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How to see Instagram stories anonymously

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How to see Instagram stories anonymously: The girl you like is subscribed to Instagram and, every day, he posts several photos and videos on his profile. Recently, though, she has started posting stories as well, to show those who follow her her updates on her life. You would be impatient to see them too but, due to your shyness, you wonder if there is a solution to not letting her know that you are viewing this content of her.

Don’t worry: if you ask yourself how to see Instagram stories anonymously, know that I have in mind some solutions that could definitely be for you. In the next chapters of my tutorial, in fact, I will tell you how to use some apps and Web services that allow you to view all the multimedia contents of Instagram stories while remaining absolutely protected from anonymity.

Having said that, if you are eager to learn more, sit nice and comfortable in front of the computer, pick up your smartphone and dedicate just a few minutes of your free time to me. Read with the utmost attention the indications I am about to give you and you will see that you will succeed easily and quickly in the intent you have proposed. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read.

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to see Instagram stories anonymouslyI have to give you some preliminary information about it.

First of all we say that, as easily imaginable, Instagram by itself it does not allow you to see them stories anonymously. It is possible, however, to succeed by making use of third-party solutions, such as websites or smartphone apps, such as those that I will show you shortly.

However, I specify that you will not be able to use the solutions in question if you wish see Instagram stories anonymously from a private profile, as it is a technical violation (as well as privacy) not permitted in any way by the photographic social network. That said, if you’re interested in learning more about it, keep reading.

App to see Instagram stories anonymously

Would you like to use apps to see Instagram stories anonymously? In that case, take a look at the solutions you find indicated in the next lines.

See anonymous Instagram stories on Android

Save stories

To see Instagram Stories anonymously on AndroidI recommend you to use the app Save stories (if you have a device without Play Store, see if it is available in some alternative store or, in any case, if any similar solution is available). The app is free, but the removal of the advertising banners requires the purchase of its paid version, which costs 2.39 euros.

After installing and opening the app, accept the terms relating to the privacy policy by placing the check mark on the appropriate box, press the button Agreepress the button Log in with Instagramtap on the item Accept and log into your Instagram account.

Once logged in, press the icon of the magnifying glass located at the top right, write theusername of the person of your interest without placing the symbol first @ and tap on the account of your interest.

Alternatively, if you want to anonymously see the story of a person you follow on Instagram, if they have posted new content in the stories, tap on the username you see on the main screen of the app and then select the tab Story (up). Finally, tap onpreview of the content of your interest and, if you want to download it, press the button Download.

See anonymous Instagram stories on iPhone


If you own a iPhone I recommend you use the app Storized for Instagram which allows, in fact, to see Instagram stories anonymously. You can download this app for free from the iOS App Store. It’s free, but removing the ads requires a subscription, which starts at € 1.49 / week.

After installing and starting Storized for Instagram on your device, look for theusername including @ using the appropriate text field and select the profile of your interest through the opened menu. Then select the card Stories and, if there is any content in this section, tap on them preview to view them.

If you also want to save the contents of the stories, after opening one, press the button (…) located at the top right and tap on the wording Save present in the opened menu. To complete the operation, you may be asked to allow the app to access the media files of the device in use.

Other apps to see Instagram stories anonymously

Other apps to see Instagram stories anonymously

Would you like some other advice on the apps to use to see Instagram stories anonymously? If so, I suggest you take a look at the other resources you can find listed below.

  • Story Saver for Instagram (Android) – is an app for Android that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously and can also be used to save images and videos in the memory of your device. On the other hand, however, it requires you to log in to your Instagram account, even if the stories are displayed anonymously.
  • Story Saver Assistant (Android) – is another free app that works similar to the previous ones. In fact, it allows you to see the stories on Instagram of users and also to download them on the memory of your device after logging in to your account. The removal of the advertising banners in its free version requires an in-app purchase of € 3.29.
  • Story Saver (iOS / iPadOS) – this app allows, in a similar way to those previously mentioned, to view Instagram stories anonymously and download them locally. It costs 6.99 euros.

Site to view Instagram stories anonymously


The solutions listed in the previous chapters are not for you, as you would like see Instagram stories anonymously online, maybe from a PC? In this case, the advice I can give you is to use a Web service that allows you to view the Instagram stories of others without having to register on the photographic social network.

In this regard, the solution that I suggest you consider is the website named InstaStoriesthrough which it is possible to view and download anonymously photos and videos present in the stories of public profiles on Instagram.

To use it, go to hers main pagetype theusername of the person whose stories you want to see without being seen (without putting @ before the username) and press the key Enter on the keyboard. On the page that opened, click on the tab Stories and click on the photo or video of your interest to download it. Simple, right?