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How to set up Samsung keyboard

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You have recently bought a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you are very happy and satisfied with the choice made but the keyboard offered by the device does not excite you at all and you would like to replace it with something more comfortable and better suited to your needs. ? Well, I don’t see the problem! Connect to the Android Play Store, download one of the many keyboards available and set it up immediately.

How do you say? You had already guessed how to do it but if you are here now and you are reading these lines, is it because you don’t have the slightest idea how to do it practically? It was enough to say it immediately! If you want, I can in fact provide you with all the explanations you need to set up a Samsung keyboard . Do you want? Yup? Great! So I would suggest not wasting any more time and getting straight to the heart of the matter. Take a few minutes all for yourself, grab your mobile device, make yourself comfortable and concentrate on reading this article entirely dedicated to the subject in question.

Before you can get scared and think about who knows what, however, I would like to remind you that, contrary to appearances, the operations to be carried out are extremely simple and within everyone’s reach. There is absolutely no need to be a computer wizard or a perfect connoisseur of the “green robot” mobile operating system to do this. A minimum of effort and attention are enough and it is done, it has my word. Having said that… happy reading!

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Best keyboards for Samsung devices

To begin with, let’s try to figure out how to find keyboards to set as an alternative to the default one on your Samsung device, smartphone or tablet. To get them, you can rely on the Play Store , the official store of applications for the Google home operating system.

In fact, you just need to connect to the latter by pressing on its icon (the one with the multicolor “Play” symbol) attached to the device screen where all the applications are grouped and search for a generic term such as “keyboard” or “keyboard”  to find hundreds of alternative keyboards, both free and paid.

Before opting for this or that other keyboard, however, I advise you to pay close attention to the choice you are going to make. A keyboard developed by malicious people could in fact spy on your activities and keep track of all the texts you type on your device, including passwords. Taking this into account, before installing any additional keyboard on your device I therefore suggest that you check that the developer is reliable as well as check that in the comments left by other users no suspicious behavior is reported (e.g. the installation of unnecessary additional software or the appearance of unexpected advertising banners).

  • Google keyboard  – As you can easily guess from the name itself, it is the “stock” Android keyboard. It is very reliable and very comfortable to use. It doesn’t include very advanced features, that must be said, but it works great and also supports gesture typing. It is free to download.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard  – It is one of the most downloaded and appreciated keyboards for Android devices (but not only). Its strength lies in the ability to enter texts without having to take your fingers off the display, using a system that intelligently recognizes words while the user swipes his finger over the letters. It also provides suggestions that are almost always “spot on” for the automatic completion of texts and also integrates with various external services to better understand how the user writes. It is free to download.

  • Fleksy keyboard + Emoji  – Another noteworthy keyboard for the Android universe through which you can type your own texts without having to take your fingers off the screen, a bit like the aforementioned SwiftKey in short. It allows you to delete the words entered, move around in the text and perform other operations with simple gestures and has a minimal but very accurate appearance. It is free to download.
  • Kii Keyboard 2 – Valid keyboard to be used on Android devices that offers a good mix of gestures, customization and text prediction. Note that the dictionary in Italian must be found separately from Google Play. It loads for free.
  • Minuum Keyboard  – The peculiarity of this keyboard is that, unlike the others, it can be set to have all the letters on the same line. It is free to download and can be tried at no cost for a month after which you have to pay to continue using it.
  • FREE ai.type keyboard + Emoji  – Another milestone for must Android that makes maximum customization its flagship. In fact, it offers various themes to choose from and is resizable at will. It also integrates a function through which you can easily find the elements of your interest. It also offers a good gesture system, automatic text completion and also emoji support. It loads for free.

How to set up Samsung keyboard

  • Go Keyboard – Another excellent keyboard with a refined and original design that offers a high degree of customization and many add-ons to choose from. It also integrates accessory features and complementary services. In short, why not try it now? Free (but possibly also available in paid variants with extra functions).
  • SlideIT Keyboard – Excellent virtual keyboard for Android devices that integrates some themes to choose from and that focuses on the three-dimensionality of the keys. Similarly to the already mentioned SiwftKey, it allows you to type texts without ever having to take your fingers off the screen. Free.

