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How to spawn the Enter Dragon

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How to spawn the Enter Dragon: After reaching the End dimension on Minecraft and defeating the dragon that defended it, you decided to continue your exploration in search of new adventures. By comparing yourself with your friends, however, you became aware of the fact that the End dragon can be summoned several other times, so that you can gain many precious experience points.

Intrigued by the news you received, you decided to search the Web how to spawn the Ender Dragon and launch yourself again in the epic clash with this boss. Fortunately for you, you came across this guide of mine, in which I will show you how to carry out this procedure both through a specific Minecraft mechanics and through the use of the command console.

All you have to do is sit comfortably and pay attention to the advice I will give you, so you can be sure of succeeding in your intent to summon the dragon that protects the End! How about starting immediately? Perfect! You will find all the information you need in the next chapters. All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to spawn the Under Dragon

How to summon the Enddragon

The Enderdrago is a creature that defends the gates of the End and you can find it only in this place. You don’t know what the End is? It is a dark dimension immersed in emptiness, characterized by a ring of islands, in the center of which there is a smaller one, defended by the Enderdrago. By defeating the latter, you activate a portal that allows you to reach the outer ring of islands, to continue your adventure.

You can understand that if you want to spawn the Enderdrago , you must first reach the End, to see it in front of you. You don’t have to do anything, because this enemy will already be there defending the gates of the End and ready to test your skills. You can reach this dark dimension only by crossing the End Portal , a “door” that connects the two worlds, which I told you about in my guide dedicated to the subject.

That said, after you have defeated the Enddrago, you can recall the latter and defeat him again: a useful operation to obtain a large amount of experience points. You can do this by following the procedures that I will show you in the next chapters.

Collect the materials

Create the End Crystal

Before explaining, in practice, how to summon the Enderdrago again after defeating it the first time, it is important that you know the materials you will need to achieve your goal. The items you need to own are 4 End Crystal units , so you’ll have to struggle a bit to get them back.

These crystals are obtained by placing 7 units of Glass , 1 unit of Eye of Ender and 1 unit of Tear of Ghast inside a workbench . The glass is a fairly simple resource to obtain, as it derives from the processing of sand in the furnace. I explained in detail how to get this resource in my guide on how to make glass on Minecraft .

As for the Eye of Ender , however, it is obtained by combining 1 unit of Pearl of Ender together with 1 unit of Powder of Blaze in a workbench. La Perla Ender site can be found by defeating the Enderman or inside the chests are located in underground fortresses.

The Blade Powder comes from Blaze Verga , a resource that you can recover after defeating the Blaze in the Nether . If you don’t know what Nether is, you can find all the information you need to access it in my guide dedicated to the topic.

Finally, the other material you will have to patiently search for is Ghast’s Tear . This resource is obtained after defeating the Ghast , creatures that float in the air within the Nether dimension . Given the nature of this place, you will need to make sure that the Tear of Ghast, which you will get after defeating this creature, does not fall into the lava, making it difficult to collect it.

Place the crystals

Place the crystals to summon the Enddragon on Minecraft

Now that you are in possession of all the materials and have made the End Crystals , it is time to proceed with the evocation of the Enderdrago . All you have to do is go back to the End, through the End Portal that you previously activated.

Once this is done, on the island where you had defeated the Enderdrago, in the center, you will find a small pillar with torches on the sides: this represents the portal to return to the main world of Minecraft, but it can also be used for the summoning of the dragon.

The base of this portal is made up of four sides made up of 3 units of Rock bottom . You must therefore place 1 End Crystal unit in the center of each of the four sides in order to activate the summoning of the dragon. You can see that the procedure was successful by the light rays reaching the sky and by the lateral obelisks that reactivate, to give life to the Enderdrago .

Command to spawn the Under Dragon

Enderdrago summoned by command

In addition to the method I indicated in the previous chapter , you can also use commands to be typed in the appropriate console, which will allow you to evoke the Enddrago. What you need to do is, first of all, enable the tricks in the world of Minecraft, an essential procedure so that you can type the command strings.

To do this, if your intention is to create a new world, in the main menu press on the items Single player> Create a new world and go to More world options . Make sure, therefore, that the Commands item is set to Yes and press the Done and Create a new world buttons , to start a new game session with command support.

If, on the other hand, you want to enable cheats in an already created world, open the game menu and click the Open in LAN button . Among the items that are shown to you, make sure that the one called Commands is set to Yes . After that, press the Start the world on LAN button , to enable the tricks.

After enabling the command console in Minecraft, it’s time to summon the Enderdrago: to do this, simply press the key that opens the chat panel ( T ) and type the string / summon minecraft: ender_dragon , followed by pressing the Enter key . In doing so, the Enddrago will appear and start flying near your avatar’s position.

Command to summon the Enddragon

In addition to this command, you can also set additional parameters, such as the XYZ coordinates where you want the dragon to appear. To the command I have indicated, you must add the numerical values ​​of the coordinates (instead of the letters X , Y and Z ): / summon minecraft: ender_dragon XYZ .

In addition, you can also add tags after typing in the coordinates, to customize the evocation. For example, using the {DragonPhase: 9} tag will summon the Enddragon in the last phase, just as if you had already defeated him, while {NoAI: 1} will create a copy of the inanimate and completely defenseless dragon.