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How to see the likes posted on Facebook

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Would you like to have a complete list of Facebook pages  that you, your friends or another specific user of the famous social network like? Are you curious to find out which posts a particular user has “liked”? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, I have the solutions that are right for you.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to see the likes posted on Facebook both by other users on pages or posts, and those that you have put yourself. I will therefore show you the procedures that you will need to follow to carry out these operations from your smartphone and tablet or from your PC, via a Web browser. Furthermore, if you want to protect your privacy, I will suggest how to hide the “likes” you have placed on Facebook pages. Finally, I will also explain how to see the number of likes on your own and other people’s content.

How do you say? Are you eager to read the tips I have prepared for you? Very well, then let’s not waste any more precious time! Sit comfortably and give me only a few minutes of your free time, so that you can consult and put into practice the advice you will find in this guide of mine. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read!

How to see the likes posted on Facebook

If you want to know how to see the “likes” posted on Facebook by other users, in the next chapters I will show you some solutions that you can use to achieve this goal. I will explain in detail how to see the pages and interests on which a Facebook user has put the “Like” and also the interactions made on the posts.

Smartphone e tablet

Through the Facebook app for  Android and iOS / iPadOS , you can easily check what a user’s interests are and then view which pages or interests this user has “liked”.

To do this, open the Facebook app, log in with your account (if necessary) and use the search bar at the top to type the name of the person whose “likes” you want to see. Once this is done, from the search results, select the name of the user in question to access his profile. In the screen that is shown to you, locate the See more information button of [name] and tap on it. Now, scroll through the new section until you find the box labeled “Like” .

If you have followed the procedure I have indicated to the letter, it will take you a few moments to discover the information you are looking for. In the box you have just viewed, you will find a wording at the bottom, called Show all : by tapping on it, you will be directed to a section in which all the pages that the user has put “Like” are shown, divided by categories (eg  Movies , Books or Apps and games ).

For all other pages and interests that are not under a specific category, you can tap on the All “Like” item to view the complete list of Facebook pages on which the user has “liked”.


See like Facebook

Even via computer  you can easily know which pages and posts a Facebook user has put “Like”. But let’s go in order, so as not to get confused.

As for the “likes” on Facebook pages, go to the Facebook website and log in with your account. Once this is done, using the search bar at the top left, type the name and surname of the person to search for and identify among the results that are shown to you.

At this point, click on the name of your interest, to access the section relating to his profile, and press the Information button  located at the top of the page. At this point, scroll through all the details that are provided to you about the user, until you find the Like section .

Now you just have to click on the Show all button at the bottom to view the complete list of pages on which the user has put “Like”.

You will also find several tabs, such as Movies , TV Shows or People , which are intended to group the pages on which the user has “liked” by category.

If, on the other hand, you want to see the posts and pages on which a user has interacted through the “Like”, you can use the FindMyFBID website to obtain the Facebook user ID. This operation is essential, without which you will not be able to put into practice the suggestions I am about to give you.

I warn you that the FindMyFBID website is unable to search for the ID if the user has disabled profile redirection by search engines. This option is found under the heading Settings > Privacy , indicating No under the heading Do you want search engines outside Facebook to redirect to your profile . Otherwise, however, you can easily identify the user’s ID through the procedure I am about to describe to you.

What you need to do is open the user’s profile via the Facebook web platform and copy its URL (for example, Balconeusername] ). After copying it, paste it into the text box found on the FindMyFBID homepage and press the Find Numeric ID key . By doing so, a number will be returned to you, which you will need to write down.

Very well: now you just have to copy one of the URLs you find below, paste it into the address bar of your browser and visit it.

  • to view liked posts.
  • to view liked photos.
  • to view the videos you like.
  • to view the liked pages.

Instead of the word ID in the URL, you will need to indicate the number of the Facebook user ID that you obtained through the procedure I indicated in the previous lines.

