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How to see previews of Instagram stories

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How to see previews of Instagram stories: You’d like to preview a story your friend posted on Instagram without, however, that it knows that you have viewed it? Not sure about a story you need to post on Instagram and, before proceeding, would you like to see a preview, maybe even to show it to a friend? Don’t worry: thanks to the advice you will find in this tutorial, you will easily succeed in the intent you have proposed.

In fact, I will explain to you in the next chapters of the guide you are about to read how to see previews Instagram stories through the use of some features of the well-known social network, which can help you in your technological “enterprise” today. First of all, I will show you how to preview a story you have posted or that of other users using the Instagram app.

After that, I’ll also recommend some external solutions, like some third-party online services that allow you to see other people’s Instagram stories without getting caught. How do you say? You can’t wait to get started. So enjoy your reading and have fun: everything is explained below!

How to preview the story of other users

A first solution that you can employ, if you ask yourself how to see previews Instagram storiesunderstood as the possibility of seeing the stories posted by another user is that which consists of one swipe not complete in the stories section of the social network.

This specific operation, however, can only be done through the Instagram app for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOS (downloadable fromApp Store). Acting from PCthrough official site of the social network or his application for Windows 10 and later, you can preview a story using the pause function. But now let’s go in order and see in detail how to proceed.

From Android and iOS

To preview someone else’s Instagram story on your smartphone (or tablet), open theInstagram app and refer to miniatures of the stories located in the top bar, on the main screen of the social network.

Then tap on the history of the user whose name is before or after that of the person of your interest: After playback starts, keep your finger pressed on the right side of the screen and perform a light and short swipe from right to left or from left to right, simulating switching to the next or previous user’s stories.

Now, as you see the animation of the passage of stories, stops the swipe at 30-40% of the transitionwithout releasing your finger, so you can see its content and, therefore, its preview.

From PC

Instagram Stories PC

To preview an Instagram story from PCrefer to the thumbnails of the stories located on the main screen of the social network.

Once this is done, click onround icon of the story following or preceding the one you are interested in, to view it and then pause the automatic playback of the stories, using the ❚❚ key.

By doing so, in fact, you will be able to see thepreview image of the story of your interest, which will be located on the right or left of the story you open.

How to preview your Instagram story

If, on the other hand, your intent is to see a preview of your story that you are making, perhaps to verify it before publishing it, or to show it to someone else by sharing it on other apps and platforms, you will be happy to know that you can take advantage of the functionality related to Drafts of the stories of Instagram, or to that relating to the download of the same.

Drafts of the stories

Drafts Instagram Stories

Using the Instagram app for smartphones and tablets you can save a draft of your storiesso you can preview it before publishing.

Therefore, to get started, launch the social network app, log into your account (if necessary) and open the story editor, by swiping to the left on the main screen.

Once this is done, start creating the story by recording a video, taking a photo or importing an item from your device’s memory. Also, customize the story as if you were to publish it, adding any interaction elements such as music, hashtags or mentions. When you have finished creating, click on the icon (x) and tap the button Save draftto save the story created in Drafts.

To see the preview of the story at a later time, via the section Drafts, open the story editor and swipe down. Stories saved in Instagram drafts are automatically deleted after seven days; therefore, if the preview of the story satisfies you, click on the button Your storyto publish it.

Story download

Story download

You can also preview a story to preview it downloadmaking use of the specific functionality of the photographic social network.

However, before starting, keep in mind that, in this specific case, if you insert interactivity elements in the story (GIF, Hashtag or Mentions), they will not be selectable, as a static file will be downloaded.

Subsequently, then, by importing the image or video again into the Instagram story, the previously added elements will continue to be static. In short: use this solution if you want to preview a story that does not have interactivity elements.

To start, after making a story through the Instagram editor, tap on theicon with an arrow down located in the upper right corner. By doing so, you will download a copy of the story to your device’s memory.

Then reach the Tunnel of your device and inside you will also find the Instagram story just created, with the possibility of sharing it through other apps and services.

How to preview stories without viewing it

How to preview stories without viewing it

To view previews of stories from users you follow without them knowing, you can use Insta-Storiesan online service that works with all major browsers (even on mobile devices), through which it is possible to both view previews of stories and download the contents of the latter.

How is it used? First, go to hers main page and, in the text field that is shown to you, write the username for the account whose stories you want to see and press Enter on the keyboard.

Now, on the page that opens, click on the tab Stories. If the person has actually shared new content in the stories, you can see it by clicking on the preview images and, if you want, you can also download the photos or videos published by clicking on the button Download.

How to preview recent Instagram stories

How to create a homogeneous Instagram feed

You wonder how to preview recent stories on instagram? In that case you should know that, in the past, Instagram showed a preview section of the stories directly in the Feed.

However, this screen, although it is still present, only shows the previews of the Reels and no longer those of the stories. Therefore, at the time of writing, it is no longer possible to succeed in this specific intent.