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How to send virtual postcards

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How to send virtual postcards: Happy birthday, Francesca! No, a simple SMS is not enough. It takes a postcard. Unsurprisingly, it’s Sunday. Where do I find a postcard on Sunday? There are. We need an electronic postcard! Yes, an original and nice postcard that arrives via email and contains some very special birthday wishes. On the other hand, eighteen is celebrated only once in a lifetime. How do you say? Does it seem like a really nice gimmick but you don’t have the slightest idea where to find nice virtual postcards for wishes, congratulations and so on? Don’t worry, I can help you out. Give me a few minutes of your precious time and I’ll explain everything to you.

With this guide of mine today I would like to show you how  to send virtual postcards thanks to a whole series of fantastic Internet sites useful precisely for the purpose in question. They are almost all completely free, very easy to use, accessible from any web browser and chock full of postcards of all sorts. In short, in the end you will certainly be able to find something to your liking. How do you say? More than a computer, do you have the habit of acting as a smartphone and would you therefore like to know if there is any useful resource even in this case? Of course yes, God forbid! For completeness of information, at the end of the guide you will find a selection of ad hoc applications that I have prepared for you. Even in this case, these are tools at no cost (or at least usable for a trial period without spending a cent) and easy to use.

Then? May I know what are you still doing standing there? Let’s put aside the chatter, position yourself comfortably and immediately start concentrating on reading this tutorial of mine. You will see that you can tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that Francesca and all your other friends to whom you send the postcards will be literally speechless. I wish you, as usual, good reading.


123 Geetings

The first online service for sending virtual postcards to which I want to suggest you appeal is 123 Geetings . It is a portal specialized in greeting cards, some animated, others available in video format, suitable for any occasion and to be sent by e-mail. It is only available in English but considering the huge assortment of contents and the possibility of customization offered, this is not a flaw at all. Furthermore, its use turns out to be quite intuitive even for non-polyglots.

To send a virtual postcard via 123 Greetings, connect to the home page of the site and choose the postcard you prefer from the most popular that are offered directly in the center of the page or select the reference category on the left. If you want, you can also follow a search by tag through the section on the right or a search by key words using the appropriate field at the top, always on the right.

After choosing your postcard, make all the necessary customizations by firstly modifying the music and sound effects through the appropriate menu that you find under the preview (if available) then press the Customize and send this car button d.

On the page that opens, type your name and your e-mail address in the fields that you find under the heading Sender Details , type the message with which you want to accompany the postcard in the box attached to the Message section (Write as much as you want) , specify the recipient’s name and email address in the fields under Receiver Details (Send this ecard to multiple recipients “max. 100”) (if you want you can add additional recipients by clicking on Add Reciver ) and if you want your virtual postcard to be delivered on a day other than the current one, click on the calendar symbol at the bottom and specify the date.

Finally, remove the ticks from all the items that you find in the Notificatons section, leaving it only on Let me know once the ecard is viewed.  if you want to be notified when your virtual postcard is opened by the recipient and click on Send Now . Done!


How to send virtual postcards

Another “milestone” in terms of solutions for sending virtual postcards is the Kisseo website . It is in fact one of the most famous and appreciated portals of the category. It offers many animated postcards for every kind of occasion to choose from, all in high quality and accessible without having to register for the service, to be sent by email or to be shared online. It also allows you to print or send “classic” postcards in paper format directly to the recipient’s home, but in this specific case I would say that we don’t care.

To use Kisseo for your purpose, connected to the home page of the service, click on the item All postcards at the top and select the reference category from those in the menu that opens, then scroll through the list of available postcards and click on the one you prefer.

On the page that you will later see appear, click on the Play button to preview the postcard and then, if it convinces you, press the button via Email (FREE) and fill in the field Enter your message here with the personalized message you want to attach to the postcard.

Then fill out the form on the right, in the From: section , by typing your data (name, surname, email address and date of birth), enter the recipient’s e-mail address in the To: section (if you want you can add more than one recipient by clicking on Add a recipient ) and then specify the sending date using the appropriate field.

Then click on No to indicate that you do not wish to receive offers from the partners of the site, press on Next and, to conclude, click on Validate sending on the page that opens. Et voila !

If instead of sending everything via e-mail you prefer sharing via network or instant messaging, after selecting the postcard press the blue button under the heading Share this postcard , type your email address and your personalized message and click on Save the postcard , press the icon of the social network through which to share and that’s it.

