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How to see who has viewed a live on Facebook

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After understanding the potential of using social networks professionally, you have decided to invest time and resources on Facebook, as it is the most popular platform in the world right now. In this case, you would like to use the live broadcasts effectively and see who views them to understand which audience is most interested in the issues you face on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg. You know what I say? Sounds like a great idea to me!

How about, then, if I show you how to see who has viewed a live on Facebook? Does this seem like a good way to start your adventure in the world of “live”? Very well, then let’s proceed now! Just a small premise before starting: at the time of writing, it is possible to know the identity of those who see the live broadcasts on Facebook only while they are being broadcast. Once concluded, in fact, it is no longer possible to trace the names of those who participated. However, do not worry: I will reveal a couple of tricks that will allow you to understand at least who could have participated in deferred and how many people reached the video.

Having clarified this point, I would say that now we can really start! Are you ready? Yup? Well, then make yourself comfortable, take the time to concentrate on reading the next lines and, above all, implement the “tips” that I will give you. You will see, following my suggestions you will have no problem seeing who views your live broadcasts while they are being broadcast and finding general information about the audience reached even when these are finished. I wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

See who views a live on Facebook during the broadcast

For see who views a live on Facebook during the broadcast, you just have to start streaming and wait for participants to join to find out who they are. As I mentioned in the introduction, in fact, while the broadcast is live it is possible to know exactly who is watching it.

Starting a Facebook live is really simple: all you have to do is log into your Facebook account, press the button Live or Live video located at the box What are you thinking about?, press the button Start live video and wait for participants to be added. When a new user sees the Facebook live started, you will see theirs first name appear at the bottom left (if you are acting from the Facebook app for Android And iOS) or at the bottom right (if you are working from your PC).

If you have started the live broadcast from the Facebook app, you can even scroll through the list of all users who are taking part in the broadcast: just press the button Your viewers (the icon of two men located at the bottom right) and, in the menu that will appear on the screen, there will be a complete list of all those who are watching the streaming. From the PC, however, you should see scrolling the list of participants in the box located on the right.

When you finish the transmission (from mobile) by pressing the button end, you will also see a summary screen that will tell you who participated in the live broadcast: naturally, once you close this screen, you will no longer be able to see the list of viewers (if not following the precautions that I will reveal to you shortly): so I suggest you take a screenshot on it if you want to consult it later.

See who viewed a live on Facebook after the broadcast

You have finished a live on Facebook and would like to know who viewed the broadcast? As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, unfortunately it is not possible to access the complete list of all those who have watched the stream after it has finished. However, you can take a couple of tricks that will allow you to know the names of those who have seen the delayed broadcast and some statistics about the people reached by the video.

Share live in Stories

One way to see who has viewed a live on Facebook even after it has finished is to share the broadcast in the Stories: by doing so, it will be possible to know who has viewed the Story and, consequently, also the direct shared within the latter.

To share a live broadcast in the Stories, all you have to do is check the appropriate option in the summary screen that is shown to you when you finish the broadcast which, however, can only be viewed in the Facebook app. Android And iOS. Instead of pressing the button Delete and permanently delete the content created, you must first place the check mark on the item Keep your video in History for 24 hours and then tap the blue button Share (sharing the live stream on your diary using the option Post the video to your diary, you will not be able to see the names of those who will see the video).

Within seconds, the content will be shared in the Stories. To find out who watched the live broadcast you shared on a deferred basis, all you have to do is press the button Your story present on the main Facebook screen and tap on the symbol ofeye which is located at the bottom left: in the screen that opens, you can look at the list of users who have viewed the live broadcast. Easy, right?

Note: at the time of writing, the feature of sharing live in Stories is only available for Facebook profiles and not for pages.

Live from a Facebook page

Do you want to know who has viewed a Facebook live, in the sense that you want to know the number of people that the broadcast has reached? To access this type of information, it is necessary start live from a Facebook page and, once finished, share it on the latter. How do you say? Don’t have a Facebook page to use for this purpose? And then immediately fix it by creating one – you can help you with the steps mentioned below.

  • From smartphone / tablet – log into Facebook from its app for Android/iOS, presses the button (≡), tap on the item Pages and then on + Create or Create a page. Now you just have to press the button Start, indicate the first name you want to give to the page, click on Forward, select the category and the subcategory of belonging from the appropriate drop-down menus, press again on Forward and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.
  • From PC – log into Facebook on his main page, presses the button (▾) at the top right and select the item Create a page from the menu that opens. Then choose the type of page to use by pressing the button Start located under one of the two boxes you see on the screen, fill in the form that is proposed to you indicating the page name, the category of belonging, etc. Then press on Keep it going and follow the wizard to customize the page.

After creating your Facebook page (if you have had difficulty doing it, see this in-depth analysis), press the button Live video located in the menu Write a post … / Write something … and presses the button Start live video. As more participants join the show, you should be able to see their names (basically what I told you in previous chapter).

At the end of the live video, press the button end, put the check mark on the item Post the video to your diary present in the video summary screen and then tap on Share. The content will not be shared on the page in the form of a video, you will be able to analyze the statistics concerning the latter.

To do this, press the tab Insight and locate the post you are interested in (i.e. the one concerning the live shared on the page). Then it analyzes the statistics regarding the coverage of the video and the interactions to find out, respectively, how many people reached the posted content and how many interacted with it. While not being able to know the names of those who viewed the live broadcast, through these statistics you can find valuable data regarding the public’s satisfaction with reference to the posted content.