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How to send faxes from PC

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How to send faxes from PC: After contacting your telephone operator to communicate your intention to discontinue the service, the employee you spoke with told you that a written communication must be sent via fax or registered mail. To speed up time and save some money, you would like to use the fax, however you do not have a device of this type and, therefore, you were wondering if it was possible to send one, perhaps for free, from your PC.

If that’s the case, let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In fact, with today’s guide I’ll explain how to send faxes from PC relying on the many online services available. There are several solutions that you can turn to: some services allow you to send faxes for free with a limit of pages and daily sending; other services, on the other hand, are subject to a fee and, in addition to sending faxes without limitations, also allow the creation of a telephone number for receiving faxes (which are then delivered via email).

If you can’t wait to deepen the topic, let’s not waste any more time in chatting and immediately move on to action. Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs carefully. Identify the service that you think best suits your needs, follow the instructions I am about to give you and I assure you that, by putting them into practice, you will be able to send a fax from your computer in no time. Enjoy the reading!

How to send faxes from your PC for free

So let’s see how to fax from pc for free using various services useful for this purpose. As I told you a few lines above, some are paid and can be used for free for limited trial periods; others are semi-free (so to unlock all their functions you need to switch to the paid versions). Choose the one that seems to you best suited to your needs.


A good online service that allows you to both send and receive faxes over the Internet is Faxapp. It doesn’t have a free plan, however it is possible test its functionality for 10 days without spending a cent and without renewal obligation. The faxes are sent in about a couple of hours but promotional messages are applied at the end of the documents sent.

At the end of the free trial, it offers a subscription plan that allows you to receive 500 pages And send 50 pages per month to all European countries and the USA. It is available in various versions: one from 1 month for 8 eurosone from 3 months for 5 euros / month (billed quarterly) and one from 12 months at € 3.75 / month (with annual billing). Upon reaching the threshold of pages sent and received, it is possible to purchase extra packages starting from 8 euros for sending 100 pages.

If you think Faxapp is the solution that best suits your needs, connect to main page of the serviceclick on the button Try it 10 days for free and provide theemail addressthe username and the password you intend to use for your account, by filling in the appropriate text fields. Next, choose the Area code you want to set up for your virtual fax number and press the button Go on to continue.

Now, click on link that you received at the email address with which you registered to FaxApp, go to your account again and send your first fax, by clicking on the item first Send a fax and then on the button next to the item Document. Finally, upload the file to send, provide the recipient number in the appropriate text field and click on the button Send fax.

It will be useful to know that Fax App is also available as a device application Android (also on alternative stores for devices without Google services) e iOS and allows you to send faxes even from smartphones and tablets.



HelloFax is another service for sending faxes from a computer. It has a no cost plan that allows you to send faxes all over the world with a limitation of 5 pages per month and does not allow the fax reception function. The faxes are sent within a couple of hours and no advertising message is printed on the files sent.

To remove these limitations, you need to activate one of the subscription plans (with 30 day free trial) that allow you to send faxes via email and receive them at your email address.

  • Home Office ($ 9.99 / month or $ 99.99 / year): allows the sending of 300 pages per month and allows access to 5 different people.
  • Professional ($ 19.99 / month or $ 199.99 / year): allows you to send up to 500 pages per month and the account can be shared by 10 people
  • Small Business ($ 39.99 / month or $ 399.99 / year): gives access to the account to 20 people and allows you to send 1,000 pages per month.

To create your HelloFax account, connect to service registration page and register through your account Google or your account Dropbox. Alternatively, register via yours email addressby writing it in the appropriate text field and clicking on the button Go on.

Then click on link that you received at the email address associated with your account, in the new page opened in the browser, specify the password to set up to protect your HelloFax profile and first click on the button Go on and then on the wording No, thanks, I’m fine.

To use HelloFax, click on the item Send a fax (top left), press the button Send a fax (in the center of the page) and then click on the button Upload filein such a way as to select i file to upload and send.

Once this is done, press the button Forward (top right), indicates who i am signatories fax by writing names they email addresses in the appropriate text fields and click on the button Forward (top right). If you are thesole signatory of the document, on the other hand, just click on the appropriate wording and that’s it.

If you find it useful, print on the fax initials, signatures and so on using the HelloFax editor, or jump this step by clicking on the appropriate button. In conclusion, it indicates the fax number of the recipient or his own email addressusing the appropriate text field, and click on the buttons Send document And Send with HelloSign. Simple, right?



Also MyFax it’s a great service to try for faxing from your computer. I want to tell you, however, that it is not free: after one 30-day trial which allows you to send 2 faxes a day (with a limit of 150 pages) and the reception of documents no longer than 200 pages, has a cost starting from 13 euros / month. As in the case of the services mentioned above, no advertising message is imprinted on the faxes, which are delivered within a few hours. The service can also be used via the app for Android (also available on alternative stores) or iOS / iPadOS.

To use it, go to his home pageclick on the button Start your free trial (top right), select in which country you want a fax number (ex. Italy), take care of choose a city of your interest through the appropriate menu and click on the button Go on.

Then specify yours in the appropriate text fields first nameyour email address and data relating to credit card, so as to activate the free trial of the service (you will not be charged if you deactivate the renewal before the trial expires). Also specify thebilling addressyour telephone number and click on the button Activate placed at the bottom.

Then open the message that will be sent to you via email to the address used during registration and follow the instructions for sending the identity documents necessary to activate the account (if you do not do so according to the terms and methods indicated in the message, the account will be deleted).

After activating your account, go to login page of MyFax, provide your account login details and click on the button Log In. To send a fax click on the button Send faxfill out the form that is proposed to you, specify the telephone number of the fax recipient and the various sender data in the appropriate boxes, click on the button Choose file and, after choosing the document to send, click on the button Send fax to proceed.

If you decide to deactivate the subscription before the automatic renewal (to avoid charges), click on the button Update account (located on the main page of your MyFax profile), click on the entries Billing> Cancel My Account and follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the operation.