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How to see live streaming on Instagram from a PC

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How to see live streaming on Instagram from a PC: You were watching a live broadcast on Instagram but your smartphone has downloaded just on the most beautiful and now you would like to resume watching the live from your computer, however you are not sure if this is actually possible. I immediately solve your doubt: watching Instagram live from a PC is feasible and, to do so, it is not necessary to resort to any “wizardry”: you can do everything from the application and from the official website of the photographic social network.

If you want, in the next paragraphs, I can explain you better how to see live streaming on Instagram from PC using the Instagram application for Windows 10, the Web version of the social network and even some browser extensions that are very simple to use and that, in addition to allowing the viewing of live broadcasts, also allow you to download and review the latter after their elimination .

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you, so as not to have problems watching the live Instagram from your computer. Happy reading and, above all, good viewing!

How to see live streaming on Instagram from PC with Windows 10

If you want see live streaming on Instagram from PC with Windows 10all you have to do is log in to your account using the official application of the famous Windows 10 photographic social network and go to the section that allows you to identify the lives of the users you follow (or, possibly, public accounts of which you are not followers).

To proceed, then, access Instagram from his application for Windows 10click on the icon cottage which appears to be located in the upper right corner of the window and, if there are live broadcasts launched by the users you follow, you can view them in the section dedicated to Stories (up).

Live broadcasts are easily recognized by the nameplate Live which is placed on the profile photo of the person who started the streaming: click on the one you want to see and that’s it.

If, on the other hand, you intend to take part in a live created by people you don’t follow on Instagram, you must go to the account that is performing the broadcast and press the live icon. To proceed, therefore, type the username of the person you want to see live in search field (at the top of the Instagram window) and select the relevant result.

Once you have gone to the profile of your interest, click on the label Live which is on the profile photo (on the left) and you will be able to view the broadcast. Of course, you can only do this for public accounts: to follow private accounts you will necessarily have to start following them (by clicking on the button follow and hoping that they accept the request).

If you want to stop viewing the live broadcast, you can do so by clicking on (x) at the top right of the transmission box. Please note that the live broadcast could be interrupted at any time by the user: in this case, you will see a message appear on the screen informing you of this.

How to see live streaming on Instagram from a browser

If you want see live broadcasts on Instagram from a browsertherefore using one of the many Internet browsing programs available, you will find the following information useful.

Instagram Web

See direct Instagram Web

If you are going to act from Instagram Web, all you have to do is log into your Instagram account from your favorite browser and open the live broadcast of your interest. The steps to follow are basically the same as I showed you in previous chapter dedicated to Instagram for Windows 10, given that the Instagram Web interface faithfully follows that of the application for the Microsoft operating system.

To proceed, then, access Instagram from his main pageclick on the cottage which is located at the top right and, if live broadcasts are available from followed accounts, you can see them in the section of Stories, up. As I told you before, transmissions are marked with the nameplate Live.

Want to see a live stream made by people you don’t follow on Instagram yet? In this case, search for the profile of the user you are interested in by typing in the username In the search field at the top, click on the match that is found and click on the label Live which is located on the profile photo of the account in question (on the left). To follow live private accounts, you will first need to submit a request to follow them.

In case you want to stop watching the live, you can do so by clicking on the (x) which is located at the top right of the box relating to the transmission in question. If the live broadcast is interrupted by the user himself, however, you will see a message appearing indicating the thing.

Browser Extensions

IG Stories from Instagram

As I told you at the beginning, it is possible to see Instagram stories from PC also using free add-ons for the browser, which, in addition to allowing live viewing, also allow you to download them locally.

One of the best extensions useful for this purpose is IG Stories from Instagramavailable for Google Chrome. To use it, start Google Chrome, go to page of the Chrome Web Store dedicated to the extension and click on the buttons add And Add extension.

Next, log into Instagram from a new Google Chrome tab, click onIG Stories for Instagram icon at the top right and, in the box that opens, click on the tab Go to IG Stories.

At this point, identify the live broadcast you want to view and possibly save, under the heading Live videos. Then click onpreview live video to view it.

To start the download of a completed live broadcast, however, click on the button Download which you should see in the upper left corner. In the box that appears on the screen, then click on the button Video Trackto download the live video, and repeat the operation also as regards the audio, by clicking on the button Audio Track present in the box opened after clicking on the button Download.

Once the download is complete, since you have separately downloaded the video and audio of the broadcast that ended, you will have to merge the two tracks using one of the many programs to synchronize audio and video available for Windows, macOS and Linux.