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How to see the trunks on Clash Royale

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How to see the trunks on Clash Royale: You have just started playing Clash Royale , the popular strategy video game for smartphones developed by Supercell, and you are having a lot of fun. During the early stages of the game, you saw that Clash Royale relies heavily on obtaining special trunks that contain cards and gold coins. Despite this, you have not understood how they work and you would like to predict what the next trunk will be. You have searched this feature far and wide, but you have not been able to find it. It went like this, didn’t it? Well, then don’t worry: if you want, I have the answer for you.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain in detail how to play checkers on the Internet . I refer both to the prediction of the subsequent free “chests” and to all the possibilities that revolve around this game dynamic. By following my instructions, you will then learn to understand the functioning of the trunks, to know the rarest ones and to understand how to get the ones that are right for you. Obviously, no hacks or tricks whatsoever will be used in this tutorial, but I will only rely on the methods accepted by the developer and the community. I can assure you that Clash Royale is much more fun without cheating!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to know everything you need on the Clash Royale trunks? Come on, I see you pawing and you just can’t hold back in front of those Legendary and Mega Changeling trunks. I think I have already held you back too long with this introduction and I would say, therefore, not to dwell further on the chatter and take action. I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How the trunks work on Clash Royale

How the trunks work on Clash Royale

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to play checkers on the Internet , I think you might be interested to know more about how they work.

The trunks are nothing more than “containers” of cards capable of making the characters appear within the Supercell house game. Often, they also contain gold coins , useful for making other purchases. Sometimes it is then possible to obtain exchanges of the cards found. To open a trunk, it is usually necessary to wait for some time in the real world (which can be skipped via microtransactions).

Ultimately, therefore, the trunks allow you to obtain new elements within Clash Royale. Each card found within them has different characteristics. The main stats are: Damage , Damage per second , Hit Points , Hit Speed , Targets , Speed and Range .

To give you a concrete example: the level 3 Giant , one of the free cards that are provided at the beginning of the game, has damage equal to 80, 1,861 health points , has slow speed and is able to deal 80 damage to the second. The legendary level 11 Miner card , on the other hand, gets 193 damage , 1210 hit points , 160 damage per second and has fast speed .

Rarita Clash Royale

The rarity of the trunks clearly affect the “power” of the cards, then get “caskets” hard to find can provide a competitive advantage not to be underestimated. Among the available trunks in the game there are: tribute trunk , the trunk of the crown , silver trunk , golden boot , giant trunk , magical trunk , magical super trunk , epic trunk and legendary chest .

I want to clarify that the information contained in this guide is to be taken for purely example purposes, since Clash Royale is a game in continuous evolution and the developers could therefore decide to change the functioning of the trunks at any moment, without notice .

How to find trunks on Clash Royale

Way of the Clash Royale Trophies

After explaining what the Clash Royale trunks are for, I’d say you’re ready to start finding them in the game.

To do this, all you have to do is try to  win as many games as possible , thus obtaining the trophies necessary to earn the rewards of the Trophy Trail: the latter is nothing but a sort of “path” where your virtual character will walk while the game continues. Every time you win a game, Clash Royale rewards you with trophies , while when you lose the total of your “cups” it decreases. The number of trophies you have in your profile determines your “value” as a player.

The higher the number of “cups”, the later you will arrive in the Trophy Trail, thus unlocking many trunks. The Path of Trophies has in fact multiple “levels”, starting from the Goblin Stadium up to the Final Champion , passing through the Legendary Arena . Obviously, as you may have already guessed, each level guarantees better rewards.

You can take a look at the Way of the Trophies by pressing on the icon of the arena in the center of the main page of Clash Royale.

How to see the next trunks on Clash Royale

Tag Player Crash Royale

Although the game does not show, of course, what the following trunks will be, the community has managed over the years to create a rather precise forecasting system. The latter was implemented on the free StatsRoyale site .

