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How to sell photos online

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How to sell photos online: Looking back at some photos you took during your last vacation, you found some particularly beautiful ones which, in your opinion, if sold, could arouse public interest and yield a little something. Sorry so why don’t you try to sell them on the internet? Maybe you could really make a profit! How do you say? You had already thought about it but you dismissed the idea because you don’t have the faintest idea of how to sell photos online? So let me help you out!

In today’s guide, I will introduce you to some microstock services that allow you to sell your photographic works online at fairly affordable prices. Of course, you can’t expect to get high earnings, especially if you’re a photographer budding, but it’s always better than nothing, isn’t it? And then you can always create your own website and try to sell your shots directly there: an interesting challenge, don’t you think?

Courage: roll up your sleeves and take action right away! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next paragraphs and, above all, implement the “tips” that I will give you. I am sure that, by carefully following my instructions, you will not have the slightest problem using the solutions listed below. I wish you a good read and, above all, I’ll give you a big good luck for everything!

Adobe Stock

One of the first solutions for sell photos online which I recommend to consider is Adobe Stock, the service that allows you to purchase photos for use in projects created with the Adobe Creative Cloud platform software (and not only). It also allows you to upload your own photos and sell them obtaining royalty earnings of 33% for photos and 35% for videos. Payment is made through PayPal upon reaching at least 50 euros in royalty.

To use Adobe Stock, connect to his main page, presses the button Sell located at the top right and, on the page that opens, presses the blue button Introduction to create your Adobe ID: you will be shown a form in which you will have to provide first name, surname, email address, password is date of birth. After that you will have to press the button Sign in and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the registration. If, on the other hand, you already have an Adobe ID, you can skip this step by pressing the button I already have an Adobe ID and logging in with your login credentials.

Upon first access to the service, you will be asked if you are an author Fotolia (a microstock service which was acquired by Adobe a few years ago and which gave birth to Adobe Stock): presses the button Yes, I’m an Fotolia author to link your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock or the button No. Proceed to the next step. If you have decided not to connect the Fotolia account, you will have to upload the images you want to sell on Adobe Stock: presses on the link Browse placed in the center of the page and select the images you want to sell, or drag them into the browser window, in the area Drag and drop files.

After uploading an image, the service will automatically recognize the type of file uploaded and even the content present in it. In any case, make sure that the type of file, the category and the keywords chosen automatically by the service are correct and, if necessary, modify them by selecting others to your liking. Finally, answer the question Are there recognizable subjects or properties? from the menu on the right (bottom) by pressing up Yup or No and then presses the green button Submit for approval. To conclude, then, upload the image of a valid identity document by pressing the button Select document (JPEG), so as to send the photo for approval.

If the image is approved by the Adobe team and is actually sold, you can earn a small percentage from the sale, as I said earlier.


iStockPhoto is another site for selling photos on the Internet that I recommend you try. This is a microstock service created by GettyImages, a world-renowned US photographic agency, which allows you to earn by selling your shots by receiving a 15% percentage of the sale, which can go up to 45% for exclusive contributors. Payment occurs in the month following the minimum payment threshold, set at $ 100.

To sell photos on iStockPhoto, connect to This Page and presses the button ASK located at the bottom. Then fill in the registration form that is proposed to you by providing yours first name, surname, email address and yours country of residence. Then accept the conditions of use of the service, by placing the check mark on the appropriate box, put the check mark on the item I’m not a robot and, after following the instructions necessary to verify that you are not a robot, press the button Go on.

On the page that opens, presses the button (+) placed at the wording Photo. You can upload up to 15 photos, in order to upload the photos you want to sell on iStockPhoto (max. 15). On the page that opens, then presses the button Search on your computer and uploads the photos reminding you that they must be in JPEG / JPG format and that each of them can have a maximum weight of 3GB.

Then fill in the text fields Title of the photo, Photo description (optional) providing information on the image you uploaded and presses the button Add to question. When you have finished the operation for the remaining photos you want to sell, press on the button Submit the question And that’s it. The GettyImages team will send you an email telling you that it will review the material you have sent and inform you about the acceptance of your application within 30 working days.

Please note that iStockPhoto is also available as a free application for Android is iOS.


Didn’t the services I told you about in the previous lines satisfy you? If so, I recommend that you consider Shutterstock, another very famous microstock portal (also available as an app for Android is iOS), which allows you to sell your shots at prices between 0.21 and 2.90 euro / each. Payment is made at the end of each month and the achievement of a pre-established minimum threshold is not required.

To sell photos on Shutterstock, connect to This Page, presses on the orange button Get started and register for the service by filling in the form shown on the screen: type your full name in the text field Full Name, choose the name to make visible to other users by filling in the text field Display Name (if you want, you can also leave the name entered automatically), provide the email address with which to register by indicating it in the text field Email Address and also indicates the password of access you want to use. To complete the registration, then affix the check mark on the item concerning the acceptance of the terms of use of the service and the declaration that you are of age and then presses the button Next to continue.

Within a few seconds, you should receive a message at the email address with which you registered: presses on the link Please click here to verify your email, so as to validate the email address you entered. On the page that opens in the browser, presses the button Next and fill in the form you see on the screen providing the information about yours address and the cellphone number and presses the button again Next to continue.

At this point, you can finally upload your first image to Shutterstock. Pajamas on the red button Upload images and follow the instructions on the screen to upload one or more photos. I remind you that you can upload JPEG files that have a minimum size of 4 Megapixels. So click on the button Got It! to close the information window containing the tips for uploading content to the platform and then drag the images you want to upload to the area Drag and Drop your files here, or presses the button Select multiple files to select them “manually”.

After uploading one or more photos, presses the button Next placed at the bottom right of the page and then presses the red button Start adding details to add details (in English) regarding the uploaded content. I advise you to carefully choose the keywords with which to describe the images because this will depend on the visibility that the content will have on the platform and, consequently, the possible downloads and earnings that you will get.

Select, therefore, one of the photos you uploaded and from the menu that appears on the right, specify the type of file (Photo or illustration), the use that can be made of it (Usage), the description (Description), the category (Category 1 is 2), etc. When you are ready to do it, then, press the button Save placed at the top right and click the button submit located at the bottom right. At this point, you will see a message informing you that the Shutterstock review team will review the content you submitted and provide feedback within a few days.

Sell ​​photos online with your site

Laptop computer

As you may have noticed from reading the previous paragraphs, if you decide to sell your shots by relying on external sites, the earnings will be somehow “shared” with the platforms in question, which, in exchange for a higher or lower percentage on the sale price of the photos, allow you to host the shots and make them accessible to their audience.

If you have a your websitehowever, you could also try to sell the photos yourself, without turning to the platforms in question, thus obtaining earnings that are equal to 100% of the sales made (excluding taxes). How do you say? At this moment you don’t have a website but would like to create one to sell your photographic works? And then I recommend reading my guide on how to create a website: there you will find explained by thread and by sign what solutions you can adopt to create a website in a few clicks.