downloaded from the Play Store, go to the Android Settings   menu  , press the Home page  and put the check mark next to the name of the launcher you want to use.

Reduce the use of widgets and animations

How to speed up Android

The widgets are beautiful, they are comfortable and can also be very useful. Nevertheless, the other side of the coin must be taken into account: if their use is not dosed in an intelligent way, they literally “clog the system”. Using widgets is in fact a bit like having “mini-applications” always running, and this can have a decidedly negative impact on both the reactivity of the device and its autonomy.

So if you want to speed up Android phone you have to delete all widgets which are not vital in everyday life. If you don’t know how to delete a widget, keep your finger pressed on it for a few seconds and drag it to the Remove icon that appears at the top or select the appropriate attached to the menu that appears on the screen. That’s all!

Even the animations can go to affect (and not a little!) On your Android device by slowing it down. To cope with this, you can first adjust their speed. If you are using the default Android launcher you can do this by going to the Settings menu  , pressing Developer Options  and setting  the  Window animation scaleTransition animation scale  and  Animation duration scale to  0.5x . If you do not see the Developer options item   in the Android settings, activate it by going to the Settings menu  , by tapping on Info on the phone and pressing the word Numero buid seven consecutive times  .

If, on the other hand, you are using a custom launcher, you must follow the procedure that is most suitable for it. For example, for  Nova Launcher , you have to go to the settings of the latter by keeping your finger pressed in an “empty” point of the home screen and selecting the Settings item   that appears at the bottom, move to  Appearance , tap on Animation speed  and choose the option you prefer the most (eg  Faster than light ).

Another piece of advice I would like to give you is to disable animated wallpapers . Animated wallpapers are very beautiful to look at but they consume a lot of battery and can have negative effects on the performance of Android. To delete them, go to the Settings menu  , press the App  and replace them with static wallpapers through the Background section which you can access by pressing first on  Settings and then on Display .

Remove malware

Android Antivirus

Can you have slavishly followed all the above instructions you have not yet been able to speed up Android phone? In this case, the fault could be some malware that has “settled” in the system. To deal with this you can resort to the use of a  special antivirus for Android and run a good scan to eliminate any computer threats that can slow down the system.

There are several antivirus for Android, both paid and free. Personally, I recommend  Avast  which is completely free and once installed it automatically checks for the presence of malware on your smartphone. For more info on the operation of this and other apps in the category you can read my tutorial dedicated to antivirus for Android.

Format the smartphone

How to reset Android

When the situation seems really desperate, or when none of the aforementioned remedies can speed up Android phone, the only solution that can be used is to  format the device and restore Android.

If you do not know how to proceed to restore the system to the factory state, consult my guide on how to reset Android dedicated to the topic and in which I have provided you with all the information (as well as the applications) you need. to be able to carry out this operation without problems.

Install a custom ROM

How to speed up android phone

You can also speed up Android phone by installing a  custom ROM . Don’t you know what I’m talking about? No problem, I “enlighten” you immediately. These are modified versions of Android that generally turn out to be more optimized than the official ones and that include numerous extra features.

The ROMs, keep this in mind, must be studied ad hoc for the smartphone model in use and to install them you need to perform various operations: unlock the  bootloader (the software that starts the operating system when the smartphone is turned on), install a  Custom recovery  (a software external to the operating system that allows you to perform various operations) and install the  custom ROM .

The implementation of the procedure in question inexorably deletes all the data on the mobile phone and almost always leads to the forfeiture of the guarantee. So, unlike all the other indications above, installing a custom ROM is an operation that must be performed with the right preparation and with extreme caution. If you want to deepen the matter, you can consult my guide on how to root Android through which I have provided you with all the details of the case.

Delete the bloatware

How to speed up Android

Assuming that the term  bloatware  generally refers to all those software that are pre-installed on smartphones, tablets and computers and are considered useless – and sometimes even harmful to device performance – by most users, if you have the root of your mobile phone (I showed you my guide on the subject a few lines above) you can put into practice a healthy cleaning operation on the latter. By doing this you should therefore be able to speed up your Android phone even more.

To eliminate bloatware from a rooted Android terminal, just install the free Titanium Backup application   (which is also available in a more advanced paid version), start it and grant it root permissions by pressing the appropriate button that appears on the screen. Then, go to the Backup / Restore tab  , select the application to be deleted and then click  Uninstall  and  Yes .

In the face of a greater degree of security and in order to be able to make up for any second thoughts, before proceeding I suggest you make a backup of the apps to be deleted. This operation can also be performed with Titanium Backup.