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How to see passwords saved on Android

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How to see passwords saved on Android: When you browse online from your smartphone or tablet Android, you usually save the passwords of the websites you visit, so that you can access them next time without having to re-enter your data. The same goes for Wi-Fi networks, of which you store all the access keys. But what if you need to know the login details for a specific website or a specific wireless network? I bet you don’t remember them, because you always leave everything to auto-fill in the browser.

So what to do in these cases? Don’t worry: if you’ve saved your login data every time, you can retrieve them so you can also use them on other devices or other browsers. How? I’ll explain it to you shortly. In fact, in today’s guide, I’ll show you how to see passwords saved on android via Google’s cloud save tool.

For the Wi-Fi networks to which you are logged in, however, I can recommend some methods to verify the stored passwords and recommend some apps that can be right for you, in the event that you want to store them in a database other than the one offered. from Google. Find everything explained below. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

How to see passwords saved on Android

Android smartphones and tablets with Google services use a feature called Smart Lock, to automatically log into websites and apps. The option should already be active when you connect a Google account to the device but, in case you are not sure, you can check through the appropriate section in the Settings of Android.

Then start the app Settings that you find on the home screen or in the app menu and select the items Google> Smart Lock for passwords from the screen that opens; or, if you can’t find the menu in question, try the route Google> Autofill. In the section you see now, verify that it is set to ON the option Smart Lock for passwords or that the lever next to the item is active Use Google autofill.

If so, you will be able to view all the access credentials on which you have given positive confirmation from time to time for their storage; otherwise, you could still proceed to read the next lines, to find out if there are older data stored before its deactivation or those of other devices to which you have associated the same Google account.

In the screen that opens, locate the section Passwords saved and tap on the wording in blue Google account or, alternatively, press directly on the item Password. You will be directed to a web page where you can enter your Google account login credentials. Alternatively, you can open the browser on your smartphone, tablet or even your computer and reach the Google Password Manager web page.

Now scroll through the Password Manager screen: you will find a list of domains for which login credentials have been saved. When you have identified what you are looking for, click on the relative domain, if required enter the code to unlock the phone and press theeye to view the password you need.

This section can also be reached via Google Chrome for Android. To proceed, start the app and tap the icon with the ⋮ symbol at the top right. In the context menu, select the items Settings> Password, to access the management area of ​​the credentials saved on Google Chrome.

In the area Password you can consult the list of websites for which access data has been saved. Tap on one of these to access the detailed sheet. Then click on theeye that you find under the heading Password to see the password associated with the username of the web service account you selected.

You can use the hot key Copy (icon with the symbol of two sheets) that you find on the right to copy the data such as username and password from time to time and use them in other apps.

How to see Wifi passwords saved on Android

Android Wi-Fi password

If your intent is to find the password you used to access a Wi-Fi network, there are several methods I can recommend. First I’ll explain how to see Wifi passwords saved on Android no root, therefore without using root permissions, which could damage the phone in some way or exempt it from the warranty.

To proceed then tap on the icon of Settings present on the home screen of your device then press on Networks and Internet> Wi-Fi, then tap on network name of which you want information and click on the wording Share. At this point you should see a QR code and below it the password of the Wi-Fi in question.

In case you do not see the password you can use a “trick”: photograph the QR code with another device to read the information in clear text or take a screenshot, upload it to this website, click on the icon camera and on the button Choose file, select the screenshot you just made and below the image you will see the password you need next to the item P:. For more info I leave you to my specific guide on how to see the phone’s Wi-Fi password without root.

Alternatively, if the methods described above do not work, I can recommend an open source app that requires, however, the use of root permissions: Wifi Password, downloadable for free from Play Store of Android (or from alternative stores for smartphones that do not use Google services).

This application allows you to access the system files in which the access data to the Wi-Fi networks saved on the device are stored. If you are interested in its use, download the app via the link I provided and press the button Install, wait a few moments and then press the button You open.

Now wait a few seconds for all the Wi-Fi passwords stored on the Android device to be shown. By tapping on the WIFI network of your interest, you will be shown a small screen through which you can copy the password (Copy password), or create a QR code to quickly share data with another device (Generate QR code), get additional information and share the password directly with your contacts.

How to delete saved passwords on Android

App password removal

Do you want to delete a specific password of an app saved on your Android device? Then, in that case, you can act through the app itself. Please note though that it is not possible to delete the password stored in the default Google apps associated with the system account such as Gmail, Google Maps and so on. Then to proceed start the app by tapping on it and run the logout, for example by opening the main menu of the options, or by pressing the icon related to your profile and then on the voice Go out.

Once this is done, once you reach the login screen, remove the check mark next to the item remember me or click on the option Remove the password. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with more detailed information as each app has its own function. However, you can find some useful tips in my guide on how to clear passwords stored in apps where there is a small list of the main apps.

Alternatively you can follow the steps I have for you mentioned above and delete passwords that you do not wish to have saved, perhaps for security reasons, from your Password Manager Google Smart Lock. All you have to do, once you have reached the password collection screen, is to tap on the domain relating to the site whose password you want to remove and press the button Delete. If you want to delete them all you can proceed by deleting them one by one with the method just seen.