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How to send faxes from the Internet

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How to send faxes from the Internet: Do you think fax is an extremely uncomfortable and obsolete means of communication? I couldn’t agree more, however it must be acknowledged that the fax is not yet “dead”. There are still many companies and many public administration offices that require its use to carry out numerous (even very important) practices, and we cannot help but adapt.

What do I mean by the term “adapt”? Certainly don’t go to eBay and buy a bulky old fax machine. I rather think of keeping in the browser bookmarks one of those services that allow you to send faxes from the Internet. There are several, and some of them can even be used for free (although with significant limits on the number of pages that can be sent).

Do you want me to recommend someone? Sure with pleasure. Here is a short – but I hope exhaustive – list of services for sending faxes from the Internet thanks to which you can communicate with companies, individuals and public administration offices without having to use old fax machines, multifunction printers with fax support or having to pay for sending a fax to the stationery. I bet you will be amazed by their incredible ease of use.


Let’s start with Faxator, one of the most used fax services in Italy. By registering to it you can send up to 10 pages per month towards all national numbers. There are also paid plans for those with more advanced needs.

The offer F-100 against a monthly fee of € 4.90 allows you to send a maximum number of 100 pages; that F-300 allows you to send up to 300 pages / month for 9.90 euros, while the plan F-1000 provides for the sending of up to 1000 pages per month in exchange for a fee of 19.90 euros. All offers also include the ability to receive faxes online and send them to 25 countries around the world. Those who do not want to be bound by a real subscription can opt for the rechargeable plans of Faxator, which provide for the purchase of “closed” packages of pages to be sent: the cheapest offer is the one that for 25 euros allows the sending of 500 pages.

To start using Faxator, all you have to do is connect to its home page of the service and click on the button Sign in. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with all your personal data, select the card Free at the bottom (to select the Faxator free plan) and click on the button Activate.

At this point, access your inbox, open the email you received from Faxator and click on the confirmation link contained in the latter to definitively activate your account.

Now comes the fun! To send a fax online with Faxator, connected to the main page of the service, click on the item reserved area present in the left sidebar and log in to the site using the data you chose during registration.

Once logged in, you must choose whether to send a QuickFax attached or a QuickFax by clicking on one of the appropriate items in the left sidebar. What are the differences between the two options? I’ll explain it to you right away. As the name suggests quite easily, the QuickFax attachment function of Faxator allows you to fax already existing files (e.g. a PDF document or an Office file), while that QuickFax allows you to write a message in real time and send it by fax (specifying sender, recipient and subject).

The “faxed” files with the free version of the service can have a maximum weight of 1MB and a maximum number of 5 pages. The transmission of documents takes place from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 20.00 but it is possible to schedule it on any day and at any time. If you want, you can also use Faxator from smartphones and tablets by downloading the official app of the service for Android And iOS.

Fax it

Another service for send faxes from the Internet you can confidently rely on is Fax it which also includes a free plan combined with various paid plans. The free version of the service allows you to send up to 3 faxes a day to all national numbers (except for 800 and 899 numbers) with a maximum limit of 20 documents per month, the paid ones are suitable for various types of use .

There is the plan Starter that for a monthly fee of € 1.99 + VAT allows you to send up to 5 faxes per day (but no more than 60 per month); plan Basic which instead at a cost of 4.99 euros / month + VAT allows you to send up to 20 faxes per day (but not more than 250) and finally the plan Professional which for 19.99 euros / month + VAT allows you to send up to 500 faxes per day (with a ceiling of 3000 faxes per month).

To register on Faxalo, you must connect to its home page and type your e-mail address in the text field located in the center of the screen (under the heading Request the fax code). Then click on the button Send code and you will receive a personal code via email through which to access the service.

Once you have obtained your special code, go back to the Faxalo website, click on the button Log in located at the top right and log in to the service using your email address and the code you received at the end of the registration.

At this point you just have to prepare the shipment of your fax. Then type the recipient number in the appropriate text field, presses the button Choose File / Browse to select the file to fax and click on Enter to complete the operation.

If you are using the free version of the service, you can select PDF and TIFF files with a maximum resolution of 200 DPI and a maximum weight of 1MB. Documents are sent within minutes of preparing the fax. In addition, the service operates 24/7, so it is possible to send faxes on any day and time. FreeFax

If you have no special needs, you may also opt for “mobile” solutions such as FreeFax. It is an application for Android And iOS which allows you to send a fax a day for free to numbers in 50 countries around the world (including Italy).

To use it, all you have to do is install it on your smartphone or tablet, type your e-mail address (in theory you could also use a temporary mailbox) and press the icon of the fax you see at the bottom left.

So choose whether to write a text and send it by fax (Text fax), whether to fax a document (Document fax) or a photo (Photo fax) already present on the device memory and that’s it. The transmission of the documents should take place within a few minutes.