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How to see last Facebook login

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How to see last Facebook login: Even though you have subscribed to Facebook for some time now, there are some aspects related to the functioning of this famous social network that are still unclear to you. One of them is about last login information – you can’t understand how to see the last login on Facebook and, therefore, you would like to know if I can give you a hand in this regard. Yes, of course! What questions?!

In the next lines, you will find explained in detail how to complete the operation in question both from a smartphone and from a computer. For completeness of information, then, I will have the opportunity to explain how to see the last access of non-friends and how to hide your last access.

If you are ready to start, I would say not to get lost in further chatter and to get started right away. Strength and courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next lines and, more importantly, try to implement the instructions I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do, but wish you happy reading and wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before delving into the heart of this guide and actually seeing how to see last login on Facebook, allow me to provide you with some preliminary information that you must necessarily know in order to understand what is described in the next paragraphs.

First of all, it is my duty to tell you that, at present, the Facebook site no longer allows you to see the last access of other users. Following some changes that were made to the platform in 2019, in fact, this data is no longer available.

What you can do instead is see the activity status on Messenger, the instant messaging platform managed by Facebook. Of course, this isn’t exactly the same as knowing when a user has actually logged into Facebook, since Messenger can also be used without the social network (as I explained to you in this other guide), but it’s always better than nothing, right?

If everything is clear to you so far and you still intend to learn more about the subject, I suggest you continue reading: in the next paragraphs you will find out how to see the last access on Messenger.

How to see last Facebook login

Now we can finally go on and see how to see the last login on Facebook, or rather on Facebook Messenger: below you will find explained both how to act from the Messenger apps for smartphones and tablets and from the desktop version of the social network.

Know that, in any case, to see the online status of other people (and therefore their last access on Messenger), you must not have deactivated, in turn, the display of your online status.

From smartphones and tablets

Last Messenger login

If you want to view the last login on Facebook of your friends by acting from smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is take advantage of the special function present in the application of Messenger.

To proceed, then, start Messenger on your device Android or iOS, log in to your account (if necessary) and tap on the tab People (the icon of two men located in the lower center). In the screen that opens, you will find the list of users who are active on Messenger, marked with a green dot placed in correspondence with their profile picture. Users who, on the other hand, are not online but were a short time before have the label [N] min next to their name, indicating how many minutes ago they were online.

If you don’t see the name of a person of your interest on the screen People, you can always do a “manual” search and check it: to do so, press on search field located at the top of the screen, write the name of the person of your interest and tap on the suggestion that appears on the screen. You should then see the last login information of the person you are interested in immediately under their name. Simple, right?

I remind you that some users may have changed some settings of their account making themselves “invisible” on the platform. If that’s the case, unfortunately you won’t be able to find out when they last logged on to Messenger.

From PC

Last Messenger login

For see the last login on Messenger from PC, all you have to do is connect to your account on Messenger and take advantage of a special function of the Facebook instant messaging service.

To proceed, connect to the main page of the web version of Messenger and log into your account if necessary. Then click on the icon of pencil located at the top left and write the name of the person whose last access you want to see in the appropriate text field.

At this point, just click on the nominative of interest to you, the information relating to the last access should be visible in the box Info, top right: if you don’t see the box in question, click on (the) located at the top right and that’s it.

I remind you that some users may have customized some settings of their account and, for this reason, they may be “invisible”. Clearly, in this case, it will not be possible to know when they connected to Messenger the last time.

How not to show Facebook last login

Facebook Messenger activity status

Once you’ve figured out how to see other users’ last login, you’d like to know too how not to show last login on Facebook, why do you want to prevent others from monitoring your online activity?

Well, know that it is possible to do this. To succeed from smartphone or tablet, launch the Messenger, press on yours profile picture located at the top left, go up Status of activity and move up OFF the lever for the function for show when you are active.

To perform the same operation from a PC, log in to Facebook, recalls the chat sidebar (if necessary), click on thegear icon located at the bottom right and select the item Turn off the activity state from the menu that opens. Therefore, choose whether to deactivate the activity status for all contacts, for all contacts except some specified or only for some contacts to specify, selecting one of the three available options, and clicking on the button OK, to confirm.

As I mentioned a few lines above, however, by deactivating your activity status on Facebook, it will not be possible to control that of others. Understood? If you want to learn more, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how not to show the last login on Facebook.

How to see my last Facebook login

Last Facebook login

Are you going to see your last login on Facebook, i.e. the last sessions you performed on the social network? Know that you can do this too: just follow the steps below and you’re done.

  • From smartphones and tablets – log into Facebook from its app for Android or iOS, tap the button (≡) and, in the screen that opens, select the items Settings and privacy> Settings> Access protection. In this way, you will be able to see the last login made on Facebook and from which device it was made through the section Devices you signed in from.
  • From computer – go up This Page, log in to your Facebook account (if you have not already done so) and check the last accesses made through the section Where are you logged in.

How to see last logged in Facebook not friends

Facebook friends

You have come to this guide with the aim of discovering how to see last Facebook login to non friends? In fact, for privacy reasons, Facebook does not allow you to check the online status of a person who is not on your friends list.

It is also true, however, that it is possible to take advantage of some small tricks to try to trace the last access on the famous social network by a “non friend”. A few examples? Among other things, it is possible to check the publication of posts on the profile of the person you want to “check”, see the latest comments released or create a second Facebook account (a practice that violates the terms of use platform) to be used for the purpose.

If you want to learn more, I strongly suggest you take a look at the guide in which I explain in great detail how to see if a non-friend is online on Facebook.