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How to see Instagram photos without being subscribed

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How to see Instagram photos without being subscribed: All your friends are subscribed to Instagram while you, who unlike them, do not consider yourself a lover of social networks and for this reason you have not succumbed to “temptation” and you are one of the few people who still do not have an account on the famous platform owned by Meta (ex Facebook ). Despite this, you have learned that even if you are not registered you can see the contents published by Instagram users: this possibility interests you and you wonder how to do it.

No problem, I can help you satisfy your curiosity. That said though, if you’re wondering how to see instagram photos without being subscribed, you must first be clear what content you want to see. The photos and videos published in the posts, in fact, are visible through the official Instagram website even by those who are not subscribed to the social network, but only in the form of previews (trying to open them, a warning appears inviting you to log in) . To see the stories, however, it is necessary to resort to third-party tools that work for free and without registration.

How do you say? Are you eager to find out more about it? Okay, then I suggest you sit nice and comfortable in front of your device and take a few minutes of free time to carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you and thus succeed in the intent you have proposed. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well, I wish you a good read!

How to see photos of Instagram posts without being subscribed

If your intent is to see photos of posts on Instagram without being registered, you will be happy to know that to do so you can act through the official website of the famous photographic social network. The latter, in fact, is accessible even without registration and can be used in the same way through a browser to surf the Internet, whether for desktop computers or smartphones and / or tablets.

Having said that, to succeed, you must first search Google for the profile of the Instagram user of your interest, in order to then be able to see the photos he publishes in the posts. These specific contents, as mentioned, are visible even without registering with the social network, if the user in question has not set her profile as private. In the latter case, in fact, you cannot see the content he publishes if you are not subscribed to Instagram and if, moreover, you are not part of the people who follow him.

How to see Instagram photos without being subscribed

If the profile is public, however, there are no problems. So, for example, if you want to see the photos I posted on Instagram, type in Google ” Instagram”.

Once this is done, in the Google search results, you will be shown the link that refers to the public view of the Instagram account. It is usually one of the first results available and the hyperlink is of the type[nomeutente].

After identifying it, press on it: both if you are browsing the Internet from a computer or from a smartphone or tablet, the Instagram profile page of the user you want will be opened.

If I do this, you can scroll the displayed screen at any time, to see the latest posts published on Instagram by the selected user, even without having registered to the social network: scrolling the entire page you will notice that you will be asked to log in how much, without an account, it is not possible to “peek” at the previews of all the published posts. I also remind you that Instagram only allows you to see previews of posts: to be clear, if you try to open a full-size content, you will be prompted to login. Understood?

How to see Instagram stories without an account is a third-party service, accessible from any browser for PC, smartphone and tablet that allows you to see (and download) both the stories and all the other content published on Instagram from public accounts (which are not set as a private account); also allows you to download them.

How to use? First, go to hers home page using the link I just provided you and then return theusername of the account to be monitored in the appropriate text field, then taking care to select the right occurrence.

Once this is done, you will be able to browse the posts and videos published in the Feed of Instagram by the user (section Publications) and see them in full size by clicking on their preview (through the Download button you can also download them); you can do the same for videos of IGTV; finally, if the user in question has published a story, click on colorful circle present around his profile photo (top left of the page) and you can see it: to eventually download the content, press the button Download → placed at the bottom.

See photos of Instagram stories without being subscribed

As for the possibility of see the photos and / or videos published in the stories of Instagram without being subscribed, it is necessary to necessarily resort to third-party tools. In this case, these are ad hoc online services that not only allow you to see the stories (and if necessary also the posts) without registering, but even allow you to download them. The solutions listed below can be used both from mobile and from computer and are compatible with all major browsers for PCs, smartphones and tablets.


How to see Instagram stories without an account

One solution I recommend you try is Anon-InstaStories. This platform offers the possibility to view the contents present in the Instagram stories created by public accounts in an extremely simple and intuitive way.

To use it, the first thing you need to do is go to the main page of Anon-InstaStorieswrite in the appropriate text field theusername of the user whose stories you want to see (without using the symbol @) and press on the symbol of magnifying glass to start the search.

Then press on the tab Stories (if necessary), scroll slightly the page that is shown to you and look at the contents present in the story which, if necessary, you can download by pressing the appropriate button.


How to see Instagram stories without an account

Another online tool that I highly recommend you try for the purpose in question is Instadp: it is also free, works without registration and very easy to use.

To make use of it, after going to his main pagescroll it and press the button Instagram Stories Downloader. Once this is done, use the text field Username present in the new page that has opened to write the username of the person whose stories you want to see and, after pressing on magnifying glassPress the button Continue.

Should you want to start the download of the contents present in the story, presses the button you see on the screen, so as to proceed in this sense as well.