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How to see videos on Facebook

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Your best friend has returned from his last vacation abroad and has invited you to log on to Facebook to see the videos he has posted. At work, during the lunch break, your colleagues are talking about a video posted on the Facebook page of a famous company, which seems to have aroused the interest of many people. In short, everyone around you does nothing but talk about some videos seen on this well-known social network platform and you are quite intrigued: you too want to be able to see the videos on Facebook .

However, if you are here now and you are reading this tutorial of mine, I imagine that you have not yet succeeded in your intent: maybe it is because you have problems in identifying the video or it is simply because you do not yet know well the functioning of the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It’s so true? Well, don’t worry then, because I’m here to help you!

By following the instructions that I will give you in this tutorial to the end and reading this guide carefully, I’m sure you will tell me: “ Salvatore, I did it, it was very easy! “. I assure you; there is nothing complicated, anyone can do it and I am happy to help you perform this operation from a PC but also from smartphones and tablets. How do you say? Are you ready to get started? Very well, let’s get to work: I wish you a good reading and, it should be said, good viewing!

Watch Facebook videos from your computer

Facebook is a widely used social network due to its numerous interaction features with users and its being a platform also dedicated to publishing multimedia content, such as photos and videos. In this regard, if your intent is to see the videos posted on Facebook by other users, you must go to the official website , in order to use the platform from a computer. On Windows 10 computers , you can also use Facebook by downloading its free application from the Microsoft Store , which works identical to the web version.

What you need to do this is a browser for browsing the Internet, such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Safari . Then start the browser program you prefer, by double clicking on its icon on the main screen of your computer, then from the address bar located at the top, type , then pressing the Enter key from your computer keyboard, to confirm the willingness to go to the official Facebook website.

Now wait for the platform to load and, first of all, log in to it, indicating the data relating to the account you previously registered. Then use the email or phone and password text fields and then click the button. Access to Facebook is a fundamental requirement for the full use of this social network: if you have not yet registered with Facebook and you do not know how to succeed in this intent, read my tutorial dedicated to the topic in which I am talking about what are the steps to take.

Once logged into Facebook, you can start using this social network and thus succeed in your intent to see videos posted by other users. The first thing you need to do is locate the multimedia content you want to view.

Videos can be published within a profile, on a Facebook page , but also in groups created within it: in all the cases mentioned, the procedure for viewing them is exactly the same. Having said that, using the search bar located at the top, type the name of the person, page or group that published the video of your interest and then press the button with the magnifying glass symbol  to see the results of the Research.

Now consult the search results, click on the name of the profile, page or group of your interest and locate the section that contains the video you want to see. For example, if you intend to view a video uploaded by a user, this video could be found on the main page of his Facebook profile (and therefore in the Diary section ) or in the multimedia section of the same. In the latter case, to see it, press the Photo button that you can see in the Facebook bar and then click on the word Album : the uploaded videos are usually found in the folder called Videos. In case the person of your interest has made a live, try to see if this is visible in his profile in the Diary section . If you can’t locate the video it is possible that the user has decided not to save the video, as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to go live.

If, on the other hand, you want to see the videos published on Facebook from a page, locate it using the Facebook search engine and then press the Video button  located in the bar relating to the tabs of the page: you will be able to see all the uploaded videos, in order to start playback. pressing on their preview image. The videos made during a live stream can also be viewed in the Video section . For Facebook pages it is possible to activate the reception of notifications, so as not to miss the publication of the uploaded contents: to do this, press the Like button and then on Page followed, in order to click on the Yes item corresponding to the heading Notifications . For live videos, on the other hand, presses the button with the symbol (…) corresponding to the movie and then press on Activate notifications for live videos .

Regarding the videos posted by users within groups, you must first identify the videos uploaded within the latter. To do this, I suggest you press the Video item  which, located in the menu bar of the group itself, also shows the videos saved after a live broadcast. To start playing a movie, click on its preview image.

In all the situations mentioned, once the video playback has started, you can manage it by pressing the button with the symbol (❚❚) and the one with the symbol (▶): respectively they are used to pause the playback of the movie and to start it again.

