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How to set up Free mail on Android

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How to set up Free mail on Android: Have you decided to open an email address on Libero Mail but can’t use it on your new Android smartphone? Strange. Libero Mail is a service designed for use from the Web, traditional email clients but also from smartphones and tablets, just like all the most modern email services.

If you can’t get it to work, you probably haven’t downloaded the right app or you haven’t configured your email client correctly. Let’s try to unravel the mystery and see together how to set free mail on android in the right way. I am convinced that you will be able to solve your problem in no time without turning to your tech-savvy friend for the umpteenth time.

By following the instructions below you will be able to send and receive mail with your Libero account from any Android smartphone and tablet, even having the ability to use various apps for managing emails. To tell the truth, I recommend the official one from, but if you want you can also use others. Let’s get to work right away!

If you don’t want to waste time ad set free mail on androidlisten to my advice and download the official application of the service available on the Play Store. It is an excellent free app that allows you to manage, Virgilio, Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook through a single convenient interface. Normally it works only if there is an active Internet connection (so it does not download emails to the smartphone or tablet memory) but it also supports the use of other email services via IMAP and POP3 protocol.

So, are you ready to try it? To download the Libero Mail app on your Android terminal, start the Google Play Store (it is the icon of the white bag with the “play” symbol in the center that you find on the screen where there are all the applications installed on the device), presses on the bar located at the top and looks for libero mail.

When the search results appear, select the Libero Mail app icon (it is a green dot with a white envelope above it) and first press on INSTALL and then on I ACCEPT to start its installation on Android.

At the end of the procedure, start Libero Mail by selecting its icon from the main screen of your smartphone / tablet and press the logo of Free. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing your email address and the password you have chosen to access Libero Mail.

Then press the button Log in and the inbox will automatically open with all the messages to be read. The rest is almost useless to explain, it works like any other online email client or service: at the top is the button to start composing a new message (the paper with the pen), on the side is the button Menu to access the various folders of the mailbox and so on.

If you want, you can add other email accounts and manage them directly from the Libero Mail app. Just press the button Menu placed at the top left (the three horizontal lines), then on the symbol + (more) and configure the new account by choosing one of the services supported by the application. If you want to configure an account other than Libero, Virgilio, Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, select the item Other and enter the IMAP or POP3 “coordinates” of the address you intend to use.

In case you want to use your Libero Mail account in a third party mail client, such as MailDroid or CloudMagicyou must choose the option to add a new address with manual settings and enter the “coordinates” of the IMAP server.

  • Incoming mail server (IMAP):, port 993, SSL encryption
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):, port 465, SSL encryption with active authentication request.
  • First name: [il tuo nome completo]
  • Account Name or Username: your e-mail address.
  • Email address: your e-mail address.
  • Password: the password of your Libero Mail account.

In case you encounter difficulties inset free mail on androidtry to follow the instructions contained in the official site of the service and try to log in directly from the browser. Your account may have been temporarily suspended or there may be technical problems that prevent the mail service from functioning properly.