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How to send faxes online for free

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How to send faxes online for free: Where are you going with all those papers under your arm? In the stationery to send a fax? Of course you are an old-fashioned type! Yes, I know that in some cases the use of the fax is still necessary but, believe me, thanks to technological progress, it is no longer necessary to leave the house to send one.

There are now several Internet sites that allow you to send faxes online for free without moving from the chair at home: everything is done via computer (or even from smartphones and tablets). The only operation you need to do is to register for free to one of the services that I will show you in this guide, select the document to fax (preferably in PDF format) and wait a few moments for the fax to be delivered to the recipient.

The printer? It is not necessary. The only device you may need – except the computer and router to connect to the Internet – is the scanner, to scan the documents to be sent. In short, do not get too much trouble, you already have everything you need at your fingertips, even just a click away. Curious to find out how to send a fax online for free, sitting comfortably in front of the PC? Very well, then you just have to follow my instructions in detail. Enjoy the reading!

How to fax online for free

If you agree, let’s get straight to the point and see how to fax online for free using some services suitable for the purpose. Keep in mind, however, that these are not 100% free: in some cases there are limits in sending documents (eg you cannot send more than a number of pages), which can be circumvented by signing up for a paid subscription; in other cases, full access to the service is offered but only for a limited period of time. The choice is yours on the solution you prefer.


The first service I invite you to consider is Faxapp which allows both to send and receive faxes. It is not free, but it can be tried at no cost for 10 days without providing credit card information. Its basic plan costs 3.75 euros / month and allows you to send 50 pages and receive an unlimited number of documents.

Please note that the receipt of faxes sent with this service takes place within a few hours but promotional writings are applied at the end of the documents sent. Clear? Well, then let’s take action.

To activate the trial version of Faxapp, connected to the home page of the service using the link I have provided you just now and click on the button Try it 10 days for free located at the top right. Then fill out the registration form providing email address, username And passwordselect the Area code you want for your virtual fax number and, after having also provided your personal information in the appropriate form (eg. first name, last name, addressetc.), presses the button Go on.

Once the operation is complete, authenticate your account by clicking on link verification received by email. After logging in to the website, through the appropriate login form that will ask you to re-enter e-mail And passwordclick on the button Log in.

Once logged in, click on the item Send a fax in the Faxapp sidebar and, on the page that opens, click on the button Choose file placed under the heading Document. Select, therefore, the file to fax, enter the number of the recipient in the appropriate text field and click on the button Send fax to forward the document. You can choose PDF files, Microsoft Office documents and images, up to 25MB in size.

To extend the use of the service, once you have used the 10-day free trial, you will need to take out a paid subscription to the service. Prices depend on the length of the subscription and vary further if you want to get additional services, starting at $ 5 / month.



For send faxes online for free you can also contact HelloFax. It is an online solution that allows you to send faxes at no cost all over the world. The faxes are delivered within a few hours and do not contain promotional writing inside them.

In the free version it is possible to have only the basic version of the service, characterized by the limitation of being able to send fax with up to five pages. To receive faxes, however, and to take advantage of other benefits, a subscription is required starting from $ 9.99 / month.

In order to use HelloFax, you must connect to the main page of the service using the link I provided you before, and click on the button Create an account to start immediately create your free account or register via theGoogle accountusing the appropriate button.

If everything went well, within a few moments you will receive a message to the e-mail address with which you have decided to register: click on the link inside and, after providing the password to log into the newly created account, click the buttons Go on And No, thanks, I’m fine.

Once this is done, click on the wording Send a fax located at the top left and click on the button Send a fax instead, placed in the center of the page. Now, click on the button Upload file and select the file to send or, if you prefer, drag it to the box Drag and drop files here.

When the upload is complete, click on the button Forward at the top right, add i signatories of the fax, specifying their names and email addresses in the appropriate form, and click on the button Forward located at the top right. If you are the only signer of the fax, however, click on the link I am the only signatory.

Then, customize the fax by inserting (if you want) a signature, initials, an additional text field, etc. or click the button Skip located at the top right if you want to skip the step; then specify the fax number of the recipient or his email address in the field located under the heading Fax number or email address and press the buttons first Send document And Send with HelloSign.

In this way, the fax will be sent and delivered to the recipient within a few minutes or, at the latest, a few hours.



MyFax is another solution that I invite you to try. This service can be used free of charge for 30 days, guaranteeing the sending of 2 faxes per day. At the end of the trial, the use of the service is guaranteed only if you subscribe to one of the paid plans among those in the price list, starting from 13 euros / month. Even MyFax does not imprint promotional messages on the documents sent and allows them to be received by the recipients within a few hours.

To test MyFax, go to its main page using the link I gave you a moment ago, click on the button Start your free trial and choose Italy from the drop-down menu corresponding to the item In which country do you want a fax number?. Next, select your city through the menu under the heading Choose a city and click on the button Go on.

Now, specify first name And email address in the appropriate text fields, specify the data relating to yours credit cardnecessary to activate the trial (please note, however, that no charge is made if the subscription is deactivated before the trial expires), provide your billing address and yours telephone number and press the button Activate placed at the bottom.

Once these steps have been completed, I strongly recommend that you follow the detailed instructions included in the message that will be sent to the email address you registered with, so that you can send all the necessary documentation to activate your account: this must be done within 10 days , under penalty of account closure.

Once this is done, go to the login page of the servicespecify your login details in the appropriate text fields and click on the button Login. Once logged in, click on the button Send fax and fill out the form that is proposed to you on the screen, taking care to specify in the first box the telephone number of the fax recipient and in the second box i sender data. Remember to click on the button Choose fileselect the document to send and click on the button Send fax to proceed with sending.

To deactivate your subscription before the free trial ends and not be charged, click the button Update account located on the main page of your profile, select the tab Billing and, after clicking on the link Cancel My Accountfollow the instructions you receive on the screen to complete the procedure.