Have you found a keyboard on an app store other than the Google Play Store and would like to set it up on your Samsung device? Well, if you want to feel comfortable with regards to security, if I were you I would carefully avoid the installation of keyboards that come from external sources (those that must be installed “manually”, using apk packages). Then, of course, the last word is up to you but… don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Set default Samsung keyboard

Have you found an alternative keyboard from the Play Store and now you would like to understand how to set it up? Well, by following the instructions below you can do it in a flash and you can therefore go and replace the “standard” one of your Samsung device with the one you downloaded or, why not, with another that was already installed on your smartphone or on the tablet.

To carry out the operation in question, the first fundamental step you must take is therefore to grab your device, access the screen of the same in which the hyenas of all applications are grouped and press on Settings (the icon with the gear).

Then select the Language and input or Language and input item that you find in the new screen displayed, in the Controls section or in the Advanced settings section (which depending on the model of Samsung smartphone or tablet you own may need to first select the relevant tab ).

At this point, step on the Default item that you find in the Keyboards and input methods section , then press on Set input mode and add a check mark next to the name of the keyboard that you want to set as pre-defined from the list that you see appear on the screen. If you see warnings appear indicating that the chosen keyboard can collect the text entered by users, click OK  to close them.

How to set up Samsung keyboard

You will therefore be brought back to the previous screen (if this does not happen automatically, step on the button to go back on the device) where you will have to press the Default item again and select the other keyboard from the menu that appears. Done!

Now there is nothing left to do but open any other app through which you can type your texts and try the new keyboard selected which in doing so will be shown to you automatically. It was easy, wasn’t it?

If necessary, you can then act on the selected keyboard settings for your Samsung device by going back in the section Language and input the settings as seen above, and pressing on the name of the keyboard (eg. SwiftKey keyboard ) below the words Keyboards and methods insertion . Then adjust the various settings available, such as the language of the dictionary, the spelling checker, etc.

How to set up Samsung keyboard

These and other settings can also be changed by accessing the keyboard app that you downloaded and installed on your device and that you find on the screen where there are the icons of all the other applications.

However, keep in mind that, my indications aside, as regards the alternative keyboards for Android that are downloaded, almost all of them at the first start offer the user a practical wizard that allows you to set them as default on the device as well as download the dictionary. for the Italian language (if necessary) and connect the app to social services.

Note:  The menus and settings may differ slightly from the indications I have just given you based on the exact model of Samsung device in use as well as the version of Android installed on it.

Change the Samsung keyboard settings

Do you like the default keyboard of your Samsung smartphone or tablet but would like to adjust its settings, for example, by changing the language used, enabling or disabling the sound of the keys or other? If you want I can explain this too, it’s very easy.

To succeed in your intent, the first fundamental step you must perform is to access the device screen where the icons of all applications are located, then you have to press the Settings icon (the one with the gear), tap on the item Language and input  in the Controls section or in the Advanced settings section (which depending on the model of Samsung smartphone or tablet you own may need to first select the relevant tab) and select Samsung keyboard .

In the screen that will later be shown you will find all the settings that can be changed for the selected keyboard. For example, by pressing the “+” button next to the item Select input languages, you can select additional languages ​​to be used when using the keyboard (by default only Italian is selected), while intervening on the various items present in correspondence with the Smart insertion section, you can activate or not the text prediction and automatic replacement, automatic capitalization, line spacing, punctuation, etc. In the Touch Key Feedback section you can then enable or disable the sounds, vibration and enlargement of the characters touched on the keyboard before their insertion.

How to set up Samsung keyboard

Have you changed too many parameters, have you changed your mind and want to restore all keyboard default settings but you can’t remember what they were? Then presses on the Reset settings item that you always find attached to the Samsung keyboard settings, confirm your choice by pressing OK in response to the warning you see appear on the screen and it’s done.

How to set up Samsung keyboard

Note:  Even then, please note that the menus and settings may differ slightly from the directions I just gave you based on the exact model of Samsung smartphone or tablet you are using as well as the version of Android that has been installed on your device .