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How to share the Internet from Android

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Suddenly, you no longer have the Internet connection in the house: you are trying in every way to reset it, restarting the router, but there is nothing to do. Unfortunately, until your provider solves the problem, you can no longer connect, except through the data network of your smartphone Android. You are therefore wondering if, in the meantime, you can continue to browse the Internet using the mobile network also on your PC and other devices.

Well, there is nothing simpler! You can share the data connection of your Android smartphone (or tablet) to any other device in a few simple taps. Obviously, you must have a SIM with a fairly substantial data plan, otherwise you risk running into unwanted extra costs. How do you say? You have a data plan with a lot of Giga but you have no idea how to share internet from android? Don’t worry, I’m here to provide you with all the answers you are looking for!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to perform this simple operation (technically called tethering and that occurs through the creation of a hotspot, i.e. a network access point for other devices) using all the functions offered by Android terminals. All you have to do is get comfortable and pay attention to the procedures that I will indicate to you. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good reading and a good tethering navigation!

Preliminary information

Before I tell you about how to share internet from android, it is important that you are aware of the operation you are carrying out. First of all, you must know that with a similar procedure you will put another device, such as a PC, a tablet or even another smartphone, in the condition of being able to use the data connection of your Android device.

This means that your SIM data plan will be used to share internet access with the other device. Therefore, you will certainly see a decrease in the data traffic of your tariff plan, especially if you download large files, watch videos or listen to streaming music with the other device.

Also, be aware that some carrier or some specific tariff plans may have internet sharing (defined, as mentioned before, tethering or hotspot) limited, with extra costs that could erode the remaining credit of your SIM or cause unexpected charges on your current account.

In this regard, I can recommend the use of the tool ClockworkMod Tether, which allows you to bypass this kind of restrictions. To use this tool you will need Android drivers, without which you will not be able to run the tool on your computer (Windows or Mac). I told you in detail about ClockworkMod Tether in this guide of mine dedicated to the subject.

I warn you that Android drivers may be useful to you on both Windows and macOS, in case the operating system cannot recognize the Android device connected to the PC. You can still find all the information you need to download these drivers in my guide on how to connect Android to PC.

Finally, I also warn you that the procedures you will find in the next chapters may be different on your Android smartphone or tablet, as each brand customizes the interface of this operating system so that it best reflects the needs of the manufacturer. However, you can take the directions that I will provide you as guidelines to identify the correct path also on your device.

Share Internet from Android via Wi-Fi Hotspot

The first method that you can put into practice, simple and that does not require laborious procedures to be able share internet from android, is what requires the use of the functionality Wi-Fi hotspot. This solution turns out to be the best to put into practice, because all you have to do is connect from your device to the Wi-Fi network that will be generated by the Android device, to immediately use its data connection.

First of all, therefore, from your Android smartphone or tablet on which the 4G / 3G connection is present, start the app Settings and select the items Wireless & networks> Tethering / portable hotspot> Portable Wi-Fi hotspot from the menu that is proposed to you. At this point, move up ON the lever next to the name of the hotspot network.

Through this same screen, you can also configure the hotspot to change itsSSID (i.e. the name of the network), the password access and also limit the data, so that the connection is automatically interrupted when the set limit is reached.

The method I indicated to you in the previous paragraphs is valid regardless of the device the connection is intended for: it can be useful, for example, if you want to share internet from android to iphone. Just to keep this example, to take advantage of the Android hotspot on the iPhone, just activate the Wi-Fi network on the “iPhone by” and connect to the hotspot created by Android. More details are available in my guide dedicated to the topic. If, on the other hand, you are interested in knowing how to connect your PC to Wi-Fi, consult this other guide.

Share the Internet from Android via USB

Share the Internet from Android via USB

If you want share internet from android to pc using your Android smartphone or tablet, know that this operation is also possible using the USB connection, as well as the Wi-Fi hotspot I told you about in the previous chapter.

The direct connection via USB can be useful if your PC is not equipped with a network card with support for wireless Wi-Fi or has malfunctions such as to force you to use a cable connection. In this case, all you have to do is act from the Android settings panel.

First, however, you must make sure that your Android smartphone or tablet is correctly recognized by your computer, simply by connecting it to it via USB cable. If you should see error messages indicating that the device has not been recognized, you will need to install the drivers, which I told you about in introductory chapter of this guide of mine.

At this point, if your Android device is recognized correctly, launch the app Settings of Android and reach the path Wireless and networks> Tethering / portable hotspot. At this point, all you have to do is move up ON the lever that you see next to the wording USB sharing And that’s it.

Automatically, the PC will recognize the new network, as if it were in a LAN, so that you can instantly connect to the Internet. A message may appear if you want to share the device on the network, as in the case of the Windows operating system. In this case, simply press on No, as the network is provisional.

Share the Internet from Android via Bluetooth

Share the Internet from Android via Bluetooth

Another method you can practice for share internet from android is to use the connection Bluetooth. Certainly it is not a method within the reach of all devices, as often PCs, especially desktop ones, are not nativanetne equipped with this technology.

In any case, to enable Internet sharing via Bluetooth, launch the app Settings of Android and reach the path Wireless and networks> Tethering / portable hotspot. At this point, move up ON the lever that you find next to the wording Bluetooth sharing And that’s it.

Now, all you have to do is enable Bluetooth on the device on which you want to surf the Internet and pair it with your Android smartphone or tablet: if you don’t know how, I suggest you read in detail what I indicated in my guide on how to connect. Bluetooth.