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How to set up Libero mail on iPhone

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How to set up Libero mail on iPhone: You just tried to add your account Libero mail toiPhone but the process of configuring the mailbox hangs as soon as you try to verify the correctness of the username and password? Unfortunately, you are not alone in having problems of this kind. Between Apple Mail (iPhone’s default mail client) and Libero Mail there is still no maximum compatibility but, fear not, there is a solution to this too.

If you want you can configure Libero mail on iPhone using the official Libero Mail application for iOS, which allows you to send and receive mail from, Virgilio, Yahoo !, Gmail and any other provider in an extremely easy and fast way. You don’t need to configure any servers, or manually specify the ports used for the connection: just enter your username and password and that’s it.

There are also other email clients compatible with the email service, but we will talk about them in the second part of the tutorial. For the moment, let’s focus on the official application of Libero Mail and see how to fully exploit its potential to send and receive emails even from our trusted “iPhone by”.

Libero Mail App for iPhone

The simplest method to manage Libero Mail on iPhone, as just mentioned, is to download the official app of the service. What you want configure Libero mail on iPhone 7 rather than on iPhone 8, iPhone 12etc., it does not matter since the steps to be taken are always the same.

First, connect to theApp Store by selecting the blue icon with the letter “A” in the center located on the home screen of your “iPhone by” or in the App Library, press the button Search for located at the bottom right and search libero mail in the bar at the top of the screen.

At this point, locate the application Libero mail in the search results (it should be the first to appear) and presses the button GET / INSTALL placed next to its icon. Then confirm the operation by authenticating yourself via Face ID, Touch ID or the password of your Apple ID and wait for the app to be downloaded first and then installed on your phone.

When installation is complete, start Libero Mail by pressing on its icon that appears on the Home screen and reply OK when requesting access to contacts (in this way the application will be able to access the system directory to find the names of your contacts). Then he presses on the logo of FREEenter the login details of your Libero Mail account (then email address And password) in the appropriate text fields and press the button Log in. Finally, press the buttons Ability And Allow to activate push notifications for emails received on the Libero account and that’s it.

Free App

If you have activated the two-step verification function on your Libero Mail account (i.e. authentication via verification code to be received via SMS), you must use an application-specific password instead of your account password. If you don’t know how to generate it, follow the instructions in this web page.

Now your Libero Mail account is fully configured and functional on iPhone. This means that you can view all your messages directly on the app home screen and you will receive notifications as soon as new emails arrive.

To compose a new message, however, all you have to do is tap the green button (+) located at the bottom of the screen and fill in the text fields TO:, Cc / Bcc: And Object: respectively with the address of the recipient or recipients and the subject of your message. In the field below, however, you can write the text of the email and tap on the icon of clip (next to the “Subject:” text field), you can insert attachments. When you are ready to do it, then, click on the wording Send (top right) and that’s it.

Libero mail

If you want, you can also add other email accounts and manage them easily through the Libero Mail app. To do this, press the button (≡) which is located at the bottom left, press on the word Account (at the top right of the opened menu) and then press on the button (+) (top left) and select the type of account you want to add to the app: Free, Virgil, Gmail, Yahoo!, or Other (for other email services via POP3 or IMAP).

How to set up Free Mail on iPhone

Read emails from smartphones

If you prefer to use a third party email client, such as Apple Mail or Outlook for iOSinstead of the proprietary one of Libero, you can set up Free Mail on iPhone using i IMAP parameters that you find listed below, as well as on the Libero website.

  • Incoming mail server (IMAP):
  • Port 993
  • SSL
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Port 465
  • SSL
  • Requires authentication.
  • First name: [il tuo nome]
  • Account Name or Username: Libero mailing address (e.g.
  • Email address: Libero mailing address (e.g.
  • Password: Libero Mail password.

Going into more detail, however configure Libero mail on iPhone adding the account in Apple Mail you need to do the following steps.

  • Turn off the Internet connection on the iPhone by putting the device in flight mode (this is used to activate the manual configuration of the account);
  • Go to the menu Settings> Mail or Settings> Contacts of iOS and presses on the wording Add account;
  • Press the item again Add account;
  • Press the button Other;
  • Press on the button Add Mail Account;
  • Fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering the required data in the text fields First name, E-mail, Password And Description;
  • Press on the button Forward (top right) and wait for the form for configuring IMAP parameters to be shown;
  • Fill out the form for the configuration of IMAP parameters using the data I gave you before;
  • Activate the Internet connection on the iPhone;
  • Press on the button Forward located at the top right and complete the configuration of the Libero Mail account by “tapping” on Save twice in a row.


If you prefer to use Microsoft Outlookgo to the settings from the app (to do this, just press on the first profile photo of the account set in the app located at the top left and then on the icon of thegear bottom left), press the button Add email account and then tap on the wording Add email account.

At this point, type your Libero Mail e-mail address in the appropriate text field, press the button Add accountchoose to manually configure i IMAP parameters account and move to ON the switch lever for the option Use advanced settings.

Finally, fill out the form that is proposed to you using the IMAP parameters that I provided you previously and tap the button Log in located at the bottom of the screen. Within a few seconds you will see the messages of your Libero account appear in Outlook.

Libero mail

Note: if after a first configuration you are unable to send or receive mail through your Libero account, try to enter the settings of your client and make sure that all the parameters are set as I suggested a few lines above (pay particular attention to the ports and to SSL selection).

For more information on configuring Libero email addresses via IMAP protocol, please refer to This Page of Libero Mail online support and, if you continue to encounter difficulties, contact Libero Mail staff.