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How to see what friends are listening to on Spotify

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How to see what friends are listening to on Spotify: You have long been a regular listener of music on Spotify, the popular streaming service accessible from both computers and mobile devices. By now you know by heart every single text and note of your favorite songs and this satisfies you a lot, but for a while you have also been buzzing with the desire to find out if there are other artists and pieces that you do not yet know and that, perhaps , they might fit your taste.

To further expand your musical knowledge and not rely only on the Spotify algorithm, you have therefore decided to take a cue from the preferences of your circle of acquaintances. However, trying to change the app settings, you just couldn’t figure it out how to see what friends are listening to on Spotify and now you would like to know if this is somehow possible. If this is the case, I will reassure you immediately: the answer to your question is affirmative.

On Spotify you can check the activities of your friends through a simple and intuitive function included “standard” in the application. If you let me, I would like to explain to you how to enable it and how to use it. I assure you that it will only take a moment: just follow the instructions I will give you below. At this point, if you agree, I would say not to dwell further and immediately take action. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good listening!

Preliminary information

The function that allows you to see in real time what your acquaintances are listening to is called Friends feed. Thanks to the latter, you have the possibility to check in a simple and immediate way what the users you have registered as friends on Facebook are listening to. Just associate your account on the popular social network with Spotify’s.

As for, however, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms, unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to connect them directly to your Spotify account, so it is not possible to follow the activities of your friends.

Having made this necessary clarification, in the next chapters I will provide you with the information necessary to connect your Facebook profile to Spotify and, subsequently, find out what your friends listen to on the famous streaming platform: option available only in the Spotify application for computers and only if yes. keeps the program window at least 1,190 pixels wide (otherwise the Friends Feed with friends’ ratings is not displayed). Unfortunately, the Feed Friends function is not available even in the Web version of Spotify accessible directly from the browser.

How to see what friends are listening to on Spotify: PC

Spotify friends

Having clarified what there was to be clarified, let’s find out how to see what friends are listening to on Spotify from PCusing the official Spotify client for Windows and macOS (if you haven’t installed it yet, find out how to do it by reading the tutorial I just linked to you).

Then open the application by searching for it in the Windows Start menu (the one accessible by pressing the button with the flag at the bottom, in the left corner of the screen) or in the MacOS Launchpad (the icon of the nine colored boxes that you find on the Dockdown).

Once you have found and opened the Spotify application, hit the button Find friends, on the right side of the window; then click on the button Connect to Facebook. At this point, enter the address in the appropriate fields e-mail and the password associated with your Facebook account (look here in case you are no longer able to access your profile) and click on the button Log in. Clearly, this procedure is not necessary if you have already registered and therefore logged in to Spotify with Facebook.

Once logged in, you will be shown the list of your Facebook friends who use the Spotify application. To check their activities on the platform, just click on the button follow next to each one’s name and that’s it.

From now on, the music your friends have listened to will be displayed on the right side of the application window, under the heading Friends activities. Under the name of each person the song listened to in real time or the last song listened to will be shown.

The first name under that of the piece is that ofauthorthe third that ofalbum and the fourth that of playlist. By clicking on each of them you will be redirected, from time to time, to the relevant Spotify pages.

If you notice a title that intrigues you, just click on theprofile picture of the friend who is listening to the song in question, to start playing it in Spotify. Convenient, right?

Disable Spotify Friend Feed

If, after connecting your Spotify and Facebook accounts as I indicated above, you are unable to view the Friends Feed in the appropriate tab, try to close and reopen the application by performing the procedure for connecting the profiles again as explained above. ‘rather.

If, on the other hand, you want to disable the Friend Feed function, click on the icon arrow pointing down (top right next to the first name of your profile) and select the item Settings from the context menu. Scroll, therefore, the list on the page that opens and, under the heading Display optionspress onswitch placed next to the item Friends feedto deactivate it.

How to see what friends are listening to on Spotify: phone

Spotify mobile friends activity

As I mentioned earlier, the Friends feed with which you can view the songs listened to by your acquaintances in real time is only available in the PC and Mac version of Spotify. Even if your account is connected to a Facebook profile, therefore, the option card will not be displayed on smartphones and tablets.

That being the case, the only solution you can take to see what friends listen to on Spotify from their phone or Tablet is to search for your friends individually and check theirs recent activities. To do this, open the Spotify app on your device, tap on the item Search for (the icon of the magnifying glassbelow) and type in compilation field specific on first name friend whose recent activity you want to check.

Scroll, therefore, the list of results and, if you do not find the profile you are looking for, click on the item View all profiles placed at the bottom. Finally, tap the profile name of your interest and, in the tab that opens, you will be able to view the latest artists listened to and the public playlists of the person in question. Try now to see if there is anything that might interest you!