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How to see the old Facebook stories of others

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A few days ago, while you were working, you happened to accidentally open the app of Facebook on your smartphone and “bump into” a story published by an acquaintance of yours. The latter consisted of a short video accompanied by a song in the background that impressed you a lot. Right now you have been rethinking that song and would like to find its name to listen to it on your favorite music platforms.

You know well, however, that the “rule” of stories from Facebook (like those of Instagram and other social networks) is that they are visible only for 24 hours, but you are still wondering if there is a way to view this kind of content over a longer period of time. You must know that the answer to this question of yours is affirmative, but only in particular cases. There is, in fact, a condition to keep in mind in this case: not all the “expired” stories remain visible, but only some specially selected by those who published them.

Let me guess: this premise intrigued you and you would like more information on how to see the old Facebook stories of others, right? Well, then consider it already done! I assure you that it is much easier to do than to say. You just have to continue reading the next lines and judge for yourself. Secondly, if this is of interest to you, I will also briefly show you how to view your stories published in the past. Happy reading and have fun!

Like Watching Others’ Old Facebook Stories

In the next chapters we will see how to view stories posted by other users for more than 24 hours on Facebook but, as mentioned, this operation is only possible if the person who published the aforementioned stories has entered them on his profile as featured content.

The procedure for viewing featured stories, as you’ll see shortly, is very similar from either the official Facebook app to Android (also available on alternative stores) e iPhone / iPad) and from site and fromWindows PC application of the popular social network. Here are all the directions in detail.

From smartphones and tablets

Featured Stories Facebook app

After posting a story on Facebook via thesocial network app for mobile devices, you can decide to add this to the section In evidence of your Diary simply by viewing it and pressing the icon of star placed at the top.

The stories that are entered by users in this section remain visible on their profile until they themselves decide to remove them (and, therefore, beyond the canonical 24 hours, i.e. the standard length of a story).

From this it follows, therefore, that you will only be able to view the “old” stories that a person has decided to include in the aforementioned section of Facebook (all the stories that are not part of this section are therefore no longer visible by other users and can be viewed and re-shared only by the person who originally posted them).

That said, if you want to check if the user you are interested in has posted any stories in the section In evidence of his profile, just start the Facebook app, log in and press the icon of magnifying glass located at the top left to access the search bar. Type in the latter, then, the user’s name you are interested in and tap on result appropriate that is shown to you below.

At this point, once the profile page of the person you searched for has opened, check if there are any previews of featured stories located at the top, under the heading … See the information of [nome utente] (stories, if any, are displayed in rectangular squares). Once you have located the preview, just tap on it to view all the stories included in the selected collection (each preview represents a collection of featured stories).

You can then scroll through the various stories by pressing on the screen, as you normally do with “standard” stores and, if you want, you can also leave a comment (typing it in the field below) or one reaction (by tapping on the icons of the smileys located at the bottom right). That’s all!

Do you use Facebook via browser on your phone or tablet? In this case you can view the featured stories by activating the desktop version of the site (they are not available on the mobile version).

To succeed in your intent, visit the Facebook page with the highlighted stories of your interest, open the browser menu (e.g. the ⋮ button of Chrome or the piece of puzzle in Safari) and select the option related to desktop site view. Once this is done, click on address bar, delete the m. present in front of and come on Enter to view the desktop version page containing the highlighted story.

From computer

Featured stories Facebook computer

You want to know how to see the old Facebook stories of others on computer? Simple: even in this case, you just need to view the profile page of the user you are interested in using the site or the Facebook application for PC. To do this, follow the same instructions I gave you in previous chapter.

In this case, however, the section with the stories in evidence will be displayed in the upper left and not under the profile photo of the selected user; furthermore, it will not be possible to comment or leave reactions under them.

How to watch your old stories on Facebook

Stories archive Facebook app

Even if you’ve never entered stories in the section In evidence of your diary on Facebook, you can still view all the stories you have previously published (since the first one you shared on your profile) thanks to the function Archive from Facebook. If you intend to view the “old” stories you have published fromFacebook app for mobile devices, start it and tap yours profile picture located at the top left.

Press, therefore, on the button … located at the top right (next to the item Edit your profile) and then tap on the item Archive. Now click on the wording Archive of stories and, on the next screen, you will be shown all your published stories so far. If you want to re-publish one of them, click on its preview and then double-click on the item Share at the bottom right (if you tap on the icon of the star in this last screen you can instead insert the story in the section In evidence).

Do you want to repeat these same steps on computer? So, both from the social network site and from the relative application for Windows, do this: from the home screen, press on your profile picture located at the top right. Once your profile page opens, click on the item Other you see above (next to the wording Photo) and select the item Archive of stories from the menu that appears.

You will then be able to view the complete list of all your stories (however you will not be able to reshare). Before leaving you, if you are interested in learning more about these topics, I invite you to read what I have previously explained to you in my tutorial on how Facebook stories work.