I remind you that, through this method, you can only see public posts or those on which you have no privacy restrictions. If you want to know more about the procedure I told you about in the previous paragraphs, I suggest you read my guide on how to see a person’s likes on Facebook.

Couldn’t find user ID? I’ll explain how to get it via the developer browser console. For example, if you use Google Chrome , access this tool via the F12 key and reach the Elements tab , in the right pane. At this point, press the key combination Ctrl + F , to enable the search in the code, search for the term entity_id to locate it in the source code and copy the numeric code that you find next to the wording, after the colon .

How to see my likes posted on Facebook

If your purpose is to see the “likes” you have personally placed on Facebook pages and posts published by other users, you can use the Activity Log . In the next paragraphs I will show you in detail how to access this Facebook tool both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

Smartphone e tablet

To access the Facebook activity log via the app for Android and iOS / iPadOS , open the latter and log in. Once this is done, click on the thumbnail of your profile photo located under the heading  What are you thinking? , to access your personal profile, press the button (…) and select the word  Activity log . Then scroll through the tabs at the top and tap on the one called “Like” and reactions .

You will then be shown a section, in which all the history of your activity on Facebook will be available, including the “likes” placed on posts and pages. You can filter the search using the drop-down menus at the top: using the Date menu , you can filter the results by date, while with the one called Category , you can filter the results between the categories indicated. For example, you can filter only the pages you “like”, choosing the item Pages and interests , or those placed on the posts, using the item Like and reactions .


Facebook posts and comments

The Activity Log section can also be accessed from a computer , via the Facebook website . To access this area of ​​your Facebook profile, you need to click on the (…) button and then select the Activity log item  in the opened menu.

By doing so, you will access the section in which all your activities are listed in chronological order. Using the sidebar on the left you can filter your search: by choosing Interactions> Posts and comments  you can see the interactions you have had with the content published on Facebook, such as the likes placed on posts.

How not to show the likes posted on Facebook

I will modify privacy like your Facebook

As I have already told you in the previous chapter , by accessing the Information section of a user’s profile, it is possible to know the pages to which he has put the “Like”. However, this information can be hidden from the profile, so that it is not directly visible to anyone.

To do this, you can act directly from the web version of Facebook, both via computer browser and via browser for smartphones and tablets, as long as desktop mode is active on this. If you do not know how to activate the desktop mode in  Google Chrome for Android and iOS / iPadOS, tap the icon , at the top right and put a check mark on the Desktop site box , in the screen that is shown to you; to get the same result in  Safari for iOS, instead, press the Aa icon  and select the Request desktop site icon from the menu that opens.

After reaching your Facebook profile, click on the word Other and, in the box that is shown to you, select the item Like . Now, in the new proposed screen, press on the pencil icon at the  top right and choose the Change the privacy of your likes item  from the screen box.

Now you just have to change the privacy on each category, setting it to Only me (to see it only you) or Friends (to make it accessible only to friends), using the appropriate drop-down menu that you find next to each of them . The changes made will be immediately stored and applied.

If you have performed the above procedure correctly, the information relating to the pages on which you have placed the “Like” will no longer be available to other users (based on how you have set privacy) in the Information section of your profile or through the search on ID, which I told you about in this chapter .

If you want to know more about this topic, I recommend that you consult the tips I gave you in my guide on how to hide likes on Facebook.

How to show “Like” number on Facebook

Hide Facebook like number

Facebook also offers the possibility to show or hide (according to your preferences) the number of likes related to your own and others’ posts. To do this, just act from the settings of the social network app (the Web version, at the time of writing, does not offer this possibility).

Provide, therefore, to access Facebook from its app for  Android / iOS / iPadOS , tap the button  (≡) or the button  (f) (depending on the device you are using) and then press the Settings and privacy> Settings items > Reaction preferences . Finally, move the switches located in correspondence with the words In other people’s posts and / or In your posts  to ON  (to hide the likes) or OFF (to show them). Simple, right?