1001 Postcards

How to send virtual postcards

Didn’t the resources for sending virtual postcards that I have already told you about attracted you in a particular way? Then try 1001 Postcards now and you will see that it will not disappoint you. It is an Internet site full of virtual postcards, some of which are also animated, to be sent via e-mail. The graphics of the site are not the most modern but the contents certainly deserve it.

The only thing you need to take into account is that to work it needs Flash Player installed on your computer (for more info you can refer to my tutorial on the subject) or you need to use a browser that integrates it “in the evenings” (eg. Chrome ).

To use it, connected to the main page , locate the reference category among the many available and then click on the sub-category that interests you. So select the postcard you prefer and press on send this postcard! .

In the new page displayed, complain the form that is proposed to you by entering the recipient’s email address and his name, your e-mail address and your name, the title you want to assign to the postcard and the message you want to attach to it. Then select the postcard theme and date sent and check the last two boxes at the bottom to receive an alert when the message is opened and to receive a copy.

Now, click on the preview before ending button at the bottom of the page to preview the postcard and then click on send it!  to send it immediately. If, on the other hand, something does not convince you or in any case there are errors and you want to make changes to the postcard, click on make changes .


How to send virtual postcards

As an alternative to the solutions above I strongly urge you to consider Rattlebox . Unlike the resources I have already told you about, it allows you to send virtual greeting cards only and exclusively in the form of video to which it is possible to associate personalized text. There are many themes and templates to choose from and the final result is impressive. Note that Flash Player is also required in this case.

You ask me how to use it? I’ll explain it to you right away. To begin with, connected to the service’s website , then click on the postcard you like most from the many available after selecting the reference category on the left. If in this way you cannot find anything that interests you, perform a keyword search by typing it in the field above and then clicking on the  Go button on the side.

Once you have chosen the postcard, look at its preview using the player at the top of the page that has opened. If you like it, press the Send This Card Now button! and type your personalized message for the recipient in the appropriate field that appears under the heading You can re-write any or all of the text below! .

If you want, change the title of the postcard by typing what you prefer in the appropriate field under the heading change the title of this card below: and then click on the Preview & Share button .

Wait a few moments for the postcard to be processed and then press the  Email My eCard button!  and fill in the form you see appear by typing your name and your e-mail address in the fields Your Name and Your Email and the name of the recipient and his e -mail address in the fields Recipient Name and Recipient Email . Then check the Notify me when recipients view my card box if you wish to receive a notification via e-mail when the recipient receives the virtual card and click on the Send It Now! Button. . Done!

I would also like to point out that by registering for the service you can also schedule the sending of the virtual postcard by deciding the exact date of shipment. To do this, press the Send it Later button, click the Sign Up button , fill in the fields on the screen to create your account, indicate the day, month and year of sending and then click on Schedule Your Card! .

Other sites to send virtual postcards

How to send virtual postcards

The Internet sites for sending virtual postcards I mentioned in the previous lines have not satisfied you and are you looking for alternative resources? Then try to take a look at the further solutions that I have indicated below and you will see that you will not regret it.

  • BlueMountain – Another Internet site belonging to the category in question full of virtual postcards, both static and animated, to be sent to friends, relatives and colleagues on every occasion. It is in English only, you can use it after registration and it is paid but offers a trial period at no cost.
  • justWink – Very well done online service that allows you to ship virtual cardboard of quality and of various kinds. They are all highly customizable and at no cost.
  • CartolineGratis – Italian website that allows you to choose between different virtual postcards suitable for all occasions to be sent via email. There aren’t many contents available but it’s still worth a look.
  • Punchbowl – Website that allows you to send virtual postcards via e-mail in the shape of classic greeting cards. Both the style and the contents can be customized.

App to send virtual postcards

How to send virtual postcards

Do you use your smartphone or tablet much more than your computer and would like to know what resources you have from yours to send virtual postcards directly from the touch screen of your device? Then give one now, look at the following list of ad hoc apps and you will see that you will not regret it. There are both for Android and iOS and they are all super easy to use. Happy download!

  • Cards Gallery – gCard ( Android ) – Application full of virtual postcards of all kinds to choose from and to fill in at will with photos and various messages. Free.
  • E-Cards ( Android ) – Another application belonging to the category in question that allows you to send virtual postcards for any kind of occasion. They are all well made and can even be customized. Free.
  • FaceMe Video Booth ( iOS ) – App to create virtual greeting cards to personalize by inserting your face inside, as easily understood by the name. Free.
  • Appygraph – Greeting Cards for iMessage ( iOS ) – App to send virtual greeting cards full of very well made and customizable templates. To the detriment of the name, it can also be sent via Facebook or via email, not just on iMessage. Free.