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How to sign up for Facebook from your mobile

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How to sign up for Facebook from your mobile: Given the strong insistence from your friends, you have finally decided to sign up for Facebook but, if you are reading these lines, it is because you are a little doubtful about the success of this operation. Your concerns are due to the fact that, at the moment, you are not on your computer, and therefore you do not know if it is possible to sign up for Facebook directly from your smartphone.

Don’t worry: the answer to your question is yes. You can also register on Facebook via your smartphone, and know that it is a very simple procedure to complete. I am sure you will succeed even if you are new to the world of technology. Still not convinced? In that case you should definitely keep reading this tutorial of mine, as I’m about to tell you about as sign up for Facebook from your mobile. I will explain how to do this by acting both through the official Facebook application for Android and iOS, but also from a browser, through the official website of the platform.

Having said that, if you are impatient to learn more, take a few minutes of free time and follow the instructions I am about to give you, to succeed, in no time at all, in the proposed intent. The profile you are going to create can be used to access Facebook from smartphones, tablets but also on computers. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! Have a good reading!

Download Facebook on Android

If you mean sign up for Facebook from your mobile and you have a smartphone Android, the first step is to download the application of this social network through the Play Store, Android’s default virtual store.

To do this, click on the icon Play Store which is located on the home screen of your device (it is the icon with the symbol of a colorful triangle), then in the internal search engine located at the top, type Facebook and press the key with the symbol magnifying glass, to locate the application in question.

Once you see its preview tab inside the Play Store (presents a blue icon with a white “F” inside), tap the button Install, wait for the download and automatic installation to finish, and then start the app by pressing the button You open you see on the screen.

If you have an older Android smartphone, you can consider downloading the application Facebook Lite, the official application of the famous social network designed to take up less space in the device’s internal memory and also to consume less packet data and less memory.

To download the application Facebook Lite, once located inside of the Play Store through the search engine, you can perform the exact same operation; then presses the button Install and, at the end of the download, tap on the item You open.

Download Facebook on iOS

Do you have an iPhone and are wondering how to sign up for Facebook? The application of is also available for iOS devices Facebook (but at the moment there is no app Facebook Lite); once downloaded via theApp Store, as I’m about to show you, you can use it to register on the famous Mark Zuckerberg social network.

To download the Facebook on iOS, start theApp Store, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen of your smartphone (it is the symbol of a stylized white “A” on light blue background). Then, press the button Near located at the bottom of the menu bar (it is the symbol of a magnifying glass). Then tap on the search engine you see above and type the term Facebook, then press the button Near located on the keyboard of your device.

Have you found the social network application and want to download it? Fantastic! Press the button Get and then tap on the one named Install. If prompted, confirm the automatic download and installation of the app in question, confirming your identity via the Touch ID, the Face ID or the password of your iCloud account.

At the end of the download operation, start the app by pressing the button You open, so that you can use it for the registration procedure I am talking about in next chapter.

Sign up for Facebook via the app

By downloading the application of Facebook on Android and iOS it is possible to perform an easy registration procedure, which is practically identical on both operating systems.

Then start the app downloaded on your device and, first of all, tap the button Create a new Facebook account (is called Join Facebook on iOS). Continue by pressing the button Forward (Android) or Start (iOS), then fill in the text fields First name And Surname you see on the screen, in order to indicate the information relating to the profile you are going to create.

To continue, tap the button Forward (Android) or Keep it going (iOS), provide information about yours date of birth and press again on the button you need to continue.

Select yours now sex, tapping on the item Man or Woman, and continue entering yours cellphone number. If you do not want to register via mobile number, tap on the item Sign up with your email address (Android) or Use your email address (iOS), so you can type it in the appropriate text field and continue with the next step which is dedicated to inserting a password. In this text field you must enter a combination of at least 6 characters that includes letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

Once this last step is finished, tap the button subscribe you see on the screen; wait for your account to be created, optionally activate the receipt of notifications and possibly also consent to requests relating to the quick saving of the password, so that you can access your account Facebook faster for subsequent times.

As soon as you are prompted, also accept the conditions and the privacy legislation as well as that on cookies, by pressing the button I accept, in order to finish the initial configuration and to be able to start customizing the profile you just created and adding friends.

Sign up for Facebook via browser

If you want to subscribe to Facebook via your Android or iOS smartphone but you do not have the possibility to download the official application of the social network, do not worry, as it is possible to create an account also by acting on its official website.

In this specific case, all you need is a browser for browsing the Internet, like for example Google Chrome (Android/iOS). To carry out the registration procedure that I am about to show you, start the browser app you use and connect to the site

The operations you need to perform to sign up for Facebook from your mobile phone via the official website are exactly the same both as an Android and iOS smartphone. In fact, once the Facebook home page is displayed, you must first tap the button Create new account that you see on the screen.

Once that’s done, start typing yours first name and yours surname, in order to fill in the basic information necessary to create your profile, then click on the button Forward. Please indicate yours date of birth through the appropriate drop-down menu and then tap again on Forward, once confirmed, using the button OK that is shown to you.

At this point, to complete the process of creating an account, enter yours telephone number using the appropriate text field. However, if you do not want to indicate it, you can press on the wording Sign up with your email address in order to provide Facebook with this information and continue with the creation of an account, by tapping the button Forward.

We’re almost there: point to yours sex, by tapping on the items Man or Woman, and press on Forward to continue. Now, as a last resort, choose one password for your account from at least six characters, by typing it in the text field that is shown to you.

At the end of the procedure, click on the button subscribe (in order to accept the terms and conditions of the service, the legislation on data and also that on cookies). At this point, you have successfully completed the procedure for creating an account for the Facebook social network.

Once the registration procedure has been completed, you just have to start getting familiar with the social network. For example, you can first fill in your profile information, post a picture for it and add friends.

Speaking of which, if as I imagine, this is the first time in your life that you log into Facebook, and you want to learn more about the functioning of the social network, you can read my tutorial in which I talk to you in more detail about how to use it and what are all its main features.

Alternatively, if you have a doubt about a specific feature or if you have an operation in mind, but you do not know how to perform it, you can refer to this link which shows you the history of all the guides I have created on the subject Facebook.