Before you can track your StatsRoyale statistics, you need to retrieve the player tag : to do this, just start Clash Royale , press on your nickname at the top, select the Profile tab and take note of the code that appears on the screen, just below to your virtual name.

At this point, connected to the official StatsRoyale website , type your code in the Tag #XXXXXX field , at the top, and press on the magnifying glass icon , to get your statistics. If your profile has not yet been entered in the database, press the Update Profile button .

StatsRoyale next Clash Royale trunks

Perfect: now you just have to scroll down the page and take a look at the Upcoming Trunks section , which will reveal what the next “chests” you will get within the game. The number on the bottom right of the trunk icon represents how many “openings” you will find that type of “casket” in. StatsRoyale is also designed so that you can see (in case you are already in an advanced Arena) when you get magical, legendary, mega iridescent and epic trunks for free.

In short, now you have all the tools to see the next trunks that you will get in Clash Royale!

How to find legendary trunks on Clash Royale

Legendary trunk Clash Royale

Finding the legendary trunks on Clash Royale is a simpler operation than you might think, but much depends on luck.

To find a legendary trunk, all you have to do is win as many games as possible until you get to the Legendary Arena or in any case to the most advanced arenas: in this way, you will unlock some trunks of this rarity during the course of the adventure and you will also be able to put Numerous gems start , which you can use to purchase other legendary trunks in the Shop .

Usually, a legendary chest has a value of about 2,500 gems , or 21.99 euros, and contains at least one legendary card inside. For more details, I recommend you check out my tutorial on how to play checkers on the Internet .

How to find Super Magic trunks on Clash Royale

Super Magic Trunks Clash Royale

The trunks Super Magic are among the rarest and most sought coffers by players. After the update of December 2018 , the game has renamed these trunks to Mega Changers : these are trunks that contain a quantity of gold coins and cards that varies according to the Arena in which they are obtained. Put simply, the further ahead you are in the game, the higher the reward.

In any case, usually this type of chest contains at least 6 Epic and 36 Rare cards but, depending on the Arena, it can also reach as many as 22 Epic and 136 rare cards . In addition, these thick trunks allow you to make 3 to 8 card changes. The gold coins can, however, get to a maximum of 5,700. In short, obtaining a Mega Changeable trunk can guarantee you a good competitive advantage over your opponents.

There are two methods of obtaining Mega Changeable trunks: one free and one paid. The first is to simply play Clash Royale and hope to be lucky enough to get such a trunk. In fact, the game gives the Mega Cangianti “chests” according to some rules set by the developers. To predict when you will get the next Super Magic trunk for free, you can use the method I described in the chapter on how to see the next trunks on Clash Royale .

Alternatively, you could think of buying the Pass Royale : a service costing € 5.49 that automatically queues the trunks and helps you unlock them faster. In addition, this promotion allows you to get exclusive skins and always have special challenges available to play.

Stats Royale Mega Changeable Chest

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to wait and you’re going to get a Mega Changeable trunk immediately, you can take advantage of the microtransactions , through the store included in the game. To access the latter, simply swipe from left to right from the main Clash Royale screen. Here you will find all the offers of the day, in which a Mega Changeable trunk could also be included . Usually the cost of trunks of this type is between 1,600 and 4,600 gems , depending on the Arena in which you are.

To be clear, the available microtransactions are as follows: 80 gems (1.09 euros), 500 gems (5.49 euros), 1,200 gems (10.99 euros), 2,500 gems (21.99 euros), 6,500 gems (54 , 99 euros) and 14,000 gems (109.99 euros). I remind you, however, that gems can also be obtained for free simply by playing, even if they are quite rare to find and therefore you will save a lot of time by purchasing them.

For more information on the Supercell title, I invite you to take a look at my guide to the best apps for Clash Royale and my tutorial on how to play checkers on the Internet . For more details on the trunks, I suggest you consult the official Supercell guidelines instead .