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How to set Samsung screen clock

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How to set Samsung screen clock: You have recently purchased a new smartphone or tablet Samsung and you are really very happy with your choice. Before today, however, you had never used a smartphone or tablet of this brand, so you still have some difficulties in navigating the operating system interface.

You are trying, in fact, to best customize your device according to your taste, but there are still some details that escape you: for example, you have not yet been able to understand how to set samsung screen clock. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry though: I’ll help you reach your goal.

In the course of the next paragraphs I will show you, therefore, how to set the clock on the home screen, on the lock screen or even on the Always On screen of your Samsung device (if it has an AMOLED display and is compatible with this function). How do you say? Would you also like to understand how to set the clock on a Samsung TV? Of course, no problem. Take five minutes, make yourself comfortable and start reading from the next paragraphs, where you will find all the information you need.

How to set clock on Samsung screen: smartphone and tablet

You managed to customize your smartphone or tablet in the best possible way, but a small piece is still missing: you have not yet understood, in fact, how to set samsung screen clock and you would like my hand to do it. Quiet, that’s what I’m here for. Below I will show you all the procedure to follow, valid for the home screen, lock screen and Always On screen. What do you say, let’s get started?

Clock widget

How to set Samsung screen clock with Clock Widget

You are finishing customizing the home screen of your new Samsung smartphone but you still couldn’t figure it out how to set the clock widget and have the timetable always under your gaze, with a certain style.

Well, the procedure to follow is very simple: in this case I will run it on a Galaxy S21 +, but the same steps are also valid for other smartphones of the brand, since they all use the interface One UI. Well then, to set the clock widget take your Samsung smartphone or tablet and from the main screen hold down for a few seconds to bring up the customization menu.

From the menu that appears, tap the button Widget and from the Widgets screen, scroll down until you find the item Clock. Alternatively, you can use the search box placed at the top. Now, tap on the item Clock and you will be offered several different widget templates, which vary in size and style.

Therefore, identify the type of widget you need or simply like best and, to place it on the main screen, hold down on it. You will be taken directly to the main screen, where you can place the widget wherever you want. If you encounter any problems in carrying out the operation, I refer you to my tutorial on how to add a widget on an Android smartphone.

How do you say? You don’t like the widget you have chosen and want to remove it? Nothing simpler: hold down a few seconds on the widget you just inserted on the main screen and tap the button Remove from the menu that appears. Simple right?

Screen lock

How to set Samsung screen clock in lock screen

You want to better customize your device, so you have decided to change the clock on the screen lock of your Samsung smartphone? Don’t worry, it’s child’s play.

To set the clock on your Samsung’s lock screen you need to open the app Settings, recognizable by the icon of a gear, and then you have to select the item Lock screen. In this section you will find several options to customize the lock screen, but in this case you are interested in setting the clock, so you have to tap on the item Clock style.

On the next screen you will be able to choose between different styles for the lock screen clock, for example digital or analog and also decide the text color and of hands, being able to choose between some pre-set shades or choosing a completely customized one.

To immediately check the result obtained, all you have to do is lock the screen by pressing once on the power button on the side or at the top, and then press once again to turn on the screen on the lock screen. Do you like the result?

Always On

How to set Samsung screen clock to Always On

Your Samsung smartphone has an AMOLED display and is compatible with the function Always On, which, when the device is in sleep mode, keeps a black screen active on which it is possible to see various information, including thehours.

Now I’ll explain how to use it. First you need to enable the Always On feature, which is often not turned on by default. To activate it, open the app Settings, usually recognizable by the icon of a gear, and select the item Lock screen from the menu that opens. Among the many options available, tap on the item Always On Display and, on the next screen, you can activate and customize it.

To activate the Always On Display function, set to ON there activation lever present at the top right and then select how you want this mode to be activated. You can choose between: Touch to show for 10 seconds, Always shows, Show as scheduled, Show for new notifications. If you always want to have the time at a glance, choose the option Always shows, but remember that this will result in a slight increase in battery consumption.

Alternatively you can choose the option Show as scheduled, in which you can set a period of time (for example from 07.00 to 22.00) in which to always keep this mode active, avoiding keeping it active during the night, or in other circumstances where you are not close to the smartphone.

After activating Always On mode, you can move on to customizing your watch. To proceed, tap on the item Clock style, from which you can decide the design of the clock that will be shown in Always On mode, for example digital or analog, and also decide the color of the text or hands. Once the customization operations are finished, tap the button Done at the bottom right.

To take a look at the result, all you have to do is lock the screen by pressing once on the power button side or top and wait a few seconds for Always On mode to be activated.

How to set Samsung screen clock: TV

How to set Samsung TV screen clock

You recently bought a new Samsung TV and are extremely happy with your purchase. You have purchased a model that is really complete with everything, but there is a small detail that you just cannot swallow. The TV always shows the wrong time and you still don’t understand how to set the clock on the screen of the latter. It may seem like a trivial thing to do, but often these basic settings are hidden and difficult to spot.

For the rest of the tutorial I will show you how to set the clock on your TV model Samsung UE46C8000, so some voices or passages may slightly change. Don’t worry, however, usually the software on board the TVs of the same company are very similar, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

Well then, I’d say start. Turn on your Samsung TV (if it was off) and press the button Menu found on the remote control. Once you press the Menu button, you will see the menu appear on your TV screen, grouping several items. In this case, scroll down with i directional buttons on the remote control until you reach the icon of thegear, or the Settings: to confirm, press the button OK remote control.

The settings menu will open and, among the various items present, you will need to select that Now, then that Clock. From here you can set the clock by choosing between two modes: automatic And manual. If you choose automatic the TV will be able to retrieve the correct time if connected to a Wi-Fi network, alternatively choose the item Manual and enter the correct time via the numeric keypad present on the remote control. Once done, press the button Enter to confirm the changes made.

If even after following the guide you have not been able to find the item to be able to set the clock, I refer you to official company website, where you can find more information on how to navigate your TV model. Also, if you have any difficulties using your new Samsung Smart TV, I refer you to my tutorial on how a Samsung Smart TV works.