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How to skew an image with Photoshop

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How to skew an image with Photoshop: Have you noticed that some of the photos you took during the last weekend have a bad perspective and you would like to correct them? Other shots are a bit crooked and you would like to know how to straighten them without too much effort? Don’t worry: if you have installed on your PC Photoshop, the famous photo editing software from Adobe, you can succeed in both of these purposes in a very simple way. How? I’ll explain it to you right away!

If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to skew an image with Photoshop by taking advantage of the tilt and rotate functions included in the world’s most popular photo editing program. And it does not end there, because I will not only tell you about the classic desktop version of Photoshop (the one for Windows and macOS), but also about an online variant, to be used directly in the browser, and about some apps for smartphones and tablets.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? So take heart: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. I assure you that the results obtained will fully satisfy you. Having said that, I wish you a good read and, above all, a lot of fun!

How to skew an image with Photoshop on a computer

If you want to learn a skew an image with Photoshop in order to correct the perspective, all you have to do is start the program, import the photo to be tilted into it and use a special tool, which I will tell you about in a few moments.

To proceed, go to the menu File Photoshop (top left), select the item You open… from the latter and choose the image on which you intend to act. After that go to the menu Selection and click on the entry All, in order to select the entire surface of the photo. Alternatively, you can achieve the same result by pressing the key combination Ctrl + A (if you use a Windows PC) or by pressing the keys simultaneously cmd + a (if you use a Mac).

Select photos in Photoshop

At this point, open the menu Edit Photoshop (top) and select the items Transform> Skew from the latter, in order to activate the tilt tool. Then use the mouse on the corners of the photo to change the angle and, when you are satisfied with the result, press the button Enter on your computer keyboard, to apply the changes.

Alternatively, if you are interested in correcting the perspective of a photo, you can use another tool suitable for the purpose. Then open the menu Editselect the item Perspective alteration from the latter and follow the instructions that appear on the screen by drawing quadrilaterals along the planes of the object in the image. In doing this, try to keep the sides parallel to the object lines.

At this point, you are ready to adjust the perspective of the image: to do this, move the quadrilaterals you drew on it. Then click on the tab Alter placed at the top left and straighten the subject, so as to obtain the correct perspective. Remember, at the end, to save the changes made to the image by clicking on the button (✓) placed at the top.

Perspective Alter Photoshop

Whether you’ve used the function Tilt or Perspective alteration in Photoshop it is likely that gaps have been created in the image due to the manipulation done on it. To remove the “gaps” in question, select the image you are interested in, being careful not to include the “gaps” in the selection, use the tool Cut out and click the button (✓)top right, to save the changes.

Cropping photos in Photoshop

If you are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is save the modified image: if you overwrite the original file, go to the menu File (top left) and select the item Save from the latter. If, on the other hand, you prefer to create a new file and keep both versions of the image, always go to the menu File and click on the entry Save with name. Easier done than said, right?

How to skew an image with Photoshop online

Skew photos in Photoshop online

You would like to know how to skew an image with Photoshop online? If you have an active Creative Cloud subscription you can do it in a similar way to what was seen for the desktop version of Photoshop using Photoshop on the web (which I told you about here), otherwise you can resort to some free third-party web application.

Among the solutions in question, I would like to advise you Photopea, which works with all major web browsers, without having to install additional plugins. Before describing how it works, let me remind you that what I am about to tell you about is a free service that is supported by advertising banners: if you want, however, you can remove these banners and support the development of the service by signing up for a subscription starting from 5 dollars / month.

That said, let’s take action. To skew a photo with Photopea, you must first connect to his main pageclick on (x) which appears at the top right (to close the service welcome message) and translate the interface into Italian, by selecting the item Italian from the menu More> Languagelocated at the top right.

Now you have to import the photo you want to retouch by selecting the item You open… from the menu File (top left). Once this is done, open the menu Editselect the items Transform> Perspective from the latter and uses i squares that are located at the edges of the image to change its inclination and correct its perspective.

To save the changes made, press the button (✓) located at the top. When you have finished all the changes, save the output image. Then open the menu Fileselect the item Export as from the latter and, after choosing the format in which to export the final file, click on the button Save.

How to skew an image with Photoshop on smartphones and tablets

Skew photos in Photoshop from mobile

If you don’t have your computer at hand at the moment and you want to skew an image with Photoshop on smartphones and tablets, you can use apps suitable for the purpose. One of them is Photoshop Expresswhich is officially produced by Adobe and is free to download and use.

While not as powerful as its desktop counterpart, Photoshop Express is perfect for retouching your shots on the fly, especially for non-professional jobs.

So, after installing and launching Photoshop Express on your device Android or iOSpresses on the voice Register for free and fill out the form displayed on the screen to register. Alternatively, sign in with yours Adobe IDif you already have one, or log in with your Google or Facebookby pressing the relative buttons. To skip this step and not log in, tap the button Maybe later.

On the Photoshop Express main screen, select the tab Editlocated at the top left, and choose the photo on which you intend to act, pressing on his preview. Then tap the button Cut outat the bottom, select the tab Transform and then presses the button Inclin. vertical or on the button Inclin. horizontal (depending on the result you want to achieve).

Next, select the option Car located next to the adjustment bar that appears on the screen and wait for the image to be reprocessed with the correct perspective. Of course, if you wish, you can “manually” give the perspective tilt by moving the blue slider on the adjustment bar to the right or left.

As soon as you are satisfied with the work done, press the button Shareat the top right, and select the save / share option you prefer among those available.

How to rotate an image with Photoshop

Rotate an image with Photoshop

You do not want skew an image with Photoshop to regulate its perspective, but to straighten it? Well, doing this is even easier: to get it from computerafter starting Photoshop and importing the image on which to act, you must select the surface of the photo (as seen above), go to the menu Edit Photoshop and select items Transform> Rotate from the latter.

Next, you have to use the mouse on the corners of the image and rotate it while holding the right button until you get the desired level of tilt. Once this is done, press the button Enter on your computer keyboard and any changes you made to the photo will be applied.

If, on the other hand, you wish to act as smartphone or tabletafter starting Photoshop Express on your device Android or iOS and having imported the image of your interest in the app (as I explained to you in the previous lines), you can rotate the latter by tapping the button Cut out (at the bottom of the screen), by pressing on the card Wheel and pressing the button Wheel. Easier than that?