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How to see who saves your photos on Instagram

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How to see who saves your photos on Instagram: Since you discovered that you have a real talent for photography, you publish your shots every day on Instagram. Very often you receive positive comments from your followers, as well as several “likes”. Your popularity on the photographic social network is undeniable and that is why you would like to take away a curiosity, seeing who saves the posts you publish.

Did I guess? Then don’t worry: if you ask yourself how to see who saves your photos on instagramkeep reading, because in the next chapters I will illustrate your possibilities in relation to the topic, hoping to be able to satisfy your curiosity as it should.

What else to say? Make yourself comfortable, carefully follow the procedures that I am about to illustrate and try to put them into practice, so as to get an idea of ​​who saves your photos posted on Instagram. That said, I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

From the moment you wonder how to see who saves your photos on instagramlet me explain how things stand and what are your chances of reaching the goal.

First of all, as you may have already guessed from my tones, unfortunately I have to tell you that it is not possible to know the exact names of those who save the photos we post on Instagram; on the other hand, the managers of the social network are keen to protect the privacy of users.

Net of this, you can manage to achieve your intent – at least in part – through alternative solutions. Which? By making use of the Instagram function that allows you to know the number of people that save our photos published in the posts. I know, it’s not like knowing who save posts, but that’s already something!

To take advantage of this possibility it is necessary to have a professional Instagram account (agency or creator). In case you haven’t done the switch to professional accountyou can do it from the menu Settings> Accounts> Switch a professional account Instagram app for Android And iPhone.

By doing this you will be able to know how many people are saving your photos on Instagram, as, through a professional account, you will be able to view the Insights – that is the statistics – of the posts you have published.

How to know who saves your Instagram photos

Having made the necessary premises above, we come to the procedure for see the number of people who save your photos on Instagram; procedure that can be implemented both from the app and from a PC, using the Instagram official site or his application for Windows 10 and later.

Android and iOS

How to know who saves your Instagram photos

To see the statistical data relating to your posts and also find out the number of people who have saved your content on Instagram, all you have to do is log into your account in the app, if you have not already done so, and identify, in your profile, a post that you have published.

Once this is done, click on the button View Insights, in order to expand the drop-down menu related to statistics. Then refer to the icon of the bookmark and, in correspondence with it, you will be indicated the Number of person who saved the content in question through the appropriate Instagram function.

Alternatively, by going to the your profile, you can get more information on which posts you have published most saved by users. To do this, press on the item View dashboard for professionalstap on the wording See all Insights data and then presses on the section named Content you have sharedto access the section on viewing post statistics.

Finally, use the drop-down menu at the top to sort the display of posts by bailouts made by users and you will see i post that users have saved the most.


Instagram PC statistical data

If you prefer to act from PClog into your Instagram account from the official website or application for Windows and click on your post you want to see the statistics for, then click on the item View Insights.

By doing so, you will be shown the menu Insights on posts which shows in detail the information relating to post statistics such as interactions and visibility achieved.

Specifically, refer to the icon bookmark: in correspondence with the same you will be indicated the number of saves that users have made on the post you published.

App to see who saves your photos on Instagram

Lots of Instagram logos

You wonder if there are any app to see who saves your photos on Instagram? In this case you must know that, as anticipated, the answer is negative, since not even through the functionality related to statistics of professional Instagram accounts it is possible to trace this information, which is not disclosed by the social network for issues relating to the protection of the privacy of its users.

Therefore, I invite you to stay away from tools or apps that promise to give you this informationsince these are certainly scam attempts and using them could significantly expose your account to risks of compromising privacy.