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How to see stories on Instagram without being seen

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How to see stories on Instagram without being seen: You are subscribed to Instagram for a very long time and you have now acquired a certain familiarity in using the main features of this social network. You’ve become very adept at posting quality photos, using hashtags well, and building a respectable following. However, there are some things you haven’t fully understood yet.

To go into the matter a little more, you have not yet understood how to see stories on Instagram without being seen. Several times, in fact, you have wondered where is the setting that allows you to “browse incognito” among the stories posted by other users, but you have never been able to find an answer to your question. Well, if you weren’t able to find it, it’s for a very simple reason: there is no native setting that allows you to do that!

In any case, don’t worry: it is possible to carry out the operation in question using some third-party solutions, such as some smartphone apps and online services that can be used directly from the browser, which I am about to tell you about in this tutorial of mine. You will see that, at the end of the reading, you will be able to reach your goal and become “invisible” in the visualization of the Instagram stories of the people you follow. Happy reading and have fun!

See stories on Instagram without being seen by your PC

A somewhat effective solution for see stories on Instagram without being seen is to use some online services working with all major browsers (both from computers and from smartphones and tablets), which allow you to download the contents of the stories and view them without letting the users who created them know. Of course, this is only feasible with stories created by public accounts and not by private ones, for which you always need a permission to view their contents.


The first solution that I recommend you try you ask yourself how to view stories on instagram without being seen And Insta-stories. This service, characterized by a simple and minimal interface, allows you to easily see photos and videos published in the stories of public Instagram profiles.

How to use? It’s very simple: first, go to the main pagetype theusername of the user you want to “spy” (without the symbol @) and press Enter on the keyboard.

On the page that opens, select the tab Stories and press on the preview images of the stories, to view them. In addition to seeing the stories, you can also download them by pressing the button Download located in the upper right corner.


Dumpor Instagram Stories Online

Another solution that allows you to view, and possibly save, the contents of the Instagram stories of others is Dumpor.

To use it, the first thing you need to do is go to his home page and write the username of the account you are interested in (you can also use the formula @username) in the text field located in the center of the page. Once this is done, press the button Search.

Then, select the profile of your interest from the search results that are shown to you and click on the button Show @username Stories.

At this point, if the user in question has posted content in the stories, you will be able to view them anonymously by clicking on their preview. Then pressing the button with the down arrow symbol, which you can find in the upper right corner of the open contents, you can save them offline. Convenient, right?

App to see stories on Instagram without being seen

You use Instagram mainly on your smartphone and, therefore, you would like to know about app to watch other users’ stories without getting caught? No problem, I’ll settle you immediately. Again, of course, the solutions are only functional to monitor public profiles, not private ones.

Save Stories (Android)

Save Stories (Android)

If you have a device AndroidI recommend you try Save storiesan app you can download from the Play Store or from alternative stores, if you have a device without Google services.

This app, as easily understood from its name, allows you to view anonymously and also to save stories from public Instagram accounts. How to use? I’ll explain it to you right away. First, however, allow me to explain to you that the app is usable for free, but that to remove the advertising banners you need to purchase the paid version, which costs € 2.39 one-time.

After installing and starting Save storiesaccepts the terms relating to the privacy policy by checking the relevant box and pressing the button Agree.

Then press the button Log in with Instagramtap on the item Accept and log into your Instagram account. Don’t worry – Instagram Stories will be viewed anonymously and the user in question won’t know you’ve seen them. However, the fact remains that it is one unofficial app and, even if there are no elements that suggest the good faith of the developers, it could represent a potential risk for privacy: use such solutions only in case of strict necessity.

Once logged in, tap on the icon of the magnifying glass (top right), type theusername of the person of your interest (without the symbol @) in the appropriate text field and tap on the account whose stories you want to see.

Alternatively, if it’s someone you already follow, if they’ve posted new stories you’ll see theirs username appear on the main screen of the app (Story Feed): in this case, just press on it to see its history.

To see the published stories of a user, after pressing on their name, select the tab Story (above), tap onpreview of the content of your interest and that’s it. In the new screen that will be shown to you, you can also download the content in question by pressing the button Download. Useful, right?

iStory (iOS / iPadOS)

iStory app iOS_stories

If you have a iPhone or a iPadyou can turn to iStory. This app can be downloaded for free fromApp Store it has an extremely simple and intuitive operation and, after logging in to your Instagram account, guarantees the possibility of anonymously viewing the stories created by public accounts.

There are no limits in the stories that can be viewed, but to eliminate advertising you have to purchase the paid version, which costs € 4.49 one-time. The privacy recommendations that I did to you for the Android app mentioned above: use it only if strictly necessary.

After installing and starting iStory on your device, then press the button Login with Instagram and log in to your account. Once this is done, press the button Searchat the bottom, type theusername for the account whose stories you want to see anonymously in the text field at the top and press the button Search for.

At this point, in the menu that is shown to you, select the profile of your interest, select the card Story and check if there is any content available in this section. If so, you can see them by clicking on them previews and possibly save them: to perform this last operation, after opening one of the contents in the stories, press the button (…) located at the top right and select the item Download from the opened menu.

To complete the operation, you may also be asked to allow the app to access files on your device.

How to see stories on Instagram without getting noticed

How to see stories on Instagram without getting noticed

If you are not planning to use the above solutions, you can opt for an alternative route: create a second account to be used to “spy” on your friends and the people you follow on Instagram without them noticing (obviously this account must not have elements that allow you to trace your identity, otherwise what would be the use of creating it?).

If you don’t remember how to create a new account on Instagram, you can read the tutorial I published on the subject: there you will find all the information you need.

After creating your “secondary” Instagram account, add it to the Instagram app installed on your smartphone, or connect it to the official site of the social network. Below I will explain how to do it.

  • Android And iPhone: after opening theInstagram apptap on thumbnail of your profile photo (bottom right), press the button (≡) (top right) and select the item Settings in the opened menu. Then scroll the displayed screen, presses on the wording Add account and press on the items Add account> Log in to existing account.
  • Web And Windows 10: After logging into your Instagram account, click on yours profile picture and then press on the items Change account> Log in to an existing account.

Having done the above procedures, you just have to access your second Instagram account, indicating the login data of your secondary account in the appropriate text fields and then tapping on the button Log in.

Once logged in, by smartphone and tablet you can easily switch between accounts by holding your finger down on profile photo thumbnail of the account in use and pressing onusername of the profile to use.

From Web and using theInstagram application for Windows 10instead, to switch between accounts, click on thumbnail of your profilethen on the wording Change account and finally, press on first name account to use.

Watch Instagram stories without being seen private profile

How to create an Instagram feed

As mentioned, in the event that the user for whom you are interested in viewing the stories anonymously has set their profile as private, you will not be able to use the Web sites or of app of which I told you in this tutorial of mine, as they are solutions dedicated to anonymous viewing of the stories of public profiles.

However, you can put into practice the workaround I gave you, namely the one related to creating a second accountto add to the Instagram app or version Web of the photographic social network.

In this specific case, however, to see the content posted by the user in question, you will have to send him the request to follow him. If he agrees, you will actually be able to view his stories with your second account.

If, on the other hand, he does not accept the request, you will not be able to view any information about his profile. Also note that some Instagram features allow you to hide stories from specific users. More info here.