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How to send a deferred email

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How to send a deferred email: In a few days you will have to send an email but, when the time comes to do so, you are not sure if you are at home or even that you can access the Internet from your smartphone to possibly send it with your Android or iOS mobile device. You are desperate for a service that will allow you to send postponed emails every day at a set time; your desire is to automate a procedure considered cumbersome for you and thus avoid wasting precious time.

If this is the case and you find yourself perfectly in one of the cases listed above or in a similar situation, you will surely be happy to know that I can help you solve this problem of yours with technology. Sending postponed emails is possible, as long as you use some web services that I will tell you about in this tutorial of mine.

So take a few minutes of free time, sit comfortably and follow the instructions I am about to give you; I am sure that you will be fully satisfied with what you have learned and you will be able to use these services independently even later. Are you ready to get started? Have a good reading.


During 2019, Gmail, the famous Google e-mail service, has introduced a function that many have been waiting for for a long time: scheduling the sending of emails. This means you can send a deferred email directly from your Gmail account without installing plugins, browser extensions and, most importantly, without having to pay a cent. All you need to take advantage of this feature is a Google account.

If you do not yet have a Google account and, consequently, a Gmail address, fix it immediately: connect to this web pageclick on the item Create an accountlocated at the bottom left, and select the item For me from the menu that opens.

Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with all the requested information (first name, last name, username, password And confirmation of the same), click on the button Forwardat the bottom right, and provide the rest of the requested information: date of birth And sex of belonging (telephone number And recovery email address are optional), then click on the button Forward.

Finally, scroll the page with the Gmail conditions of use, check the two boxes relating to their acceptance and press the button Create accountto complete the procedure.

Google account creation

Should you prefer to act from mobilethen from a smartphone or tablet, I point out that you can follow the same procedure indicated in the previous lines or you can act from the system menu.

  • If you use Androidgo to the menu Settings> Accountspress the button Add accountselect the logo of Google from the next screen and press on the item Create an account.
  • If you use iOSgo to the menu Settings> Passwords and Accounts (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up Settings> Mail or Settings> Contacts), press the button Add accountselect the logo of Google from the next screen and press on the item Create an account.

IOS Gmail account creation

Once you’ve created your Google account, you can start sending deferred emails with Gmail. To proceed from a computer, connect to the your inboxlog into your Google account (if necessary) and click on the button you write (top left), to normally compose a new email.

Once the email has been written, indicating the recipient and subject and possibly adding attachments to it, click on arrow located next to the button Send (bottom left, in the message composition box) and select the item Schedule sending from the menu that opens.

Next, click on the entry Choose date and time (if none of the default scheduling options, for example Tomorrow afternoon or Monday morningsatisfies you) and specifies date hour sending the email. Then press the button Schedule sending, bottom right, and that’s it. Please note that you can program up to a maximum of 100 messages.

In case of second thoughts, you can change the sending date or cancel a scheduled email, simply by selecting the item Scheduled from the left sidebar, moving the mouse cursor to the message of your interest and clicking on one of the icons appear on the right: theclockto change the dispatch date, or the trash canto delete it by moving it to the Trash.

Gmail sending scheduling

And from smartphones and tablets? Is it possible to schedule e-mails to be sent on Gmail? Obviously yes, just install the official Gmail application for Android or iOS.

So, after installing and starting the official Gmail application on your device, log in to your account and start composing a new message. Once you’ve typed your email text and entered object, recipient and any attachmentstap on the icon with i three dots located at the top right and select the item Schedule sending from the menu that opens.

At this point, choose one of the predefined programming options, among those proposed to you (eg. Tomorrow morning or Tomorrow afternoon), or select the icon Choose date and time, to select a specific date and time to deliver the message to the recipient. Finally, click on the button Schedule sending (bottom right) and that’s it.

Android Gmail sending programming

In case of second thoughts, you can change the sending date of a message or cancel it, simply by tapping the ☰ button located at the top left of the Gmail app and selecting the item Scheduled from the bar that appears on the side.

On the next screen, make a long tap on the message of your interest and, if you want to change the date / time of sending, press the button with i three dots located at the top right and then select the item Postpone from the menu that opens. If, on the other hand, you want to cancel it (bringing it back in drafts), click on thepaper plane with the “x” next to it. Easier than that?

Alternative services

Didn’t the LetterMeLater website attract your attention particularly? Would you like more advice on which web tools to use to send deferred emails? No problem, I can still help you: below I propose some other noteworthy services that will allow you to achieve the purpose you have proposed.


It is an Internet service that allows you to send a deferred email. This service is designed with the intention of sending a letter to yourself in the future, allowing you to send an e-mail message over a period of time such as 1 year, 3 years or 5 years, but it is also possible to customize the period of time by choosing a specific date (provided you choose a time span of at least 30 days in the future).

It has a simple but attractive user interface, so you just need to go to hers official websitewrite the message in the appropriate text field and then choose the date of sending, using the drop-down menu located next to the item Deliver On.

The message can be private or made public (buttons Private or Public, but anonymous) and the email must be sent by pressing the button Send to the Future!


It is one of the few Web services still active to allow the sending of postponed emails. It comes with a minimal English-language user interface and is a web service designed to send postponed emails to yourself.

It can also be used to send scheduled emails to other people (allows sending to a maximum of 4 recipients at the same time); However, it must be borne in mind that the recipients are sent a confirmation email immediately, to ensure that the future email that has been scheduled does not end up in the spam folder.

To use it, all you need to do is connect to his official website. You must then indicate the recipient’s email address in the text field E-mail Address:, the subject in the text field Subject: and the message in the text field Message:.

To schedule the sending of the email, use the drop-down menus When to send the E-mail, What time to send the E-mail, Timezone and, before pressing the button Sendchoose if the conversation should be private (Private) or public but anonymous (Public anonymous).