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How to set up your diary on Facebook

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How to set up your diary on Facebook: After having heard so much about it on the Net, you too have decided to adopt the new Timeline-style profile on Facebook but before taking the “big step” you want some advice on how to set up diary on Facebook. It seems right.

With the new Facebook diary, taking care of the appearance and order of your pages has become even more important than before. So here I am ready to suggest you some basic rules and some online tools that can simplify your task. You will see, after an initial period of “loss” you will have a lot of fun with this new profile setup.

If your profile has not yet been updated to the diary style, please see first how to set up diary on Facebook you must activate the Timeline on your account by connecting to this page of the social network and clicking on the green button first Get the diary and then on Publish now.

In case of problems, do not hesitate to consult my guide on how to put the diary on Facebook in which you will find all the detailed instructions to activate the Facebook Timeline and some possible solutions to cases where you are unable to enable the new view on a profile.

Once the new profile style is activated, you need to start customizing your page to make it more beautiful and tidy in the eyes of visitors. In this case, the first thing to do is to choose a beautiful image of cover (the large photo that now opens the profile pages), perhaps using a free online service that allows you to choose from hundreds of pre-packaged images and create new covers using the photos uploaded to your Facebook profile.

For set up your diary on Facebook with an effect cover, then connected to the CoverCanvas website and first click on Get Started and then on Log in with Facebook And Allow to access the cover selection / creation page. At this point, you have to choose whether to create new dynamic covers using your photos or your name, by selecting one of the options available in the left column under the heading Custom Covers, or choose from pre-packaged covers that can be selected by topic under the heading Static covers.

In both cases, you will see the previews of the covers available at the top of the page appear. By clicking on it, you will be able to preview your profile in real time with the new cover image. When you are satisfied with the result, click on the yellow button Make my cover and the selected image will be added to your Facebook photos.

To apply it as your cover image, you need to connect to your profile (you should be automatically redirected to it), hover your mouse over the current cover and first click on Change cover and then on Choose from photos to select the created or selected image with CoverCanvas.

After changing the cover image, don’t forget to organize the posts and information published in your diary well by taking advantage of the new Facebook functions that allow you to highlight the important events and of expand the most significant posts on two columns.

Find all the instructions and advice you need to make the most of the Facebook diary functions in my guide on how to make a diary on Facebook. You will see, once you have learned the basic mechanics, you will have an ultra-professional looking page!