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How to see the characteristics of the PC Windows 10

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How to see the characteristics of the PC Windows 10: After reading the guide dedicated to the best programs for Windows , you decided to install some of them on your PC, which is equipped with Windows 10. Before doing so, however, you want to check what the characteristics of the computer are, so as to make sure that it meets the requirements minimum required by the software you are interested in trying. Not having much familiarity with the computer world, however, you don’t have the faintest idea of how to see the characteristics of the Windows 10 PC . So let me tell you: you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In the tutorial you are reading, in fact, I will take care of providing you with all the information you need to be able to see the technical data sheet of your PC. I already anticipate that there are various ways to do this: you can view some basic features directly from Windows 10 settings, via Command Prompt or using other solutions integrated as standard in the operating system or produced by third parties.

So, can you know what are you still doing there impaled? Courage: make yourself comfortable immediately, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. You will see, if you follow my suggestions scrupulously, you will not have the slightest problem in knowing what your computer’s features are (without having to look at the box of course!). All that remains for me to do is to wish you happy reading and, above all, have fun!

See Windows 10 PC features from settings

One of the easiest and most immediate ways to see the characteristics of the Windows 10 PC is to go to the system settings , so as to access the window containing the information on your computer. I advise you to opt for this solution especially if you simply need to know some basic specifications, such as those of the processor or RAM or the edition of Windows 10 that you have installed.

To begin with, open the Start menu (the Windows flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), press the button depicting the wheel  that is placed in the sidebar on the left and, in the window that opens, click on the System item . At this point, scroll through the options on the sidebar located on the left and press on the item About (marked with the symbol of the i ).

As you can see, in the window that has opened, there are some of the main features of your PC. In this case, in the Device Specifications section , some hardware characteristics of the machine in your possession are listed, such as the type of processor and RAM memory installed, the type of system architecture and so on; in the Windows Specifications section , on the other hand, the various features are listed regarding the edition of Windows installed on your PC.

See the characteristics of the Windows 10 PC from the Command Prompt

Another way to view the technical specifications of the PC on Windows 10 is to use the Command Prompt . If you have never used this famous Windows utility before, know that using it is very simple: just type the correct command (based on the type of operation you want to perform), press Enter on the keyboard and you’re done .

To invoke the Command Prompt, type the term ” command prompt ” or ” cmd ” in the search bar of Cortana  which is located in the lower left corner of the screen, right click on the first search result that is found, select the item Run as administrator from the menu that opens and then confirm the operation by pressing the Yes button .

Once you are in front of the main Command Prompt window, type the systeminfo command and enter . As you can see, after executing the command, a lot of information is listed about the characteristics of your PC: from the main hardware specifications of the machine to the details regarding the version of the software installed, passing through the information regarding the architecture and much more.

If you want to know the details of the motherboard of your computer, instead, write the command wmic baseboard list / format: list  and then enter on the keyboard. The characteristics of the motherboard will all be put in a row: the identifier of the card ( Product ), its name ( Name ), the serial number of the mainboard ( SerialNumber ) and the name of the manufacturer ( Manufacturer ).

See Windows 10 PC features from Device Manager

Do you need to see the complete list of all hardware components installed on your PC and are wondering if there is a way to do it? Yes, of course! In this case, in fact, just go to the Windows Device Manager window and locate the component you want to consider. Said so maybe it might seem a bit too complex to do, but I guarantee you that it is not at all.

To begin with, right-click on the Windows Start button and, in the context menu that will open, select the Device Manager item , so as to call up the window of the same name. Now, in the Device Management window , you will be shown the complete list of hardware devices installed on your PC. To know the characteristics of one of them, all you have to do is expand the relative hardware category to which it belongs by double-clicking on its name  or by pressing the button (>)  located next to it.

For example, if you want to know the characteristics of the network card of your computer, double-click on the item Network cards or press the button (>)  which is located next to it, on the left. By double-clicking on the name of the component under consideration, you can then view its properties and get additional information on the same, such as its operating status.

When examining the properties of the various devices, be careful not to disable or uninstall someone (unless you know where to get your hands): otherwise you risk seriously compromising the correct functioning of the machine. Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

See the characteristics of the Windows 10 PC with System Information

Another way to see the characteristics of the Windows 10 PC is to use the Run panel  to invoke the System Information utility . To proceed, open the Run window by pressing Win + R on the keyboard at the same time, give the command msinfo32 and then press the OK button . Now the System Information window should open , from which you can get an overall overview of all the hardware components of your computer.

As you can see, all the system information is listed on the right: the name of the operating system, the type of system, the processor, the BIOS characteristics, the name and model of the base card, etc. If you want, you can find a component by performing the search using the appropriate search function: write the hardware device you want to find in the search field located at the bottom and then press the Find button .

Alternatively, you can view the characteristics of your PC using another command. Open the Run window again by pressing the Win + R keys at the same time , give the dxdiag command  and then press the OK button  . In the window that will open, you can view some features of your computer by opening the System , Screen , Audio and Input tabs .

Other useful solutions to see the characteristics of the PC Windows 10

There are many other useful solutions to see the characteristics of the PC  that deserve to be taken into consideration, especially if those proposed in the previous paragraphs (including “standard” in Windows 10) have not fully satisfied you. One of these is Speccy , a semi-free software that is very useful for viewing the technical specifications of your PC quickly and easily: there is both a free version and a Pro version that constantly receives updates and new features released from the manufacturer, whose cost stands at around $ 14.95.

To install Speccy on your computer, connected to this page , press the green Download  button located in the Speccy – Portable box and, once the download is complete, extract the content from the zip archive you have downloaded, double click on the Speccy application. and presses on Yes .

After starting Speccy , you can view all the technical specifications of your PC equipped with Windows 10 by simply selecting them from the sidebar on the left. By clicking on the Summary item , for example, you can see the main features of your machine, while pressing on CPU , RAM or Graphics you can see, respectively, the characteristics of the processor, RAM memory and graphics card of your PC.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Speccy and other similar software, I suggest you take a look at the guides in which I show how to see the video card  and how to see the RAM : surely these readings will also be very useful to you.