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How to set up mIRC

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How to set up mIRC: Have you ever heard of mIRC? It is a very famous program to connect to IRC network (Internet Relay Chat) available exclusively for Windows systems. The IRC network, in case you’ve never heard of it, is one of the first messaging protocols to be developed on the Internet. It dates back to 1988 and its uses have changed over time.

The IRC network, by its nature, allows you to chat directly between two people and to access virtual rooms, called channels, where multiple users can communicate with each other. Now, however, more than for chats, it is used to download videos, music and programs from the Internet at high speed, without having to face long queues. The download can be from real users or, as happens in most cases, from botthat is, by automatic users configured in such a way as to send files to users when they send specific text commands.

mIRC, as mentioned above, is a very popular program, but it has a spartan interface which, combined with the text commands required by the IRC network to send or receive files, makes the use and configuration of the software not very easy for those who do not he is very used to the world of computers: that’s why, today, I thought I’d do an article on how to set mIRC, suggesting some basic settings that will allow you to become familiar with the IRC universe and some tricks that will allow you to download files with absolute simplicity. What do you say? Let’s get started right away? Perfect, then read what I have to explain and try to put my “tips” into practice. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good download!

MIRC download

If you want to learn how to set mIRCyou must first download the program and install it on your PC.

mIRC, as already mentioned, is only available for Windows systems, and is subject to a fee. To be specific, you can download and use it for free 30 days. Then it requests thepurchase of a license costing $ 20. If you do not purchase the license, the software continues to work, but promotional windows are displayed (nag screen) that invite the user to purchase its full version.

If everything is clear, let’s take action and see how to download mIRC: the first step you need to take is to connect to the mIRC website and click on the button Download mIRCin order to start downloading the program on your PC.

When the download is complete open, by double clicking on it, the file you have just downloaded (eg. mirc752.exe) and, in the window that appears on the screen, click in sequence on the buttons Yup, Next four consecutive times, Install And Finishin order to finish the mIRC installation process.

Mission accomplished! You have just installed mIRC and are now ready to use the program to take your first steps on the IRC network.

Connection to the IRC network

Nickname mIRC

Now, start mIRC via its shortcut on the desktop and click on the button Continue twice in a row to avoid registering the program (as mentioned, it is a 30-day trial version).

At this point, you should be in front of the first screen for set mIRC, the one related to the nickname you want to use to access the channels on mIRC. At this juncture there is no need for registration, so type the nickname you prefer in the field Nicknamean alternate nickname (useful when the former is not accepted for some reason by an IRC channel) in the field Alternativesand click on the button Connect to make your first connection to the IRC network.

The other fields (those relating to name and email address) can be left blank. If a Windows firewall warning appears, click on the button Allow Access to authorize the program to access the Internet (and therefore to download files from the large network).

Set up servers in mIRC

How to set up mIRC server

Once connected to the IRC network, you could start chatting and exchanging files from the Internet right away, but there are still many settings to discover. First, you are now on a server of the IRC network among the predefined ones set in mIRC.

The servers are those that contain the channels, that is the “rooms” in which you have to enter to chat, exchange files with other users and download files from bot (as explained above): it is therefore necessary to configure the “right” ones to find the contents of your interest.

Now, therefore, close the channel list that opened automatically when you logged in to the IRC network and click on the icon Options (the hammer) located at the top left of the mIRC toolbar. In the window that opens, select the item Serversfrom the left sidebar and click on the button Add.

Then type the address of the Italian mIRC server you want to connect to (eg. in the field IRC Serverthe server name in the field Description and click on the button Add to complete the operation.

At this point, scroll down the list of mIRC servers to the bottom and double-click on the newly added server and then on the button Connect to connect to the Italian server. The server will remain memorized and will be accessible each time mIRC is started by simply clicking on the button Connect or the icon of lightning top left.

If you want a list of the best Italian IRC servers and channels for downloading files from the Internet, feel free to consult the guide on the subject that I published some time ago.

Set mIRC to download files

As mentioned earlier, the IRC network has become a formidable means of downloading files from the Net. So what do you say, if we take a moment how to set mIRC so as to optimize downloads? To configure and optimize the downloading of files with mIRC, you must go back to the program settings by clicking on the icon hammer (Options) and expand the entry DCC in the left sidebar.

At this point, select the item Folders and click on the button Add to set the folders in which to save files downloaded with mIRC. You can set a different folder for each type of file (by typing the extension in the field Save files with these Extensions) and delete the default folders set by the program by clicking on Delete. Instead, by going to Ignore you need to set the drop down menu Method on Disabled and remove the check mark from the item Turn ignore back on in to prevent some downloads from being blocked due to misconfigured mIRC settings.

How to set up mIRC downloads

Do you want mIRC to automatically pick up where it left off the interrupted downloads (due to accidental disconnections or program closings)? Nothing could be simpler: select the item DCC from the left sidebar, put the check mark next to the item Auto-get file andclick on Yes and set the item Resume from the drop-down menu If file exists.

How to set up mIRC downloads

Finally, if you too, like me, can’t stand the sounds that mIRC continuously emits, know that you can make the program completely mute by selecting the voice Sounds from the left sidebar and removing the check mark next to the item Enable sounds.

How to set up mIRC downloads

To conclude, click on the button OK located at the bottom right and mIRC will store all the settings you have changed, allowing you to download files from the IRC network easily.

Download files from mIRC

How to download mIRC

You are now ready to download files from the IRC network. Then access the menu Options of mIRC (the hammer icon located at the top left), select the item Servers from the left sidebar and click on the first server name you want to connect to, then on the button Select and finally on the button Connect.

At this point, give the command / listcome on Enter and double-click the name of the channel in which you want to enter. Some servers require registration: to do this, issue the command / msg nickserv register password (where instead of “password” you have to choose a password of your preference) and then the command / msg nickserv identify password to access.

Finally, search for the files of your interest using the command @find [nome file da trovare] or, if the command is not available, use the command ! list to get the link to the channel file list (in which you can then find the available files and discover the commands to download them). Once you have identified the user or bot that owns the file of your interest, give the command / msg [nome utente o bot] xdcc send [nome file] to start the download. Alternatively you can also use the command / msg [nome utente o bot] xdcc send #[numero file] (ex. / msg name xdcc send # 7.

Other useful tips

Xdcc Downloader

If, after reading this guide, you feel like learning more about how mIRC works, take a look at the guide I dedicated to the program; while if you are only interested in its download function, read my specific tutorial on how to download from mIRC.

In conclusion, let me suggest you also try some alternative solutions, which allow you to get files from the IRC network in a fairly simple way.

  • XdccDownloader – is a free program for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows you to search for files on Italian IRC channels and download them with a simple double click. Ideal for taking advantage of the download functions offered by the IRC network without getting involved with complicated text commands.
  • XChat Azure – is an IRC client for macOS. Its operation does not differ much from that of mIRC, in fact it requires the use of text commands to request the files to be downloaded.