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How to see ping on Fortnite

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How to see ping on Fortnite: During a game in Fortnite , something unexpected happened: a second before the opponent was in front of you, then suddenly he appeared on the opposite side of the map. A moment of lag has ruined the most epic match in history and you would therefore like to know how to see the ping on Fortnite , to understand if this problem was caused by a sudden instability of the Internet connection.

Excellent idea, indeed if you want I can give you a hand to quickly reach your goal. I assure you that you have nothing to worry about: you can quickly check the ping on fortnite by acting on your computer, smartphone, tablet or video game console. In short, whatever the platform with which you are playing this famous video game, to see the ping you just need to carefully follow a few simple steps, which you can find illustrated below.

Having said that, if you are impatient to take action and get to the heart of the matter, I advise you to sit comfortably, take a few minutes of free time and read the following procedures with the utmost attention. You will see, these are simple operations to put into practice and I am sure you can do it even if you are not particularly expert in the field of technology. Are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

What is ping

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If you experience lag problems when playing Fortnite, these may be due to a high ping. For this reason, before explaining in detail how to see ping on Fortnite , I have to make a very brief introduction to explain what ping is and indicate what is its optimal value.

The table is an acronym for Packet Internet Groper , and it is a system that is used to measure the timing of data transmission from one point A to point B (in this case from your device to the server Fortnite). It is expressed in milliseconds (ms) and is one of the main indicators that measures the quality of the Internet connection. Its optimal value must be a maximum of 80ms: above this value, the ping is considered insufficient and this can cause delays in the transmission of data, which in play can cause latency problems.

During this tutorial I will not go into technical merit on how to lower the ping, in the event that, by carrying out the verification of the same on Fortnite, you should find the presence of a high value. In this case, if you need more explanations in this regard, I recommend you read my guide dedicated to the topic, in which I explained in more detail how to test the ping and also how to lower it.

See pinging Fortnite from computer

If you want to ping Fortnite from a computer , start by starting the game client that you previously downloaded and installed on your computer. Then double-click on the Fortnite icon found on the  Windows deskop or select the same icon from the  macOS Launchpad (if you have a Mac) or, again, start the Epic Games Launcher , and in its main screen, press the button Start that you find on the Fortnite card  .

As soon as the game has started, select the game mode of your interest (eg Battle Royale ), pressing on its menu item, then wait for the game to load and press the Esc key , to see the Lobby screen .

At this point, if you want to see the ping on Fortnite, you have to start a game (since the option needed to activate it is visible only during a match). After that, press the Play button (which you can see on the Lobby screen ), wait for the matchmaking to find a game to assign to and, as soon as the game has started, press the Esc key on the keyboard, so as to see a box at the top with team details.

In the menu that appears, click on the gear symbol you see in the upper right corner, press on the gear symbol located in the top menu bar and then click on the Interface tab .

At this point, in the Settings screen , make sure that the item Statistics of actual bugs is set to Yes , otherwise activate it using the appropriate lever and confirm the operation by pressing Apply . Then go back to the game screen.

As you can see, by activating this menu item you can find the ping information in the upper left corner of the screen: therefore refer to its numeric value and the indications provided in the previous chapter to understand if you have a high ping.

See pinging Fortnite from smartphones and tablets

You can see the ping on Fortnite even if you are playing this famous video game on Android or iOS  (platform on which only the Battle Royale mode is available ).

To proceed, start the game by pressing on its icon that you find on the main screen of your device or in the drawer (the section where there is a list of all the apps and games installed), then wait for the main screen to load, in to view the Lobby section .

Now, start a new game, so you can activate the option that allows you to see the ping in the game. Then press the Play button located in the lower right corner and, as soon as the game has started, tap on the symbol ( ) that you can see in the upper right corner. Then, in the contextual menu, tap on the gear icon .

At this point, you will find the settings screen: press on a gear symbol that you can see located at the top of the menu bar, then tap on the Interface tab . Finally, make sure that the Actual Debug Statistics item is set to Yes , otherwise move the lever to activate it.

To confirm the operation, press the Apply button and then click Back , to return to the game screen and see on the screen, in the upper left corner, the ping entry and its relative numerical value.

See pinging Fortnite from console

Are you playing Fortnite on console and would like to know if you have high ping, to understand if the lag problems are due to your Internet connection? Don’t worry, doing it is very simple; carefully follow the instructions in the next lines.

To see the ping on Fortnite from the console, start the game by selecting its icon on the main screen or in the one with the list of all the apps and games installed. After that, select the game mode of your interest between Battle Royale or Save the world with the controller , then wait for the main screen called Lobby to load and start a new game, selecting the Play button (on PS4 press the triangle button , on Xbox One the Y button  ).

The option relating to the activation of the debug statistics can only be activated in the game, using the Settings menu . So, once this has started, immediately press the menu button on the controller (it’s the Options button on PS4 and the one with the symbol on Xbox One) so you can see the section with the team information at the top.

Now, select the symbol of a gear and then, using the buttons on the controller as shown on the screen (for example on PS4 press on R2 ), go to the Interface tab located in the next menu displayed.

Finally, make sure that the menu item Actual Debug Statistics is active , otherwise move the lever to YES  and confirm the operation, then go back to the game screen to display, in the upper left corner, the numeric value of the ping .