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How to send a message to all Facebook friends

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How to send a message to all Facebook friends: You’re throwing a party in your new home and you’ve decided you want to let all your friends know. So you thought that, to warn them, you could send a private message to all Facebook friends? You have therefore entered the social network but you have not understood how to do it and, in the hope of knowing more about the procedure to follow, you are now reading this guide on

You were right to ask for my help, I am happy to help you. Unfortunately, however, you must know that the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg does not provide a function specifically dedicated to sending a message to the entire contact list. This tool could in fact be used by attackers to send mass spam messages. So, how to solve to send a message to all Facebook friends? It is very simple: you just need to use other tools made available by the social network, through which you can still get your communications to a wide audience.

If you want to know more, take a few minutes of free time and let me show you all the tools that currently allow you to send messages to all Facebook friends (or in any case to several people at the same time) without violating the rules of the social network and therefore being labeled as a “spammer” and without, consequently, risking the ban of your account. We will first see how to send the same private message to multiple friends simultaneously, then we will discover how to use lists, events and groups to communicate with certain selected people. So, are you ready to get started? As usual, before getting to the heart of the matter, I would like to wish you a good read.

How to send a message to all friends on Facebook (Facebook Messenger)

As already mentioned above, this is not possible for security reasons send messages to all friends on Facebook, however, this does not mean that each person should be contacted individually, even for communications involving a restricted circle of users. Let’s take a practical example.

If, as mentioned in the introduction, you are thinking of organizing an evening with some of your friends, you can take advantage of the Facebook chat to send the same private message to all participants. As? It’s that easy. Just create one group chat. I’ll explain how to do it in detail in the lines below.

First go to Facebook and, once logged into your account, click on the icon pencil that you find located at the bottom of the sidebar. This will open the chat and you can write a message to a group of friends. In the field TO: in the box that appears, type the names of all the friends you want to receive your communication. Finally, in the text field dedicated to the message, type your communication normally and, once done, send the message to the selected recipients by pressing the key Enter on the PC keyboard.

The same functionality is also available in the mobile environment, thanks to the application Facebook Messenger for iPhone And Android. To send a private message to your friends using it, open the application and then press onicon of pencil located at the top right. At this point, in a very similar way to how seen on Facebook via desktop, type the names of the people with whom you want to stay in touch as recipients in the field TO:. In this way you will be able to write a message in a very simple way and make sure that all the recipients entered receive it in a single chat.

Alternatively, if you want to access Facebook Messenger from desktop, you can only open Facebook chat using this link. Once you have logged into the Web application, you can just as easily send a message to more than one person at the same time.

To do this, also in this case you will have to click onpencil icon. In the text field TO: you will have to re-type the names of the people you want to contact. Using group chat, once you have written and sent your message, you will have the possibility to chat with more than one person at the same time. You will see that organizing your party will be much easier.

How to send a message to all friends on Facebook (Facebook groups)

Alternatively, to send a private message to more than one Facebook friend at the same time, you can use the tool Groups: you will be able to create a group of friends to have a conversation with on Facebook.

Create a new one Group on Facebook it is very simple, but there are some steps to take into account. First, log into Facebook if you haven’t already and, from the main screen, click the button Groups that you find at the sidebar. You will then be sent back to the homonymous section of the social network, through which you can also manage all your pre-existing groups if necessary.

How to create a new group? It is soon said. Click on the green button + Create a new group. Automatically, Facebook will suggest some predefined names to help you choose the name of your group (for example Friends who like the facebook page), but you can independently choose the name to give to your group of friends. Then type it in the text field Name the group and then enter the names of the people you want to add to the group, via the text field Add some people.

Now pay attention to setting the privacy of your group: Closed Group it means that everyone can find the group and see who is part of it. However, only members will be able to see their posts (members will need to be manually approved by the administrators). The privacy setting Public Group will create a public domain group. You will not need the permission of the administrators to enter and everyone (even non-members) will be able to see the group, its members and their posts. If you choose to create a Secret Group, only members will be able to find and see the group as well as see its posts. To confirm the settings and create your group, click on the button Create.

Once the group is created, you can keep in touch with the people belonging to the group, through the section Discussion or via Facebook Messenger chat. In the second case, to start a group chat belonging to a specific Facebook group that you have created, press on the three dots symbol located next to the item Add Members. Then click Send Message come on Select all, to start a group conversation. Then press on Start Chat. In this way, you will once again have the opportunity to keep in touch with all the members of the group.

How to send a message to all friends on Facebook (Friends List)

If you want to post a message on Facebook and have only some of your friends see it while excluding others, you can create one contact list on the social network and then go to adjust the properties of the post, so that it is visible only to whoever you want. To create a contact list, first log into Facebook.

At this point, using the left sidebar, locate and press the button Friends list. Then press the button Create a list located at the top of the page that opens. At this point, type the name you want to assign to the list in the field Name of the list, type the names of the people you want to be part of the group in the field Members and click on Create to save the changes. If you only want to see posts from members belonging to the created list in the Facebook Newsfeed, you will have to manually click on each time Friends list and then on the name of the created list. In a simpler way, however, if you want to write a message on Facebook addressed only to the people on the list, you just have to go to your Facebook profile and proceed normally with the procedure for creating a new post. Unlike what you usually do, this time, once the operation is completed, you will have to select the list you just created from the drop-down menu located at the bottom near the button Publish (ex. Friends) And that’s it. In this way, once published (via the Publish), your message will only be visible to the members of the selected list.

How to send a message to all friends on Facebook (Events)

You want to send a message to all friends to invite them to your birthday party or to an event you are organizing? Then know that Facebook has introduced an even more interesting way to streamline communications. In fact, I want to talk to you about the possibility of creating events and invite your entire contact list with a couple of simple clicks. Does it sound too good to be true? Not at all! Follow the procedures I indicate below to create an event on Facebook.

To take advantage of this feature, locate and click on the item Events from the left sidebar. Click the button + Create Event and choose whether to create a Public event (visible and accessible to all) or a Private Event (visible only to guests and accessible only to friends of guests).

In the case of organizing a party it is more suitable to click on Private Event and once you click on the relevant button, you can apply some customizations to the event. First choose a Theme via one of the default images or by uploading your own custom photo. Then give a first name to the event, add the place, the date And time and add the Description for your event. When you’re done, click the button Create a test event.

On the next screen, click on the button Invite and select the item Choose friends from the menu that opens. Then select the item All of the friends from the left sidebar, and manually select the friends and then press the button Send invitations.

Once all invitations have been sent out, you can also write messages on the invitation page and have your communications reach all attendees. Once you have written a message, to highlight a communication, click on arrow located at the top right of the post and select the option Star the post above from the menu that appears.