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How to send a certified e-mail without having it

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How to send a certified e-mail without having it: You would like to participate in a public competition and have read that it is mandatory to send documents via PEC. Maybe you have to send a communication, you necessarily need the delivery receipt, and you know that the PEC replaces in all respects the registered letter with return receipt. In this regard, since you do not have a certified mailbox yet, you would like to know how to send a certified e-mail without having itthat is, without necessarily having to activate a service of this type only for your single need.

If that’s the case, I’m sorry to give you some bad news. Even if the Internet offers a myriad of opportunities, in fact, it is not yet possible to carry out an operation of this kind. Or rather, there are also services that promise to send certified e-mails without having to open a PEC box, but from my tests they turned out to be unreliable and, moreover, unnecessarily expensive. In short: much better to opt for the opening of a certified mailbox, which today is very simple, fast and in some cases even free for a limited period of time.

Would you like to know more? Well, then go ahead and read. By reading this guide, you will understand better what a PEC is and you will find the answers to the many doubts you now have about sending electronic messages with legal value. Make yourself comfortable, pay attention to my indications and I assure you that you will be able to reach your goal and use the PEC without problems.

Preliminary information

I don’t want to bore you with this information but it is important that you know what is a certified e-mail to understand its importance and be able to consciously choose the services offered on the Web: as I told you, in fact, not all are reliable and in some cases you may find yourself faced with real scams (in this regard, regardless of the service I will tell you about , I suggest you read these tips of mine to avoid getting scammed on the net).

The acronym PEC stands for Certified mailand indicates a tool with which they can send and receive e-mails they have legal validity; we could compare it, in essence, to one registered mail with return receipt, and this is why it is increasingly in demand in competitions and for the most important communications, both between individuals and with the Public Administration. Consider that for some individuals it is even mandatory to have a PEC address: this is the case, for example, for professionals enrolled in professional associations (for example, journalists) and individual firms.

How do you say? You would like to know how the certified e-mail works in detail and in what does the legal value I have told you about? I’ll explain it to you right away. As soon as you send an e-mail with the PEC, the message is analyzed by your mail provider’s server; then, if accepted, it is sent to the recipient’s mail server. Here a new verification is performed and, if the message passes it, it is delivered to the end user.

You will receive a message with receipt of acceptance, indicating that the registered letter has been taken over; soon after (although the process may not be as fast), you will receive a second notice, that of successful delivery, which certifies that the e-mail has been sent to the recipient. All clear?

The legal value of the e-mail that is sent with the PEC consists in the fact that the two receipts I have just told you about. On the user side, the PEC mailboxes work like the classic mailboxes and do not require dedicated programs or hardware devices. For more information, read my guide on PEC, it will certainly be useful.

How to send a certified e-mail without having it

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Ok, you understand how the service works but you just don’t want to give up and you would like to know how to send a certified e-mail without having it. Perhaps you are wondering if an ordinary e-mail sent to a PEC box has the same legal value as an e-mail sent with the PEC; if this were the case, in fact, it would be of almost no use to have a certified e-mail address and you could use your traditional e-mail address without doing anything else.

The point is that the ordinary e-mail does not necessarily reach your recipient: the certified e-mail box can be configured in such a way as not to receive e-mails that are PEC; this for many reasons, for example to avoid spam or even to filter incoming mail (it is not uncommon, in fact, for a private individual to have both an ordinary e-mail address for all communications, and a PEC for the more official ones) .

Consider, in any case, that, even if the recipient accepts the receipt of ordinary e-mails, however, these would not have legal value, consequently they would be of no use. If, for example, you want to cancel and someone complains that you have not sent any e-mail, with an ordinary e-mail you run much more risk than an e-mail sent from a certified mailbox.

Maybe you didn’t want to spend money to enter a contest or send documents, and, already having an e-mail address, you would have preferred that it was possible to do so without problems. As you can see, it isn’t, but you don’t have to give up on that. As already mentioned, the few services that promise to send certified e-mails without opening a special box are generally not very reliable and expensive, but there is an alternative solution: very soonin fact, I’ll show you how to send a certified e-mail for free (albeit with limitations) by opening a PEC account in a few simple steps.

How to send a free certified e-mail

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As extensively stated above, the best solution you have at your disposal for send a PEC for free is to open a PEC account with a free trial and use it to send the communication of your interest. Net of this, I want to tell you that activating a PEC account, generally, does not cost a lot: even if you did not have the possibility to do it for free you could get away with even 5 euros / year!

Another thing: if you are enrolled in an order or if you are an employee of the Public Administration, try to inform yourself, as through some agreements, your reference body may have made a free activation service available for its members (or employees) of the PEC.

Having made all the necessary premises, however, let me talk about some of the services that allow you to have a PEC box with a free trial.

Among the services you can consider there is LegalMailwhich is aimed primarily at professionals and offers several plans: 5GB Bronze (25 euros + VAT), 8GB Silver (39 euros + VAT) e 15GB Gold (79 euros + VAT); obviously, the higher the price, the more features, as you can read in the description of the various packages. For the 2 GB mailbox there is a 6-month free trial period.

Another PEC service that also offers the trial period is this is, also in this case, 6 months (with 9.90 euros of setup costs, in case of non-renewal) for one 2 GB PEC box. The package in question is PEC Agile, which upon renewal requires the payment of 33.90 euros / year + VAT. offers the possibility of subscribing to other plans, such as Single certified e-mail at 43 euros / year + VAT and a tailor-made solution for the customer; also in this case the functionalities will depend on the type of subscription subscribed.

In all cases, you should read them well contractual conditions, which are generally summarized during the activation procedure or which are reported below (they are almost always in very small font and are found after an asterisk): they can change over time, and it is not certain that you have to pay anything at the end of the trial period., for example, asks 9.90 euros in case of non-renewal as setup costs. In short, be careful if you don’t want to spend unexpected amounts.

If none of the solutions mentioned above convinces you, you can open a cheap PEC mailbox, but directly for a fee, at other providers: you will find everything explained in this guide.