The other options you have available for viewing a video within Facebook are visible at the button with the speaker symbol , which allows you to manage the audio volume. The button with the symbol of four arrows , on the other hand, activates the full screen mode, while the button with the sticker symbol is related to the Picture in Picture mode (used to continue watching the movie while using Facebook ). Finally, there is the button with the symbol of a gear, which allows you to manage the resolution of the movie, through the Quality drop-down menu .

As for the interaction tools, there are Facebook reactions ( Like, Love, Ahaha, Wow, Sigh and Grr ); the Comment button ( the symbol of a comic ), which is clearly used to comment, and the Share  button that you can use to share the video in your profile ( Share now ), send it to a friend as a private message ( Send as message ), share it on a friend’s diary ( Share on a friend’s diary ) or on a page you manage ( Share on a page ).

Watch videos on Facebook from smartphones and tablets

Facebook is a social network that can also be used by Android and iOS mobile devices , through the download of the dedicated application, which allows you to take advantage of all the features of the platform, thus allowing interaction with other users and the publication of multimedia content.

If you want to succeed therefore in your intent to see video on Facebook and want to do it even when you’re away from home, you must first thing download the application to Facebook from the Play Store for  Android or from ‘ App Store for  iOS , so you get the’ full access to the social network. The platform works the same on both operating systems.

In the first case, you must then press the Play Store icon (the colored play symbol ) which is located on the main screen of your device. Then, through the home section , you have to press on the search engine located at the top and type the term Facebook  and you have to press the Search key from the keyboard of your device. Now, to install the app, tap the Install button and then Accept , wait for the download and automatic installation to finish and then press the Open button that you can see on the screen.

Alternatively, you can also start the Facebook application by pressing on its icon, which will have been added to the home screen of your device. On Android devices you can possibly download the Facebook Lite application , which is designed for use on less performing devices in terms of hardware: the app takes up less space in the device memory and is optimized for use with connections to low speed, such as those in 2G.

On iOS , however, first start the App Store by tapping on its icon located on the home screen of your device (it is blue and has a stylized “A” symbol). Once started, tap the Search button , located in the lower right corner and then, using the internal search engine, type Facebook and press the Search key from the device keyboard.

To install the app, press the Get button and then Install ; if prompted, confirm the installation by typing your iCloud account password or by confirming your identity through Touch ID or Face ID . At the end of the download, tap the Open button you see on the screen or press the app icon: you will find it on the home screen of your device.

When the application is started, the first thing to do is login (or possibly register an account): then indicate the access data and press on Login . Once logged in, locate, through the Facebook search engine , the page, profile or group in which you want to view the published videos. Then proceed as already explained in the previous lines, in order to identify the video that interests you.

Did you find this video and want to know how to start playback? It’s very simple: tap on its preview image. Operating through the Facebook application for mobile devices, there are several buttons to interact with the movie itself and manage its playback. First of all, the buttons with the symbol (▶) and the one with the symbol (❚❚), are used respectively to start or pause the playback of the movie.

Then there are the button with the circular symbol of the arrow to the right and the one with the circular symbol of the arrow to the left , which are used to move the video forward or backward by 10 seconds. The button with the right arrow symbol and the one with the left arrow symbol are related to the skip; the button with the symbol of a sticker which is related to the Picture in Picture mode (allows you to view the movie while scrolling the Facebook newsfeed) and the button with the symbol of the four arrows , which is used to activate the display mode on the screen entire.

To interact with the video, you can use the Write a comment text field or the Facebook reactions buttons ( Like, Love, Ahaha, Wow, Sigh and Grr ). If, on the other hand, you want to share the video with a user, press the Share button you see on the screen and choose whether to share the post on your profile ( Share now ), whether to write a personalized post before sharing it ( Write a post ) or whether send it on Messenger ( Send on Messenger ). You can also share the movie on a page or just copy the movie link ( Copy Link) to paste it into another application.

If you want to activate notifications for a Facebook page , in order to receive alerts in case of publication of new content (for example videos or live videos), press the Like button and then on Follow already . Move the lever from OFF to ON , corresponding to the item Receive notifications and then press on Change the notification settings , to adjust the reception of the same and choose which and how many notifications to receive.

If you wish, you can use Facebook even without installing the social network application. In this case you must use a browser for mobile devices and follow the procedures explained in the previous lines, to identify the video to view. Once the playback of the same has started (just press on its preview image), the playback will immediately start in full screen.