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How to send anonymous emails with a false address

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How to send anonymous emails with a false address: The hackers you see in movies, TV series and video games are always all the same: a bit nerdy, without a friend and with a lot of computers and technological devilry around. Punctually these characters manage to do things that seem impossible to you: sneak into the computer systems of the FBI or the CIA, intercept calls, track movements and read messages from the people they control.

Yes, of course these are a bit of a stereotype, but you are still fascinated by them and would like to be one of your television favorites for a day. Well, if your intent is to play the role of a hacker, one thing you need to know is send anonymous emails with a false address. Surely you have seen it repeatedly in the TV shows you watch.

How do you say? Did you click on this guide of mine precisely because this is your intent and would you like me to explain how to do it? Are you planning to organize a good trick for your friends and would like to know what I recommend? Well then this is the guide for you. Throughout this tutorial, I’ll tell you about some web tools you can use to send anonymous emails. But please, use these services with a little common sense and don’t get too carried away with bad taste messages. Otherwise I don’t take any kind of responsibility, right? Having said that, I would say that we can start. Have a good reading.

How to send anonymous emails with a false address

Guerrilla Mail

Among the many web services that I want to advise you to use to send anonymous emails with a false address, there is the site Guerrilla Mail which, although it has a somewhat old-fashioned user interface, is great for the purpose in question.

This service offers a temporary email address to be used for sending anonymous emails. The Internet site in question has a user interface in Italian language and it is therefore very easy to use even for the less experienced in using the computer.

To start using it, first connect to its main Internet page via the web address I have indicated and start composing your email by clicking on the button you write.

At this point you will be able to see the form for sending and composing your email on the screen. In the text field TO: you can type in a single email address. Please note that you cannot send other addresses to Copy Knowledge as there is no text field CC.

In the text field Object: you can instead indicate the subject of your email, while in the lower text field you can write the body of your message.

This web service can also be used for sending files as attachments; However, keep in mind that the limit is given by the possibility of sending files of a maximum of 150 MB per email. If you want to send an attached file via this service, you will need to press the button Choose file and select the file to attach from your computer.

Once you have finished composing your email, you can send the email to the recipient you want with the security that your identity will not be revealed.

This Web service uses a temporary e-mail address that expires after 60 minutes. In fact, you can see the temporary email address from which the email will be sent and which will therefore correspond to the sender. The temporary email address is visible at the top of this web service and can be changed. If you want to modify and personalize the sender, click on the buttons Pseudonymous address or change the recipient using the drop-down menu you will see on the screen. You can choose several temporary domains from those available.

As soon as you are ready to send your email, click on the button Send. To confirm the sending of the email you will also need to press the button I am not a robot and thus pass the Captcha check. At the end of this operation, the email you sent anonymously will be delivered directly and immediately to the recipient you indicated.

I also inform you of the possibility of using this service also from Android mobile devices, by downloading the application from Play Storethe virtual store of your device.


AnonyMouse is a Web service with a very simple and immediate interface that will allow you to carry out the purpose you have set yourself in no time.

The main feature of this service is in fact given by its immediacy; on the other hand, however, it must be taken into account that the email sent anonymously will be delivered to the recipient at a random moment within 12 hours. For this reason, if you need to send an anonymous email and you absolutely want it delivered immediately, this service may not be for you.

Once these premises have been clarified, we can begin to see in detail how to use this service for sending emails anonymously. To start using AnonyMouse, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and go to this Internet site via the link I provided. You will then need to view its main page.

To send an anonymous email with a false address, through this service, you will first need to fill in the text field To: indicating the email address of your recipient. In the text field Subject: you will have to write the subject of your message instead. Instead, the text field in which you can type the text of your message instead is marked with the wording Message:

Once you have filled in all the text fields you will see on the screen, to send the emails anonymously, just press the button Send Anonymously. After sending the emails, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. You will be informed that the emails have been sent and also that their delivery will take place within 12 hours of sending them.

Send Email

An even more minimal UI web service that you can use to send anonymous emails with a fake address is the one called Send Email.

If you decide to use it by connecting to its main website, you will in fact notice its home screen completely devoid of secondary accessory elements. Sending an anonymous email is thus completely possible free and in no time.

If you want to use this web service, all you have to do is fill in the text fields that you will see on the screen.

In particular, in correspondence with the wording To: you will need to indicate the recipient’s email address. In the text field Subject: you will have to type the subject of the emails you want to send. The text to be sent via email will instead be typed in the text field Message:.

This service is useful for staying anonymous as it will not necessarily ask you to fill in the text field Reply To: and, in this way, it will not be necessary to indicate your email address.

To send the emails you wrote you will then have to move the button from left to right Slide to send.

When the emails are sent, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. You will be notified of the sending of the emails which will be immediately delivered to the recipient indicated by you.

Emkei’s Mailer

One of the Web services that I recommend you use due to its numerous additional tools dedicated to sending anonymous emails with a fake address is the site Emkei’s Mailer.

If you want to start using it, the first thing you need to do is connect to its official website and then fill in the text fields you will see on the screen.

So please note that in the text field From Name: instead you will have to enter a real or invented name in the field From E-mail: an email address although this will not necessarily have to be your real address.

To use this service you can in fact choose to use a fake email address of your invention. However, the important thing is that there is valid formatting and an existing domain name, otherwise the email will not be sent. Just to give you an example, you can choose your email address

In the text field To: instead, you will have to type the email address of the recipient you want to send the emails to and then, in the text field Subject, indicate the subject of the emails you want to send. If you wish, you can also add attachments by clicking on the button Choose File that you find in correspondence with the item Attachment:.

Before sending the emails you will also need to pass the captcha check by pressing the button I am not a robot and then you will have to confirm your willingness to send the email you wrote by pressing the button Send.

However, keep in mind that since this is a service that will ask you to invent a fake email address, the recipient of your email may not receive the message. Some email services such as Gmail or Outlook, for example, automatically filter messages sent from fake email addresses or that fail the default email security checks.

However, I choose to recommend this email address due to its many customization options that you can see on the screen by pressing the button Advanced Settings. This button will allow you to access an additional section thanks to which you can, for example, send emails to multiple recipients using the text field CC.