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How to see the status of the Android battery

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How to see the status of the Android battery: Your smartphone Android, although it is no longer brand new, it performs its functions perfectly and presents no problems that justify the purchase of a new phone. Unfortunately, however, the autonomy of its battery is always lower and you are afraid not only of not being able to arrive more in the evening, as you did until some time ago, but precisely of being able to use the device more due to the ruined battery. .

That’s the way it is, right? So, don’t worry: if you want, I can explain to you, in this guide, the simplest and most effective methods for see android battery status and possibly detect serious malfunctions of the same, such as to require urgent assistance.

After explaining how to check the battery status, I will also propose some solutions that can solve any problems, if these are not too serious. In short, I’m sure that, after reading my instructions, you will be perfectly able to understand how to proceed. I wish you a good reading and, above all, good luck!

Preliminary information

Like all electronic components, you should know that the lithium batteries found inside smartphones (as well as tablets, notebooks and many other electronic devices) are subject to deterioration caused by weather, from any physical damage or, sometimes, from gods manufacturing defects.

Battery deterioration is something that happens naturally over time – it’s inevitable. Therefore, if your smartphone already has a few years on its shoulders or you make intensive use of it and then you have already completed many charge cycles (a charge cycle occurs when, overall, the battery is discharged and recharged by 100%), it is normal for the battery to no longer last as it did when the device was new.

In other cases, however, the unexpected behavior of the smartphone battery can also depend on expensive apps at the energy level, from an incorrect use of the options battery optimization present on Android or, again, by hardware defects that must be fixed by replacing the battery itself.

Having clarified this, just to help you identify and hopefully solve possible problems with the battery of your smartphone, I have chosen to show you all the steps to verify thebattery usage on android and subsequently, check the state of health of the same. Ready to find out how? Find everything explained below.

How to see the status of the Android battery

As a first step, I will teach you in the next chapters to check the Android battery status using the system settings. The most popular operating system for smartphones, in fact, integrates a rather complete control of the use and charge of the battery. This way, you can check which apps are using the battery and locate any anomalies, thus discovering if the problems you encountered are caused by the physical state of the battery or simply by a lack of optimization of consumption at the software level.

How to see the battery status on Android 9 and 10

Check the battery status from Android 10 and 9

If you want to see the battery status on Android 9 And Android 10, it only takes a few steps to reach the summary menu containing the information you are looking for.

First, tap the icon of Settings (the gear icon) located on the home screen or in the app menu, to enter the screen containing all the smartphone settings. At this point, locate and press on the item Battery, in order to enter the management panel of the same.

On this screen, you can view various information about your smartphone’s battery. Check, for example, that the writing is present The apps work normally, without which you may have problems optimizing apps. Also check that option Adaptive battery is set to ON: This will allow the system to adapt battery usage over time.

Therefore, if you want to check the most energy-intensive apps, press the key with three dots located at the top right and tap on the item Battery use. In the screen that will be proposed to you, you will have a more detailed view of battery usage, with a complete list of apps that consume the most energy.

To control a specific app, tap on it, in order to enter the relative battery management menu. You can thus limit the battery usage in the background by pressing on the item Limitation in the background, or check that it is in the list of optimized apps, by tapping on the menu item Battery optimization.

Check out the battery optimization on Android 10 and 9

Battery optimization, as easily understood, is an automatic Android function that avoids energy waste by limiting the operation of apps when it is not necessary for them to remain running consuming battery.

How to see the battery status on Android 8

Check the battery status on Android 8

To see the battery status on Android 8, first press the icon of Settings present on the home screen or in the drawer of your smartphone, in order to access the menu containing the Android settings. Then press the voice Battery, to enter the summary screen of the energy consumption.

After checking the applications that are using the battery, you can decide to manage thebattery optimization, pressing the key with three dots located at the top right and tapping on the menu item Battery optimization.

On this screen, you will be able to see the apps that do not have optimizations. If you want to activate battery optimization in one of these apps, tap on it and press your voice Optimize.

You can also disable the optimization of an app by pressing the green button that says Not optimized and choosing the item All applications, so you can manage all the apps on your phone.

Optimize battery status on Android 8

As already mentioned, it is recommended to activate battery optimization for all apps that have no reason to always remain active in the background, as doing so can greatly reduce battery waste.

App to see the Android battery status

Use AccuBattery to check your battery

Have you checked the apps and battery optimization but failed to fix your problems, or found some unusual values within the Android menus?

In this case, I advise you to use apps to see the status of the Android battery, able to provide you with information on the battery health of your smartphone. Below you will find a list of the ones that I consider most reliable and useful.

  • AccuBattery – it is one of the most famous and longest running apps to see the battery status on Android. It is able to provide, free of charge, a complete overview of the health of the battery, its use and above all its real capacity. Thanks to adaptive learning, AccuBattery becomes more and more precise and effective over time.
  • Ampere – gives information about the charging and discharging amps, allowing you to check that the battery is working correctly and is able to supply and store energy in an optimal way.
  • BatteryGuru – this app, in addition to providing a complete view of the use of the battery, is able to protect it from overheating and excessive charging in a totally free way. It also has a useful function that warns you in case some app is draining the battery quickly.

In case of problems

How to fix battery problems

If you have noticed some problems regarding the battery of your Android smartphone and would like to know how to solve them, or at least how not to make the situation worse, I have prepared for you some guides and advice that you can follow to achieve your goal.

In case the battery of your smartphone is no longer in good condition, as reported by the apps I recommended to you in previous chapter, you can contact the smartphone manufacturer to try to identify together with the company where the problem lies. In case of smartphone still warrantyIn fact, it will be quite easy to request a replacement or refund for your phone.

You can check the warranty status of your phone by going back to yours date of purchase, a procedure that you will find simple to implement if you read my guide on how to trace the purchase date of a mobile phone. In case you have purchased your smartphone on Amazon, also I advise you to read my explanation on how the Amazon guarantee works.

If the warranty has expired but, rightly, you do not want to stop using your perfectly functional smartphone, know that it is possible replace the battery of almost all smartphones, even those with non-removable battery. In this case, I recommend reading my guide on how to replace a non-removable battery, but clearly I advise against venturing into do-it-yourself repairs if you don’t really know where to put your hands.

In addition, I would like to recommend a further guide that I have prepared for you, which explains in detail how not to damage the cell phone battery. By reading the steps it contains, you will quickly learn how to take optimal care of your device’s battery, thus avoiding damaging it or worsening its current state of health.

Finally, I point out the excellent site Battery University (in English), which explains in a technically accurate but easy to understand way how to manage the batteries of smartphones and other electronic devices, in order to increase their longevity: to summarize brutally, among the most useful measures are those of trying to always keep the charge between 80 and 30%, avoid high temperatures and ultra-fast charging systems.